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    .tmd ? can you direct me please?

    I'm very far from my sim PC, but yes, search for "fuel" in the .tmd files and you'll find the fuel systems and tanks. Same for "load" if I'm not wrong ...

    Sorry but really just from my remote memories :)

    Also, under IAS, and at not very high airports, ground iddle N1 should be around 18-19%, and at low to mid GW, the aircraft has enough thrust to taxi at iddle ( A319/20/21 ).

    We are working both on new features as well as improving flight models and other things that are in the simulator. We try to concentrate on a very small number of topics at one moment, and come back to an aircraft repeatedly, improving it and adding new functionality each time. This hopefully gives the best mix of new features and better flight models, and avoids getting stuck at a single feature.

    Looks like the correct strategy to me :)

    It's good anyway to have this well documented bug reports though. At least they're valuable to be added to yout TODO list.

    The main structure is there - a very sound flight dynamics model - and with fine tuning and additional features, I believe we have a true winner :)

    It happens to me sometimes using an old Saitek joystick. If I change to another sim it is working. I restart FS 2 a couple of times and it comes back. Pulling the usb lead out does not help.

    With me it's mostly the opposite, although on some occasions I experienced this when starting Aerofly FS 2, most of the time what happens when I end a session in Aerofly FS 2 and then start one in FSX:SE ( both Steam platform ) is that I don't have controllers in FSX:SE and sometimes even have to reboot the system.

    On most flight simulators I have used, where turn coordinators are made available with their turn ( standard ) rate callibration, usually 2 min turn for most GA, sometimes 4 min for heavier aircraft, airliners and some helicopters, and 1 min rate turns for gliders, I invariantly find that while some aircraft can perform their std rate turns in the supposed close to 2 clock minutes ( or whatever the rate turn for that aircarft is defined ), other models considerably under/over-shoot it...

    Being one of the standard instruments used in training, ifr, etc, one of the "sacred six", I place more attention on their modeling, in any flight simulator. Basic things first...

    In Aerofly FS 2, just like in many other flight simulators I have used / tested, I can perform perfect 2 min rate turns in the C172, but, as soon as I pick the Baron 58 ( that's the only other model where such an instrument is available ) it considerably undershoots the rate, and completes any 360º standard turn ( meaning that it is performed with the inclinometer aligned withe either of the 2 min marks ) in way less than 2 min.

    I never understood, in simulators other than MSFS variants, why this happens. Is it a problem with the instrument code ( turn coordinator ), or a problem with the flight dynamics / physics modeling?

    Would be great to have it right, also for the Baron, in future updates :)

    You have the new Aerowinx software! It is 100% different from the Aeros so I'm sure IPACS won't mind it being mentioned briefly. I got Aerowinx PS2 in 1999 prior to doing a certain flying course and loved it. It wouldn't work with windows XP or later but I remember it fondly, it was an amazing eye opener.

    I now have five versions of Aerofly and have paid for nearly all the possible extras and have tried to support the progress of this high quality and fresh sim in every way possible. You obviously appreciate the benefits from a technically comprehensive simulator and I'm sure you will enjoy FS 2 becoming increasingly more sophisticated in the future.

    Overloaded, same here - bought the first version of Aerowinx in 1997 when it was released, and then further updated in 1999, if I'm not wrong ( ? )...

    By that time I even managed to use it to gether with fs9, for the external visuals, like XView, VisualPSX and can now do with PSX and x-plane10,fsx and p3d. I would love to have a program to aloso make it possible to use Aerofly FS 2 visuals with PSX...

    I've also been told the other products, aimed mostly at aeromodelists, are as good as Aerofly FS 2 is. I've done R/C gliders some 20 yrs ago. By the time I owned a Graupner MC-18 radio and their Grobe Twin Acro model :)

    Hey, you've become quite the Aeroflyer, haven't you? :D

    I'm glad you didn't give up.

    Indeed HiFlyer - giving up on Aerofly FS 2 is out of question for me.

    Still using FSX:SE because of AS16 + ASCA and that PMDG 777 and upcoming FSLabs Airbus, and of course Aerowinx PSX and ELITE but Aerofly FS 2 has the best flight dynamics I've tasted for GA, and in some aspects also the airliners, among the sims I 've used.

    I believe I would even be more fan of it should I use Oculus or the like, but that's completely out of question for me :) Still, it works great with my good old TIR 5!

    Overloaded, allow me to remember you of the story of the "The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs"...

    Let's not kill the goose... It's giving us golden eggs at the possible pace - better than before it existed ...

    No pun intended, and certainly not comparing IPACS to a Goose :)

    schliesse mich der frage nach der sprachbehandlung an:
    das vorliegende forum trägt einen deutschen domain (.de), wie ist das mit euren amerikanischen usern?
    haben die ihr eigenes forum oder kommen die ebenfalls hierher?
    verfolge gespannt die marktfähigkeit von affs2 z.B. aufgrund solch nationaler begebenheiten.
    Freue mich über jedes feedback seitens der entwickler.

    E que tal se começássemos todos a escrever em Português ? Melhor ainda ! :D

    Thx Joachim,

    that makes all sense, because although it had been a long time since I last used Aerofly FS1, I did notice this Extra 300 in Aerofly FS 2 performs beautifully, but I couldn't know for sure there had been changes. Now I know :)

    Keep the EXCELLENT work Aerofly Team!