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    I don't see that many things that they have in common. Its as much as FSX or X-Plane have in common with Aerofly FS 2...
    They do have a few neat shader features like the low level fog, that looks quite nice.


    Ipacs is doing photo-scenery with hand placed buildings, but has no city street-lighting or water masks. Diamond Visionics has a fast (apparently realtime) system for populating photoscenery with buildings, and has street lighting tech and the ability to create accurate water masks, plus they already have a huge completed scenery library with trees, clouds, weather etc, parts of which might be portable to Aerofly in whole or in part......

    Could be a false trail, but it might also be at least worth a discussion and a look-see.

    I won't push it though. It was just a thought.

    WGS84 continuous round earth
    Fly continuously around the globe, with no loss of precision.
    Dynamic terrain
    Add craters, ditches, and berms at run-time. Apply dynamic state changes to 3-D models.
    Advanced environment
    Visibility: Fog, Haze, Ground fog
    Rain, Snow
    Ephemeris model (sun, moon, stars)
    2D and 3D Volumetric Clouds
    Selectable coverage
    Automatic cultural lighting intensity based on global illumination level
    Physics-based sensors
    Reflections of environment and scene objects
    Sea states (including wind speed and direction)
    Ship wakes (bow and stern)
    Switch control
    Animation control
    Level of detail support
    Degree of freedom control
    Screen-space culling
    Advanced impostering
    Special Effects
    Smoke plume
    Smoke trail
    Missile trails
    Rotor wash
    Fire animations
    Explosion animations
    Water explosions
    High-performance mission functions
    Height above terrain (HAT)
    Height of terrain (HOT)
    Line of sight (LOS)
    Advanced lighting effects
    High-fidelity projected lights
    Entity shadows
    Human characters
    DI-Guy Support

    I wouldn't worry. A company like that probably has dozens of contracts of various sorts. Its what they do. License their agile scenery creation technology.

    Hi (hope somebody reads this!)

    I would like to suggest that due to the similarities of approach, and the fact that they are apparently interested in making a civilian simulation, that Ipacs could probably find a lot of common ground with Diamond Visionics and their technology.

    Possibly something to explore that might be mutually beneficial!


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    This is something I was looking into, and there is a possible solution to consider. Megascenery (they sell photo-scenery) optionally allows the purchase of thier product via 64Gb USB stick.

    Ipacs might profitably consider doing the sam, especially as they add more areas and internet delivery becomes more and more time consuming..

    Well, I think we have to wait for the full release, I guess IPACS is still filling the list of the existent " bugs " mixing it with a to do list about new stuff.

    Being pragmatic I would say the gap to fill to succeed, is not an easy one, but only IPACS determination can make the difference, even because we, as community, are definitely well determined :)

    Honestly, I think a main feature is that Ipacs has to become much better at communicating. Over the years I have seen them be reticent of communication to the point of appearing to almost forget their own forums, much less communicate in any other way, and without effective communication with the flight simulator community, in many ways the product becomes nearly invisible.

    I'm startled how many people on various flight simulation forums remain generally unaware of the existence/release of the product, and in an almost exclusively FSX oriented community, how quickly that lack of communication and knowledge can lead to dismissal with barely a glance.

    I suggest somebody from Ipacs appears on some of the prominent forums to open a line of communication and SELL THE BENEFITS of their product. Talk about future plans and possibilities. Inspire a vision of growth.

    DON"T just sit here quietly like was done with Aerofly 1, and sink into obscurity with barely a ripple. Take a clue from DTG and be active, and aggressive.