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    Thank you Aerofly 2 Teamfor this latest Beta and this imense Work and effort on this beautiful Sim!

    As a VR user I am very pleased and happy to see so many improvements within the aircraft systems and over all within the flight management stuff! To enter a flightplan in VR in the AIrbus or the other Aircraft is amazing and a real addition to the immersion.

    Are there plans to make a VR map so we could see what waypoints etc to add directly in the cockpit?

    For now we have to go to menu to find our way or use the Oculus Desktop Mirror function to look at some kind of map.

    Rgds from Germany and happy week,


    For me, I have the correct folder set as required.

    Documents/Aerofly FS2/scenery/places/DE/EDDF

    OrthoScenery created with Aeroscenery and Geoconverter is working But the Airport is completele missing in the Sim.

    I can choose Runway or parking position but then i am standing on my ortho textures.

    Even if i disable the ortho scenery there is no runaway or building visible.

    I hope someone can help me here...

    I am relatively new to that whole theme but found fscloudport website and downloaded and installed an airport like disrcibed.

    Problem is, I can see the airport in the selection screen but when i finally start the sim it is nothin runway nu building etc.

    Am I missing something?


    Found that I have to download xref global library as stated in the video and in the pdf.

    But there do i find it?

    It's not on the website when selecting an airport outside US.

    Kind Rgds, PC

    Scenery: England , Germany, Austria

    Aircraft: usable FMS in aircraft with option to input basic routes and maybe an option for more parking spaces and gates with pushback option.

    Usable gps in GA Aircraft or at least a functional moving map in VR.

    Besides that a Helicopter 😁

    Hello Aerofly Community 😁

    I brought AF2 2 days ago to use with my Oculus Rift.

    Now i am blown away by the performance and joy it brings up when flying VR 😎

    Maybe it is a dumb question as an aerofly newbi but is it possible to fly between the different scenery Regions available?

    Lets say i buy the Utah or Colorado DLC, can i then fly with the Learjet or Boeing from Salt Lake City to San Francisco and so on or even to new york?

    I am not quiet familiar with the scenery handling yet.

    Thx in advance.