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    I'm curious to know how AEFS calculates the critical Mach for swept back wings?

    In such a wing, is the cosine of the full forward speed taken into consideration, or even a lower value due to the wings being finite, in order to proportionally reduce the effective Cl ? Like described i.e. in here: Why Do Fast Aircraft Have Swept Wings? | Boldmethod

    And, if indeed this is taken into consideration where can I find references to the correction in the Wiki?


    wonder how AEFS4 copes with the aerodynamics of negative flap setting.

    It did a rather acceptable work in AEFS2.

    In modern gliders the flaps / flaperons are used to optimize lift & drag at higher speeds.

    Apparently and through the AEFS Wiki it appears that negative flap settings aren't available in the TMD files (?) although they are visually represented, and their effects looked quite reasonably modelled in AEFS2.

    Does AEFS4 accept and aerodynamically represent the effects of negative flap settings ? How can it done in the TMD files ?


    Sorry for hyjacking your thread, but allow me to add:

    .) Something that has been asked since AEFS1 - a Perpetual Calendar, and proper Sun / Moon ephmeris;

    .) Additional weather parameters, preferably some sort of "online weather". There should at least be possible to set Temperature. Ideally we should have

    - T and Td

    - Pressure ( at least QNH )

    - Wind at various levels

    - Clouds of various types and amount of coverage expressed in the real scale used in METEO ( CAVOK, FEW, SCT, BRK, OVC )

    - Precipitation

    .) ATC robot, even if a basic one like in MFS 2020, able to interact not only with one's aircraft but also with the AI.

    .) Airport services, at least pushback :)

    Can the preparation of a simulated flight session in AEFS 4 set:

    .) Temperature / Dewpoint ? (i.e.: is air density calculated )

    .) Winds at more than ground level ?

    .) a precise calendar date / time for a flight, including proper Sum & Moon ephemeris ?

    Out of curiosity, when setting takeoff weight the user enters some value that he got, for instance fro SimBrief for a simulated #pax & cargo + block fuel ?

    How ae the MACZFW and associated THS value as well as the MACTOW and associated THS calculated in order to be entered ?

    I note that under my user name it says Professional. I am in no way a professional anything. I am just a casual user who bumbles through flight sims by mostly using other folks ideas and posts. Any way to get that label removed or modified?

    Hey ! What ??? After all this time ya tell me that ?

    I thought you were an A320 captain !!! Bummer !

    Good points Stavka.

    Unfortunately regarding altimeter adjustments AEFS4, just as the previous versions, appears not to model other than pure ISA atmosphere, so it's useless because the QNH will always be = QNE :-/

    Maybe one day they can add some dynamic, or preferably online, weather, and then altimetry will have another taste and use...

    Same applies to precipitation - AFAIK there is still no representation for precipitation in AEFS, nor the effects it has on aircraft operations, from visibility to runway contamination, etc...

    AEROFLY FS 4 [Bf109 Egelsbach to Frankfurt, Germany Airport] Flight - YouTube

    In the video I can't observe any ATA variation ( reading the ATA gauge ). Also the prop pitch "clock" gauge stays put @ 12 0'clock ?

    The user kept really low power through all of the flight, flying near clean stall with flaps partially deployed and the slats were visibly out soon after takeoff.

    I couldn't observe any yaw / sideslip due to thrust / propwash. Given the marked yaw instability at low speeds inflight, I was expectng noticeable changes due to power / propwash adjustments. Since ATA can't be read I can't say for sure, but I have the sensation the engine feels a bit overrated.

    I also couldn't notice any special need to steer the aircraft during takeoff, as if the prop effects are nill or very faint and / or rudder authority even at the start of the takeoff run is enough to keep the aircraft in the rw axis without much footwork, but then again since I've read that users can enable ASSISTANCE MODE or the like, maybe the video was recorded with a "simplified" flight and controls model ( ? )

    Will wait for a better video....

    I would really like to watch a full, ( preferably from cold & dark ), flight video with the new Bf 109 that ships with AEFS 4.

    If the flight model has an option for detail / complexity, please set it to max / full.

    Particularly interested in finding out:

    - takeoff behaviour ( need for "dancing" the rudder )

    - the automatic prop pitch control and how it deals with ATA variations as well as it's operation in manual mode if this is modeled

    Should some kind soul be able to record a video I'd really be willing to pay her / him a beer in Lisbon or Barreiro ( Barreiro is the most beautiful town in Portugal just in case no one knows... and just because of that ASOBO even included it in detail for WU9 Iberia !!! 🙂)...

    Dear IPACS,

    could we have some details on the evolution of the core flight dynamics model from AEFS2 to this new AEFS4 ?

    Was there any progress ?

    Same regarding Systems AND Weather modeling. Any new features ?

    a Professional version of AEFS2 ?

    I believe that visually AEFS2 can easily compete with the other two platforms which are used in some professional solutions just as "Visuals Generator".

    Provided weather rendering, more accurate runway lighting ( the graphics and the various types ) and this or that additional details can be added to the platform, and assuming it is already using an ellipsoid for Earth 3d model, magnetic variation datum, etc... then I believe hooking it to a professional flight simulation platform ( external flight and systems modelling, totally independent from AEFS2's core ) and at the same time allowing to inject data into AEFS2, like weather, traffic, ... would be a nice area to explore ( ? )

    I use ELITE IFT which has some professional solutions ( FNPT ) based on P3D for the visuals ( previously ESP ), and I can't but dream about having the AEFS2 visuals running on a 2nd monitor / system :)

    Well, yes that's true, but I seldom do aerobatics. My only experience there is in the good-old Blanik L-13, and aldo the K-21s and Grob Twin Acro.

    Well the K-21s are almost impossible to get into a spin :) and there, yes, two hands can help....

    What I would rather sometimes have are 4 feet instead ….. Specially in the Pw6-U :)

    For me it's simpler.... since I only fly gliders, it's 90% right hand, the left resting or being used only for flap and spoiler operation. The use of left hand comes only when they have retractable gear with their levers on the right pane....

    Sometimes, very rarely, I am forced to use both hands, when in strong turbulence, specially while being towed...