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    Overloaded, allow me to remember you of the story of the "The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs"...

    Let's not kill the goose... It's giving us golden eggs at the possible pace - better than before it existed ...

    No pun intended, and certainly not comparing IPACS to a Goose :)

    schliesse mich der frage nach der sprachbehandlung an:
    das vorliegende forum trägt einen deutschen domain (.de), wie ist das mit euren amerikanischen usern?
    haben die ihr eigenes forum oder kommen die ebenfalls hierher?
    verfolge gespannt die marktfähigkeit von affs2 z.B. aufgrund solch nationaler begebenheiten.
    Freue mich über jedes feedback seitens der entwickler.

    E que tal se começássemos todos a escrever em Português ? Melhor ainda ! :D

    I noticed that although the aircraft irl is not equipped with aileron trim ( some models do have rudder trim though ), in the sim we can still use the trim controls for roll and yaw.

    Can this be restricted by aircraft model, so that aircraft with non-controllable trim on a given axis irl also can't have it functional in Aerofly FS 2 ?

    EDIT: On 2nd thoughts, this might actually be a "feature" to keep, because it allows for custom fine tuning of the trim tabs. Once adjusted to one's liking, we just have to remember we should not use the trim controls inflight... Otherwise we would not have the chance to adjust the ground adjustable trim tabs, unless such a detailed option was added to the aircraft selection menu, which doesn't seam feasible...

    Knowing that presently the fuel system is very basic, but at the same time being able to see the FF values in the A320, B737 and B747, I wonder where fine tuning of this values can be made ?

    For instance, the 320 idles with a FF in the 900+ kg/hr when it should usually be no more than 400+.... Other jet engine parameters, although I believe even multiple turbine / compressor stages can be modeled, appear hard coded in Aerofly FS 2.

    Does the SDK open access to any internal variable allowing for closer to real values, or is this already considered for future updates ?

    - Flight Dynamics, and seeing there is room for good complex add-ons to be released, by IPACS or third party, in the future;
    - Smoothness even in my "old" i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz rig;
    - Scenery;
    - Weather modeling in as far as wind and turbulence go, and even the basic thermal modelling;

    - The UI;
    - The easy updates;
    - The, even if basic, systems ( navaids ) implementation;

    Didn't like:
    - Nothing;

    Would like to have:
    - Further systems modeling on aircraft, all types, including mixture for reciprocating engines, more accurate turboprop ( free-running turb ) modeling, fuel systems - particularly being able to set fuel levels and having active fuel consumption;
    - Possibility to set the date, and have precise Sun and Moon ephmeris;
    - Possibility to further set weather variables, like multiple cloud layers, QNH, precipitation;
    - If precipitation get's modeled, then the effects on ground handling, and if possible impact of some forms of precipitation on the aircraft;
    - Night lighting for ciities and suburbs, maybe highways too;
    - Multiplayer capabilities - even more than having AI traffic;
    - ATC ( a very complex demand... probably better to crete the hooks and leave the details for 3pds... );

    But, as stated at another post of mine, I'll accept anything, at the pace the small team is able to deliver it, and am enjoying every bit of it!!!

    Well, we basically mentioned everything right here:…er-tosten-hans/

    Its a matter of time, priorities and resources, but helicopters for Aerofly FS are something that will (hopefully) come.

    Thx Jan,

    How bad of me - forgot about my friend Sérgio excellent Helisimmer page... And yes it was there I saw it mentioned.

    Really no hurry for me. It's just nice to know rotary wing will eventually be added to the fleet too. Great!

    This is an area where I put a lot of expectations in Aerofly FS 2 too.

    I believe it was already mentioned at another thread that we can expect helicopters ( maybe gyrocopters too ? ) to be added to the AFFS2 fleet.

    Helicopters would be a very welcomed addition.


    thx for your thoughts :) and I do know what stalls and, "accelerated stalls" ( indeed ... ) are... Been fying for more than 36 yrs... and I'm very interested in aerodynamics, even if I am not an aeronautical engineer :)

    I believe the Aermachi can be fine tuned indeed, and the approaches you suggest look interesting.

    Really have to read your Wiki page - lot's of info there.

    And... since you mention flutter, I got the idea it was modeled in Aerofly FS 1, at least in the Swift ? Can it happen in Aerofly FS 2 ?

    Ok, I think see your point "Overloaded"...

    Same applies to the present damage model, and lack of accelerated stall when you pull out of one of those dives, at 600+ KIAS, by pulling all the way back on your stick...

    Other aircraft exhibit a more plausible bahavior though, so I think / hope it can be fine tuned.

    And I can think of many more details to ask for, when the product achieves more stability and nears release, such as fine tuning of conventional, turboprop and jet engines, etc...

    I really haven't even tried to figure out how engine modeling is presently done.

    Is it always with swept wing aircraft? Swept wings give a high yaw to roll ratio and such planes are normally flown with the yaw damper on, with it off the plane will have a permanent low amplitude fishtail-roll which self reverses.

    That's a good point, but it happens also with their yaw dampers on. In the Airbus it's not even possible to turn it off.

    I'm more convinced that it has to do with the way wind variability is modeled. It's similar in X-Plane 10, although I rather prefer the modeling of wind variability and turbulence, and the thermals in Aerofly FS 2.

    If you look at the wind vector you'll see what I mean.

    As I also posted at that Steam thread, I like it the way it is, and I do think it's due not only to turbulence but also to wind variability in direction and intensity as presently modeled in Aerofly FS2.

    I would welcome some tuning of the algorithm, provided the developers don't reduce the effects. Under some circumstances they should even be increased IMO.

    I make my approaches with max x-wind component, max turbulence and max thermal activity ( in order to also get some nice up/down drafts... )

    IRL it can never compare to my experience once flying through a rotor cloud :-/ after a nice wave session...

    Precious info Jan! Thank you !!!

    I had searched and found the incidence entries, and also those propwashrotation, but didn't know how to interpret it.

    The more I learn about this sim, the more I like it :)

    The foundations are solid and very well designed, and that's all we could ask for while we wait for whatever comes in the future.

    I'm also surprised with the pace and amount of features and details updated since it was released, specially given the small team behind this project.

    Lot's of potential!

    Aerofly FS does a remarkable job in simulating prop effects, both in single and multi prop aircraft in it's fleet.

    I've brought the "tmd" files with me for holidays - now that I can't play it for some days, I will at least be able to "study" it :)

    I wonder where the design features to compensate for prop effects are.

    I couldn't find preset aileron or rudder trim tab settings, although I know we can use the trim controls on aircraft models that have them available in real life. But I wonder if engine cant and / or tail surface incidence are also used in some of the models ?

    Where should I look for it ?