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    NYC looked fine to me. There was a highway behind the Statue of Liberty that has some trees on it. Thats all I spotted.

    I have a tile that is misbehaving in Four Corners in Utah area (One of those 4 states). It turns yellow at a certain range. Even in the Map window, it turns yellow. Zoom out and its fine. Probably my computer glitched when it downloaded the package. It fell asleep 3x when downloading it. Took like 9 hours for everything.

    Hey all,

    I just updated last night to the newest version/update of Aerofly II. Are there changes done to the planes and their TMD file structures that we should know about, or is everything the same on the aircraft?

    I am hoping it was scenery only that was updated.


    Thanks to Jan for walking me through this.

    I was missing a servo assignment, which is copied out from another plane into the TMD. My starter TMD was the Template which has no dynamics or servo assignments and no animations, which I knew, but didnt know about the servo section.

    This is my rudder animation block, which goes below the primary parts block and in the 'graphics' section. (Graphics is the polygon structures with graphics on them).

    Animation block;

    The next code goes above this, below Dynamics, above Graphics;

    For those that are animating, you refer to your TM.log that exports with your aircraft model from 3DS Max or other 3D program. ON that log is a list of parts blocks. It has the Gizmo location and its angle, then it has three swivel angles. Your part will animate on one of those axis swivel angles. In AF2, the last one is used in the game engine, so if your rudder is moving on the wrong axis, you change to the next swivel axis, etc.

    Below is the block for the rudder from the TM log, how it looks, un-edited...

    ** Note above, the TM log part block has the servo as [ServoRightAileron.Position]. That is changed to ServoRudder.
    ** Note also, the top string on that block says its a [hingedbodygraphics]. In this case, that is the proper animation type, so that is not edited.

    Above, you see the three Axis (stack) are;

    0.61-export: <[tmvector3f][Axis][ -0.9962 -0.0000 0.0872 ]>
    0.61-export: <[tmvector3f][Axis][ 0.0872 0.0000 0.9962 ]>
    0.61-export: <[tmvector3f][Axis][ -0.0000 1.0000 0.0000 ]>

    So you could copy this block (above) and edit it to look proper, or you could copy/paste one from another plane (like the Robin, Cessna, etc) and paste it into your TMD, then edit it. Copy in the Axis strings (3) and the Pivot (Gizmo). Change the name of your model part (mine is RudderBullette), then save and check in Aerofly. If the rudder animates on the wrong axis, flip the stack for the next axis. Repeat test. Flip stack again for 3rd choice if needed.

    Done... You now have a animated rudder. The missing component for me was the Servo control section.

    You can run 'searches' for your parts concerning the Servo names.

    Note also, in my case, that the animation block in the TM.log is given a common Servo name and animation name. Those will probably change to something else. There are several types of 'Graphics' names and Servo names. In my case, with the rudder, I am using [hingedbodygraphics], and its Servo is ServoRudder.

    There are downloadable lists in the new Wiki where you can copy out the names of the parts you need, and they are in similar plane's 'TMD' files also.

    Hope that helps people out.


    Many thanks, Rodeo!

    I am sure this also works basically with Max, the same work flow, different 3D design engine.

    My only question is, where do you get the giant graphics for the ground? Also, can you break it into several sections for increased resolution?


    Hey all,

    On the TMD, at the top, is the Telemetry block. Being that I 'think' this is the Fuselage, would that 'tmvector3d' be the pivot point from the part (fusealge) which is listed in the TM.log from compiling it?

    Example from Template TMD file:

    // telemetry
    <[tmvector3d][LookAtPosition][ -0.5 0.0 0.2 ]>

    This is my TM.log from compiling the model, the Fuselage part block;

    0.37-tmmodule: <[string8][object][hingedbodygraphics]
    0.37-export: <[string8][Name][Fuselage]>
    0.37-tmmodule: <[string8][RigidBody][Fuselage]>
    0.37-export: <[string8][GeometryList][ Fuselage ]>
    0.37-tmmodule: <[uint32][PositionID][Fuselage.R]>
    0.37-tmmodule: <[uint32][OrientationID][Fuselage.Q]>
    0.37-export: <[tmvector3f][Axis][ -1.0000 0.0000 0.0000 ]>
    0.37-export: <[tmvector3f][Axis][ 0.0000 0.0000 1.0000 ]>
    0.37-export: <[tmvector3f][Axis][ 0.0000 1.0000 0.0000 ]>
    0.37-export: <[tmvector3f][Pivot][ -0.4522 -0.0001 0.0567 ]>
    0.37-tmmodule: <[uint32][AngleID][ServoRightAileron.Position]>
    0.37-tmmodule: >

    I am thinking I would put that in? or am I good to go? Would 0, 0, 0 normally be a close call for the center of Telemetry with slower aircraft?

