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    Thank you for your answers. Well, there may be advantages for people playing ego-shoother games and similar stuff in parallel. But I am only interested in serious flight simulation. And there I want total control (as every good pilot, isn't it?). Moreover I don't want advertisements in a program I have payed for. The need for a continuous online connection can be accepted today for streaming of local sceneries, actual weather and traffic as in the new MSFS, but certainly not just to control my gaming behaviour. You may accept that, but I don't.

    Ipacs has accepted some time ago, that there were people (including me) complaining about the necessity for steam to operate FS2. So they began to develop and sell the download version and all were happy. I think the consequence for Ipacs should now be to serve both platforms in the same way, also for VR.

    Regards Urs

    Thank you very much for answering. Well, this video is just a promotion for steam platform. At the first release I bought Aerofly FS2 for steam, because it was the only way to get a wonderful new flight simulator. After installation I recognised that steam is an awful data kraken forcing me to be online all the time and flooding me with unwanted advertisements. So I bought Aerofly FS2 a second time as soon as it was available for direct download. Then I was really happy with it. Steam of course will never be on my desktop again.

    Unfortunately the solution you proposed does only work with steam installed, I suppose. So it is up to Ipacs to make their sim compatible directly with WMR world. I really wonder why they are so much affiliated with steam. All new (and fantastic) extensions like the EC135 are first realised for steam version. Do they classify people who don't want to be exposed to spy SW as neglectable minority?

    I hope there will be a version for WMR resp. the HP Reverb G2 in the near future. Ipacs, please let us know your intentions. Thank you.

    Regards Urs

    After a long waiting period I finally got my new HP Reverb G2 today and installed it. Then I launched the Aerofly FS2 (Download version). But VR does not show up. In the start menue there is only Oculus VR. Then I appended -othervr to the program call. No success at all.

    Question: Is there a way (of course without the terrible advertisement- and spy-SW Steam) to get VR for WMR working? Thanks for any help.

    Regards Urs

    Hi Jan

    Thank you very much for your very revealing answer. In fact, I am not interested in weapons and similar stuff, but exactly in the simulation of all the things you mentioned to be part of a possible extension in the future. That would really be great. So I will be patient... But if it is possible, I would appreciate a description of the F-18 in the dokuwiki to get some idea how to fly this bird in a realistic way.

    Thanks again and all the best


    Aerofly FS 2 is a fantastic flight simulator :love: and I like to fly with it nearly every day! One of my favorites is the F-18, riding it through the Alps. But now I have a question: Is it true, that after the last updates you can operate most switches and dials in the cockpit, but most of them without any effect? No map, no autopilot, no radio controls, that worked at least partly in earlier versions? Well, perhaps I do something wrong. But even in the dokuwiki the F-18 is not described. Will there be some model care of this interesting jet? Thanks for any informations. In the meantime I learn flying with the charming R22, really a big pleasure. Thanks to all developers for their splendid work! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Best regards


    Some additional remarks:

    Map (M) and flight information bar (I) do not show up, meanwhile location names (L) can be switched on and off. View direction can be varied with mouse, but not zoomed by the mouse wheel.

    Removing the triplemonitor definition from main.mcf brings the pointer and missing functions back, so it is not a question of saving perhaps in a wrong format.

    Hi everybody

    Well, in general it helps to delete the main.mcf. But then I tried to install the triple-monitor-view according to the Aerofly FS 2 Wiki. So I had to modify the main.mcf accordingly. The 180° view is now perfect, but the mouse pointer has disappeared again. Any idea how to get it back? Help ist most appreciated.

    Best regards


    Hi Sylvain

    I appreciate most your work for the Swiss Scenery. Thank you very much for all your effort. Please allow me a question. Since we have now a very nice, realistic helicopter in Aerofly FS 2, but only one independent (and very difficult!) heliport on the Schilthorn: Is there any chance to get more heliports in the Alps? E.g. Zermatt Helibase, with some places around like Hörnlihütte. Or Lauterbrunnen, Wilderswil. Or some in the Graubuenden aera.

    I think, you can judge that best as a scenery specialist, familiar with Aerofly. Perhaps you plan something yourself or you know about plans from others? Thank you very much for answering.

    Best regards


    When AFS2 came on the market the first time, I installed it with steam, because there was no other way. Then I and probably a lot of other users complained the dependency of this fantastic flight simulator from steam. The result: Ipacs produced a new variant without steam. With pleasure, I bought this AFS2 again and I am now very happy with it. So the Ipacs development team is very flexible and customer friendly. Why not ask for Windows Mixed Reality compatibility in this growing market?

    Thanks for the link.

    Thank you, HiFlyer. Can you tell me how to do this? Of course, I would also like to know, what the development team of Ipacs proposes resp. intends to do. IMHO Windows Mixed Reality is coming up with large sales of VR glasses. So AFS2 should finally become compatible with, for sure, also outside steam.

    I had Steam with AFS2 and Oculus Rift for a while. I stopped all, because I hate to be observed all the time and want to fly without need for a continuous internet connection. Just my two cents...

    Hallo Aerofly Team

    Ich habe den Aerofly FS2, die steamfreie Version. Nun habe ich mir eine Windows Mixed Reality Brille gekauft, nämlich die Medion Erazer X1000. Leider weiss ich aber nicht, wie der Startbefehl ergänzt werden muss, damit der VR-Modus erkannt wird. Ich hab's mit -othervr versucht, aber keinen Erfolg gehabt. Oder ist das noch gar nicht möglich? Auf die Steam-Variante, wo es offenbar geht, möchte ich jedoch auf jeden Fall verzichten.

    Besten Dank für Infos dazu.