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    Maybe Martin has the same problem as I have: the needle is static after setting the fuel pump to LO. In order to make the needle work again you have to set fuel pump to HI for a few seconds and then back to normal. As soon as you enable LO the needle will go back to zero and stop moving again. It's a bit odd that it seems to work well on your end.

    (Raises hand) Have you made any modifications to your aircrafts Tmd's?

    As I mentioned, the one thing to always expect from this contributors offerings is steady and even rapid change:


    krzysk1 committed 3 days ago: runways added: Now runways are added to airports - 3d models of runways come from FSCLOUDPORT Runways have different surface textures: asphalt, concrete, dirt and gravel, according to the defined in source file.

    krzysk1 committed 2 days ago: runway textures updated

    It is worthwhile feedback to have this point raised. Especially when this price point is creeping close to an A2A for other platforms. I doubt that Tom is alone in this regard, there are still many people who budget their FS spending... Including me. Sales figures do not always reflect demand, sometimes they reflect spending patterns of the user base.

    - Kenneth

    Its legit feedback, but honestly fsx goes for about $10 on Steam so you can use $30 or $40 dollar aircraft, and it's the same for scenery. It's been the status quo in the sim world for years, and not sure how/why Aerofly would be much different.

    Just Flight has been selling those same planes for other sims at the same price point.

    Realistically, considering the smaller market and smaller number of sales to be expected from the Aerofly world, partially due to just the concerns you mentioned, I doubt there would be an Aerofly price cut unless you happen to catch on of the planes during a Steam sale.

    As I said, Just Flight did it on their own and their two independent teams figured it out themselves. I only gave a few explanations along the way and as long as I have the time to do so I'll help any other developer. Also kryzk seems to have created quite a number of aircraft and I didn't set up a single landing gear for him. So it is not impossible. Not easy, but doable, even without tools.

    Yup, but with this very subject in mind I've been watching Kryzks planes very carefully the last few months, and note that he keeps his landing gears extremely simple, and tends strongly towards birds with fixed gear.

    Even so, his planes can kind of bounce around disconcertingly on the runway and do other odd things upon contact to the ground, and I speculate that he has undercarriage issues as well. That's not a complaint though. Keeping the difficulties in mind, I'm ecstatic that his stuff works so well.

    His years long devotion to Aerofly and determination to press on through all barriers makes him a bit unique, however.

    Matts plight seems more the norm, and the same thing lost us the planes of Dino Cattaneo and also the many planes of Lionheart, which would have had third party aircraft for Aerofly on the scene much earlier if they too had not faltered at the altar of the undercarriage.

    S-211 and F104G have working landing gear.

    Yah, I was pretty sure Jet-Pac did those, and when I saw him beta testing for Just Flight I made the assumption (my fault) that he was going to have to do it for them as well. Problem is, the situation is kind of tenuous. Should Jan ever become unavailable for whatever reason (school, etc) , it seems right now, any hopes of third party aircraft development would come to a screeching halt, or at the very least be seriously crippled.

    It should not be this hard, it and if it has to be, there should be robust tools to mitigate the difficulty!

    Just as a heads up though, due to changes at, all these links (and many more) are dead.

    Guess I'll put this here:

    WaN: Washington North scenery from USGS images:

    Usage: Unzip the main WAN scenery package that can be found here:…scenery-from-usgs-images/

    • Elevation data have to be placed into \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\elevation\wa
    • Image data have to be placed into \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\images\wa

    Usage: All other files go to …\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\wa (create if this does not exist!)

    WaN: S97 Anderson Field Brewster:…-anderson-field-brewster/

    WaN: Grand Coulee Dam:…124-wan-grand-coulee-dam/

    WaN: Lake Chelan Airport:…-wan-lake-chelan-airport/

    WaN: Whidbey Island:…y/118-wan-whidbey-island/

    WaN: KOMK Omak:…?entry/114-wan-komk-omak/

    I asked a long time ago for that to happen, and was given a solid no, that the Sim wasn't mature enough.