    Hey all,

    Are all animations done in the Graphics section?

    I didnt have a dynamics section at first, so I brought in the Extra 330 TMD and converted it to my plane. I then deleted the graphics section, added my single rigid graphics section with parts list, then deleted the rudder from the list and added it into a animation block. Presently I cannot get the sim to start now. My TMD is really messed up and I am trying to get it all going. Nothing is working... sigh..

    When I had the basic 'Template' TMD, I tried installing a rudder animation block, but that didnt work. I am guessing because it didnt have a Dynamics section.

    Do I need a rudder in the Dynamics section? Do I need to list a servo that will power the rudder, then have the rudder graphics block with the animations in it?

    Many thanks.



    IndiaFoxTechno wrote;
    The rationale for wanting geometry to selectively appear or disappear in the views, for me, is the fact that in my FSX/P3D development more often than not the external and internal models do not match perfectly. So it would be much faster to convert one of my old FSX projects if I could just "flag" the visibility - with no need to rework the geometry so that they match perfectly (which I had to do for the Mb326).

    Oh man... Thats why I like to use one model for both interior and exterior. Sorry you have to rework things.

    I am afraid about the Gizmo's. I had to rotate the model in Max. I found that many of the animations are now sideways (in Max). I havent been able to get the Rudder working yet (2 days now) and I am wondering if the Gizmo(s) will have to be rotated on animated parts so that they have the proper direction going. Example, if the rudder hinge axis is off 90 degree's, it will not be aligned. Do the Gizmo will have to be rotated 90 degrees.

    I did see somewhere on the DR400 files the pilots name of Robert. So that assignment is done in there somewhere.

    But... In the Extra, the pilots animations and body parts (quite a few) are all at the bottom of the Animations list. Right about at the bottom of the TMD file. The sound section is right under it, and that section is not large. I would say almost a quarter of the TMD is the body parts of the pilot.

    Out of curiosity I went through the sim and did find the pilots. They are in the main Aerofly folder/objects


    Hey Dino,

    I can help a small amount, but the team will need to give you the answers..

    If you look at the TMD of the Extra 330, you'll see at the bottom of the //animation section that the pilot is listed. It has a 'ton' of sections (attachments with bones?). Also, the model is given 'camera view' settings, where a particular camera view selected will show the pilot, and another camera view selected will have the pilot hidden.

    How you hide/unhide them in the sim, I do not know. I havent gotten that far yet.


    Congrats! Glad its working again, Antoine.

    When I saw your duplicate errors in your converter tm.log that I was having with mine, I figured you were having a similar situation. I figured it was a repaint in the mix. I think if you modify your files in the 'My Documents/........aircraft' folder, then it stumbles the converter, so perhaps deleting those, or copying them to a safe place, or sending a copy to the aircraft_workshop, then converting, should get it done.

    You should see what I have to do when making a model with my Bullette. I keep it in AF2 (not My Documents), so I can make repaints. But if I need to build the model again (updates), then I have to delete the My Documents folder (I rename it like _BACKUPb40), put the repaints in a safe place by taking them out, burning a new model package (everything), then sending it back to AF2 and dropping the repaints back in.

    What ever it takes to get the job done. :)

    EDIT: In your case, I wonder if just deleting the documents from the 'My Documents.....aircraft/dr400' folder might do it? The converter was trying to find things that might be a post compile insert.



    I just looked at your tm.log from the aircraft converter, which should tell whats going on. I was getting those same duplicate errors when I was trying to make a repaint on top of a plane that was in my 'My Documents......aircraft' folder, including the 'magnetic field' error. (It was looking for the model in the main, actual 'aircraft' folder in AF2, not in the 'My Documents...........aircraft' folder. So..... (below)

    ** When you export or convert, is your 'dr400' folder in your 'My Documents.......aircraft' folder empty? If not, rename it _BACKUPdr400, then run the converter again so that it creates a fresh folder.

    ** In your dr400 folder in 'aircraft_workshop', do you have a repaint? If so, copy that out of there to another location and hide it from that folder and run the converter again and see if that does it. That was the crash I was getting when getting the 'magnetic field' error.


    Nevermind. I see on this post that you do have this version. Mine is running fine. I am sorry yours isnt working for you. Something changed... Something messed it up when you reinstalled it. Trace it back.... Something was forgotten in updating your files to export the Robin.

    Maybe try, step by step, doing the SDK PDF manual instructions. Remember, one single symbol in the files can crash the system. Mine was a second [ bracket in the TMR file. Had me stumbling for several days.... sigh...