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    I hear many models and sceneries of the RC7 do not (yet) work in RC8.

    So besides wondering if RC8 is worth the upgrade I wonder if I can use it in parallel to RC7 ?

    I also wonder if AS350 Heli of RC7 is in RC8 and if the repaints will work or not.

    I did a lot of repaints also for the Hawk and F-16 which I uploaded to be used for all

    and if I have to pay quite some Euros I would at least be able to use what I already had had in RC7 ...

    Thanks for any advice and hints



    Thanks for the compliments ...

    Work on the Pilot is finished ....

    notice the wheel texturing ...

    and I managed to port and improve the afterburner of the aerofly5 version ...

    Download will be available sooner than later ;)

    Hello Jan

    Yes the smoke is there, but it "only" starts at the wingtips out of "nowhere" so to say.
    My question is not how to add smoke but how to add the "real" rockets which produce the smoke. i.e. how to add something to the 3D model ...

    Did I make myself understandable ?


    Hello again

    Work is proceeding despite the many pitfalls and the really complex texturing ...

    See some newer screenshots of the Dutch F-16 ...

    Watch for more to come ...



    I'm wondering if it is possible to add smoke rockets to the existing F-16 model.

    The F-16 is a very detailed model and the only thing missing are the smoke rockets alongside the wing ends.
    It is not so realistic that the smoke comes from the wing ends, where nothing can produce smoke ;)

    As we don't have the original model, it would be necessary to add the rockets from a second/different file. Is there a way to do this ?



    Thanks for the helpful description. I learned some important things about how aerofly tmd-s work :)
    So I managed to get the F-16 loaded with canopy open.

    What is not so nice about this solution is, that if you display the model functions (Shift-M) they show the cockpit position "inverted" now, of course, and it says "open" when it is - in fact - closed.

    Seems there is no way to control the initial setting of a channel when the aircraft is loaded ?



    I would like to modify the F-16 e.g., which has a moveable canopy, in a way so it is loaded with canopy open and not closed.

    What I did is:
    I found the setting in the tmd file which initializes the canopy to "open". fine

    Now my problem is, that the model is loaded with open canopy, but the canopy is immediately closed, because the key assignment for canopy open<->close is initialized to closed.

    Is it possible to change this ?



    Here is a preview of my newest project.

    I really like the F-16 and there is a very beautiful livery that was used by the Dutch display team from 2009 - 2013.
    To my opinion it cannot be topped.

    I couldn't resist to give it a try ...

    ... during my work on it I learned more about the F-16 model in RC7 than I expected.
    I think there is no way to make the texturing more complex and difficult than it was done here.
    This is almost over the edge of what I am willing to do for free ;)

    ... but I really love challenges of this kind ;)

    We will see when I succeed with the bottom side ...


    I guess it's not too long before I will share ...

    See below what flavours I did. I think it is all Red Arrows variants from 2000 up to 2015 and 1998 see previous post:

    and a nice close up of the pilots ;)

    and a very nice shot ...



    As the Hawk is a wonderfully detailed model, I decided to brush it up with some Red Arrows repaints.

    The existing Red Arrow repaint has quite some potential for more details and with the help of the fantastic "Saudi Hawks" repaint by Barefoot I managed to bring the Red Arrows version to a similar level.

    See a first screenshot of the 1998 version here:

    Let me know if you would like to get more of this ...


    Hello Jan

    So it's only work, a new bug and no win. I will not install it then, as I don't have problems with current version.

    Thanks for the details



    It says about the 7.4.5 update: "Internal changes to the configuration files to fix some bugs. Its necessary to repeat a few steps after installing this update" ...

    Any ideas/experiences on what this means ?
    I would like to know early about how much trouble I may run into ;)



    Repaint 20 of the AS350 Écureuil is SAF Hélicoptères, registration F-GZSH.
    SAF Hélicoptères base is in Albertville, France.

    This is another beautiful french version of the AS350 Écureuil. SAF is short for "Secours Aérien Français" which means "French Air Rescue".

    See the SAF Helicopteres version doing a stunt on the Carrier Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), where it landed on the Radar dome.

    This repaint will be part of #5 of AS350 repaint downloads which will come up some time in 2015 ...