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    The pic with 99 fps is made with version about two weeks ago and the other pic with 52 fps was made a few minutes ago with version

    The building I have marked for myself - there is obviously displayed a second similar high building next to WTC One. This isn't there in reality ;) This issue doesn't belong to this post but it was the only pic I had with the recent beta version.

    With latest Beta I had im NYC/JFK at least 40 fps with Ultra settings, after updating to I am getting at same position (final 31L JFK) max 14 fps. This was in last release version (September Update) the same, but temporarily fixed with beta 4.07.3. There were no changes with the OS meanwhile.

    > I am missing at night the blue lights at the sides of the taxiways

    > Apron lights at night are popping up too suddenly, this is disturbing

    > there are no signs at the runways with information about the runway and the intersections

    > there are no flashing yellow lights at the active runway - these lights are modeled but not working

    Thank you for the beta update, which seems to bring some speed improvement on M1 Macs.

    Issues I have found out until now are:

    > Sometimes there are black ground texture blocks which didn’t resolve.

    > On A320 PFD Thrust mode indication disappears during climb after require LVR CLB setting when Thrust Levers are moved back. It should behave like in this video:

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    After installing the update I am really impressed by the new aerial images and landmark buildings - it is a significant improvement in Germany and other European regions. But there are still missing high resolution aerials for some regions like the canaries, madeira and Iceland - will these added soon?

    The performance on M1 Macs is still ambivalent. It is close to unplayable in NYC and LAX, but also in some regions in Germany i.e. in Hamburg there is a massive performance lag. It seems to be related to some kind of scenery (in most cases the massive drop is only appearing In the vicinity of airports but not in the high density city sceneries, i.e. in NYC) and MSAA, wich is known for sometimes causing problems with metal. Will there be a fix for this?

    Thank you for your answer. I found such stutters also in other scenery areas i.e. between EDDK und EDDL. It seems related to a kind of an object in the scenery, what has problems with MSAA and the M1 CPU. I have tried to turn the trees off, that didn't help.

    Is there no chance to select a lower resolution?

    I hope you will have success with fixing this problem.

    Generally Aerofly FS4 runs well on my M1 Max 14" MacBook Pro. But when entering high density airport areas like JFK and LAX with view at the airport there is a massive FPS drop from about 100 to 18. It seems related to MSAA Anti Aliasing, because when this is switched off in main.mcf the simulator runs constantly with about 80-100 FPS and more everywhere. Also things becoming better with MSAA on when turning the view away from the airport. This effect is only marginally related to the selected graphic quality settings.