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    Ok. I tried that. My little yellow dart fell into the ground on the left gear.

    I wondered if that information was in the Wiki, but the Wiki shows base, unsetup, blank code blocks.

    I then thought about how far I have come in 30 days and that my plane is once again back in the ground. I am firing shots in the dark. I have no concrete settings to go by. This is, for me, all guess work. I need to go on vacation from this for a while. Maybe in the future, the SDK will have information on exactly how this works. For now, I have to walk away. I still love this simulator. I just cannot make my plane to properly work in it.

    Ok, I did find one issue. My hydraulic cylinder I had rerouted to Fuselage from the wings. I have my landing gear mounted to the wings and I had changed it with hydraulic cyl. to link with the fuselage as I got animation movement. I changed it back so that hydraulic cylinder R0 coordinate is back to left wing, (which kills any animation movement). Also, the gear pivot point is proper. Its copied from the TM.log.

    So that is fixed and now the gear no longer animates. Now, when I hit G to raise the gear, nothing happens, and then 'blip' the plane resets on the ground. So I am wondering if its my hydraulic cylinder setting? Could I possibly need to change a setting to get it to work? Like lowering the movement or something?

    This is the Left Main Gear (top primary that should hinge into the wing).

    Also, the pivot for the wing is right on also. Double checked.

    Thank you Jan.

    So Mapping is on/off positions in a animation track. Nice. I remember now you talking on this a while back.

    I cant believe I posted the flaps section instead of gear, lol... I think it was 4AM. bad me.

    I did use the pivot point from the TM log. It should be correct. I have tripple checked it to the power of 5. I have the main gear linked to the wings. I wonder if these are also messed up in the TM log. One of my tires had faulty height. Maybe these main gear have a bad gizmo location. That would explain why they are hinging from odd points. I'll check them in Max.

    Thanks again,


    I have a new issue. I have progress in that I have the landing gear moving, but they are moving up through the wings and over the fuselage, like they are hinging from inside the center of the fuselage.

    Can someone figure out what I have done wrong? It took me a while to get to this point. I have been trying out many versions of top landing gear, trying to get one to animate. The Pivot points are proper, but it appears to hinge from the center of the plane.

    This is the RigidBody section at the top of the TMD file;

    This is the Graphics Section of the TMD;

    These should be the controllers?

    This is the control section just before Graphics;

    I have been copy/pasting and experimenting, then redoing it, over and over, trying to find a section that works. When I try adding a pivot and axis point to a rigid body, it crashes the sim. Makes sense, but when I do a hinged body, it doesnt work.

    I also tried 'MapRightGear' (same for left) and it hinges in the same spot.

    Hey Jan,

    That worked! But I do not understand why. Either the AngleMax was confusing the sim, or all three axis' and AngleMax were confusing the sim.

    When I first got the elevators animated, they worked proper. After animating ailerons and flaps, the elevators flipped. Thanks for the heads up on those bits of information.

    Elevators and flaps are now proper! A thousand thanks...


    Hey everyone,

    I cannot seem to get my flaps working. I was wondering if anyone might see my issue.

    Input / output section;

    Hinged Body Graphics; (there are 4 flap parts)

    I also input this section under my flaps to see if this would bring them back to life. This was in the Robin TMD file.

    Hoping someone might find the issue.

    Hey all,

    My elevators are animating backwards. Down is up and up is down. How might I reverse this?

    HingedBody sections;

    Rudder Input Output section;