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    Always nice to see new stuff out there for Aerofly but... What an interesting release.…fly-fs-2-(fr_12606).phtml

    Welcome to Jackson for Aerofly FS 2

    Jackson is a town in Wyoming's Jackson Hole valley in the United States

    NOTE: The scenery does not come with photo scenery as shown in the screenshots above. However, this package can be used with photo scenery which can be made with the excellent Geoconvert utility by IPACS.

    Features of this scenery:

    • Autogen for Jackson based on the latest OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.
    • Detailed 10m mesh covering over 2700 km2 (USGS)
    • High Quality Night Lighting
    • Basic Representation of KJAC included so that you can get flying right away!

    NOTE : Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Did you change the TMD files or did you change the whole plane as requested?

    Oh yes, I remember that every update would disable the D400 and the cold & dark Cessna mod!

    True, but what I meant in this case was that the gentleman releasing the free planes adds new features at a fairly regular pace. It helps to keep checking back and reading the latest release notes to find out what's changed from...... the week before. :)

    Take note though that almost none of the buttons and systems work (most are very basic models) and that the aircraft may not work well at all with the latest version of AFS2.

    The thing about those planes is you have to keep checking back often, as updates can occur at any time, with added functionalities like VR controls.

    Jeez guys, reading costs nothing either. It says right on the site:

    Welcome on our new Database for flight-simulation- addons !

    On this server you will find also all User-Addons for Aerofly FS2 !

    Informations regarding our "download section / filebase"

    Before you can download files here, please register first. The registration is free.

    To find the right downloads please choose a specific download category from the main menu or choose it from

    one of the categories on the right side.

    I personally approached the owner of PC Aviator about a year ago. He and I go back more than 20 years. I asked him to find a way to port over the vast collection of images he has in his existing photosceneries for the other flight sim platforms. He understandably did not want to put in the time and effort because of the small market then represented by users of AFS2. That's the rub. It is perceived return on investment, especially if that investment is very labor intensive. He did say he'd be open to looking again if and when the platform gained a larger following, but at that time the sales of the few addons he had for AFS2 were so tiny it was putting him off. Now, that was a year ago... Have things changed? I would not be in a position to answer that.

    - Kenneth

    I'm aware of the attitude. Speaking to others, I've bumped into it several times, but honestly it seems fairly short-sighted to me; maybe even nonsensical.

    These things take a village.

    Yet the development Community has let no less than 3 Sims get buy it, where it seemed almost every developer sat on the fence waiting for somebody else to jump first. (Or simply refused to jump, period)

    It sets up a perfect Catch 22 chicken-and-egg situation, that I've been shaking my head at for years, and not just with aerofly. Even as we speak the same is occurring with flyinside sim as well.

    In a way, I've been thinking for the last week that maybe that's part of why so many people are excited by the new Microsoft Sim.

    Big daddy warbucks is going to step in (many seem to hope) and just throw money everywhere, handing out a ready-made market that nobody will have to put any work in to help create.


    Meanwhile, I give a lot of credit to Aerosoft, justflight, Orbx, Dino cattaneo and others for stepping up to the plate, and I've already made an internal promise to myself not to forget them.

    I've wondered often why no well known ortho-scenery companies have stepped in and made their offerings available for Aerofly yet. It seems like a no-brainer.

    Possible issue with Baron panel night lighting:

    Switches apparently inop: unable to activate subpanel lighting, unable to see any switches while flying at night due to insufficient lighting on aircraft controls. Overhead lighting apparently inop?

    I still have to say, its broken for me, and I'm on the verge of giving up.

    In "easy" mode, if I use the vr hands to pull back on the collective, there is also a very gentle adjustment to the rudder, I suspect to help in controllability.

    Use an Xbox controller, or even the VR thumbsticks to move the collective up/down, and the pedals/rudder are violently yanked from side to side, throwing the copter out of control. I simply can't use it.

    Yikes. Normally I just grab my Xbox controller to fly, but now, on the location map screen when trying to navigate the cursor to an airport, its so fast its uncontrollable. Just the slightest touch on the joystick sends the map skittering halfway across the world!

    Floating houses (Warning: Pet peeve) in mountainous terrain in sims is pretty much the most common thing ever. Years ago I proposed making all houses have "sub basements", which meant essentially containing structure that went down maybe about three floors below ground level so that when a house found itself on a steep slope, it would not end up hanging in the air, defying gravity.

    Microsoft Flight apparently had the same idea, and is the only sim I know that ran with the concept, ending the issue of dangling houses. I proposed it here again a long time ago as Aerofly was a new sim at the time and it seemed a good idea to implement such a concept at the very beginning, but again the idea was lost (sigh)

    Maybe the concept will have its day, on some sim or the other.

    MSFlight Fixes the issue

    [Blocked Image:]