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    Just finally had a chance to sit down and try it, and have to say it exceeds all expectations! A great addition to my stable of fine aircraft for Aerofly. Even the VR hands are nicely done, something krzysk1was also working on before he was apparently driven away.

    I hope you see fit to make planes for a good long time, and even make the jump to payware. Your work deserves it.

    His positivity was very refreshing, and he made some good points about the Sim. Here's to hoping for quality future updates from all flight aspects.

    I noted that as well. When there are so many ready willing and able to knock things at every turn, yes, it is refreshing to see somebody openly/unashamedly enjoying themselves.

    He is a bit too free in criticising the sim for not operating the way he thinks it should when he really has very little idea of how it or a real plane works. He was moving the autopilot bank knob and saying that the aileron trim doesn’t seem to work, he said the GPS time to go (or similar) made no sense when he had Zurich runway 10 in a route and he just eyeballed it onto runway 34, he announced that there were no VORs anywhere near Zurich! There is no harm in doing a first impressions video but for anything even slightly resembling a review, not doing any sort of systems study is not good enough. That video is a recent YouTube entry viewable to anybody and it let down IPACS and JustFlight.

    The thing to remember about progrmr, is that his videos are pretty much all like that, for whatever sim. Think of them as a look at whatever, by a student/casual pilot, still in the process of learning. Usually what happens is somebody corrects him in the comments.

    Just checked the Microsoft official page, and I stand corrected. However, technical correctness and public perception are two different things. You may still be inviting confusion unless you consider naming it "Aerofly 2020".

    Meanwhile at this exact moment, there is a thread on the Avsim forums where the OP is arguing that because MS has not named their sim FS2020 we should stop calling it that.

    1st world problems..... :P

    Unfortunately we are the mercy ipacs on this one. Wishful thinking on my part that this upcoming update would also contain a new region as an Xmas present for us mobile fans.

    Would a mobile device even have enough memory?

    All these proliferation of downloads that you speak of are the hard work of dedicated people offering you and others within the FS 2 community photo scenery, cultivation, special objects and accurate mesh totally free of charge.

    Yeah....... And if you look at the number of downloads, you will see that they are very small. Maybe twenty people doing so. Why do you think this is the case? I suspect it's directly related to lack of installation directions, or confusing directions. I often post links to interesting Aerofly freeware of various forums, yet some I simply can't in good conscience recommend because it simply requires too much effort of people not inclined to be intimately familiar with Aeroflys folder structure. The tendency of said files to be in multiple and sometimes redundant downloads from more than one person ups the difficulty and probably partially explains why you see nobody posting videos of these creations. Too confusing to even install them!

    Your suggestion of "pulling it together" into a single download is absolute nonsense as the folder would be so large those with slow internet access would be prohibited from using it.

    And why is it absolute nonsense to have a large download available in a sim where all of the available payware and most of the freeware comes in large files such as Florida, the Netherlands, etc. If these files were unacceptably large, Aerofly itself (which just with the Freeware from Ipacs itself exceeds 100GB) could not even exist.

    Lastly it may of been a kindness to at least thank those for their dedication to our hobby.

    I have actually been one of the few that more than once has explicitly thanked the creators multiple times, so don't even go there.

    I guess I am not to bright..... :P

    All these proliferating downloads have me utterly confused, to the point I am using none of this stuff.

    I'm hoping someday it will all be pulled together into either a single download or a comprehensible collection of related links.

    Nice look at Aerofly performance in the Reverb by VR flight sim guy

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    This looks like a great addition to the fleet, and I can't even imagine how much work and time must have gone into it. It's an encouraging and positive sign as far as I'm concerned, and i'm looking forward to hearing about what else is coming.

    In the meantime, I hope the team keeps its spirits up, ignoring than bane of the simmer community: Our sometimes habitual negativity!

    Can't wait to test her out!