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    Fortunately for people like me who are frightened of messing with the internal workings of programs, the Frames per Second can be displayed on a Mac by pressing CMND +F1 rather than CTRL as the instructions advise. This displays a lot of information at the bottom of the screen, including fps.

    Viewing the frame rate would be useful. But the suggestions here and in the instruction manual don't seem to work for Mac OS Catalina. They seem to be for Windows.

    Am I missing something? Or is there a way of doing this in Mac OS?

    The file for the Lynx which I downloaded is Lynx.rar. Being a novice It took me some time to work out that I needed special software to unravel this sort of file. I've now done that and put it in the Aircraft folder.

    However, it does not appear when I choose my aircraft. Only the original 21 FS2 aircraft appear.

    My folder structure is attached.

    Sad to say but my folder structure doesn't look like that.

    I know you have tried to explain but is there anywhere to see the step-by-step download and installation procedure for these extra sceneries and aircraft please?

    In x-Plane you simply copy the downloaded file into Aircraft or Scenery but that doesn't seem to work here.

    I may have missed something somewhere but tried this Lynx on my iMac by dragging the downloaded file into Aircraft but it doesn't appear in the sim.

    Perhaps it's for Steam users only?

    I wonder if my mistake was to buy this - as directed by Aerofly - from the Apple App Store? They only claim 200 airfields and no mention of New York or Miami. And seemingly no way to update.

    Still, thanks for all these most helpful suggestions which I'm still exploring.

    I learned to fly at Denham in the UK and now have a fine runway there (thank you to Hartman) but no scenery, so that's my next search.

    Many thanks to Jan and Michael for your rapid responses.

    I will investigate those links which look very interesting.

    it’s odd that the the promotion for FS 2 says it offers over 300 airports and mentions New York as a 3D city but the only airfields are in the south west. I’ll see what Aerofly have to say too.


    I've just bought FS 2 for my iMac having had FS some years ago with its wonderful Swiss scenery.

    I'm confused (and apologies if this should be in a different tread) but are the only airfields in this version, as downloaded from the Apple App Store) those in the USA? What happened to Switzerland?

    I've seen the thread about UK airports. Are they any new plans to offer UK scenery and airports?