    This begin to seem more and more strange as twice since then, Sims that were not even actual purchasable products were immediately given thier own prominent forums.

    I mentioned that point, even got into one weirdly feisty battle with a mod, and didn't pursue it after that since it seemed obvious that for whatever reason that idea was a non-starter.

    I'm really glad Aerofly has finally been taken out of the basement and brought into the sun.

    My intention is to help the beginners to classify the many offers correctly. When I think of my start at the beginning of 2019, I would have wished for a helping guideline. Only after months of try and error I can now unterstand the different offers.

    And I can only see that getting worse and worse as addons proliferate with no established rules.


    I haven't looked at the WORLD lists in detail, but, the adjacent states to me have nothing more than cow pastures and ultralight areas, not enough to be considered an airport. For instance, when I look at Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama there is not one real airport listed. They are all crop duster barns, ultralight back yards, some obscure flying service, etc. AND this is the World Airport List, I can't imagine what is in the Grass Airfields folder. 8o

    Though if there is one thing we have learned about Krzysk1, its that a steady stream of updates is the norm.....

    That's one of the things I immediately thought of which is why I'm not in a huge rush to download these quite yet . I suspect there will be weird conflicts here and there , and I'm too deep into my reintroduction to the world of Skyrim and the subsequent dampening of my interest in Flight Sim, at least temporarily , that I'm not up for exploring airport conflicts right now .

    Still, this is a very interesting development.

    I did a post a couple of weeks ago about the rapidly growing potential for conflicts , and about some naming conventions for avoiding same . I even requested that the post be stickied.

    All ignored.... So..... meh. 8o

    Much as I love the SIM, this is one of the things that I don't get about aerofly, in that it seems that they're helpful on the one hand, but just really secretive on the other, to the point where sometimes I wonder if they have some weird 10th dimensional concept of success that other people just can't understand.

    Again and again I've heard about a programme from one of the developers that supposedly makes all of this a lot easier.

    When people come to an impasse like this, that program is mentioned, but after literally years of waiting it's never been released, and meanwhile developer after developer, some of them with years of experience keep bouncing face-first off of the TMD, with particular mentions given to the difficulties of creating the undercarriage

    At a certain point I feel for ipacs, and respect that they have limited time and resources, whereas on the other hand over time, there is a feeling that things are just being deliberately obscured to a point bordering on ridiculousness.

    There's progress to be sure, but I have to admit I can increasingly sympathize when people just eventually throw up their hands and walk away.


    It felt good to get that off my chest even though I know it'll probably be deleted.8|

    You are more than welcome if you can convince me from the opposite.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I guess it depends on what people expected, which often exceeds the bounds of practical reality, given the situation. That being said, I consider the main developer of Orbx GB to be a friend, and hope very much to see it released.

    At which point, looking at history, I fully expect somebody to start a thread within two weeks of release saying that GB is just a tease and that we definitely need to see all of (place countries here) or doom shall enshroud us all.... ^^

    And so we'll go on..........

    As we do.

    I found it a red flag ORBX virtually cancelling their early support of AeroflyFS2 which was thought as an investment into the future.What

    What? Where? I work with Orbx, and while things are slower than many would like, as far as I know, support is still ongoing.

    Always nice to see new stuff out there for Aerofly but... What an interesting release.…fly-fs-2-(fr_12606).phtml

    Welcome to Jackson for Aerofly FS 2

    Jackson is a town in Wyoming's Jackson Hole valley in the United States

    NOTE: The scenery does not come with photo scenery as shown in the screenshots above. However, this package can be used with photo scenery which can be made with the excellent Geoconvert utility by IPACS.

    Features of this scenery:

    • Autogen for Jackson based on the latest OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.
    • Detailed 10m mesh covering over 2700 km2 (USGS)
    • High Quality Night Lighting
    • Basic Representation of KJAC included so that you can get flying right away!

    NOTE : Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully.

    [Blocked Image:]