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    virtual glider, I HEAR you! How long have I dreamed of having in a flightsim, not only METAR data fetched from the usual sources but also a network of forecast ( and in some cases where possible ) observed tephigrams... Working at the MetOffice here in Portugal, and being a glider pilot for almost 36 years, justifies my dream :-), and your's too...

    And, it's probably possible, provided developers look at Aerofly FS2 as the promising and powerful flight simulation platform it already is and might become in the future.

    I'd say, simplicity of use together with three features I really have to point out:

    -The quality of the flight dynamics, even if they've somehow simplified things like damage model from the previous version, but can of course probably be activated again, I'm almost sure. But the overall feel of flying each of the models is simply superb, and gives me a unique sensation of being there!

    - Scenery: the photo scenery is excellent, compared to anything I ever tried for either MSFS or X-Plane with ortophotos, and while it makes me start to really consider finally investing on a bigger SSD just for the sim, I really don't mind that Aerofly occupies that much space, provided they really go ahead and make the whole World, in a mix of detail depending on areas, and third parties consider offering their own add-ons;

    - Smoothness, even at the higher graphics levels on my old i5 2500.

    Some three years ago, when I started using DCS World as an alternative to my civil flightsims because it offered such good flight dynamics, I asked at the PMDG forums, knowing some members of the team were active DCS players themselves, if they could consider developing for it, but the answer came fast, from RR, and was a No, because they will only support a platform with World coverage. Well, here's one, and one that in my opinion has the potential to grow into something really good!

    Are Aerofly flight dynamics better than those of X-Plane 10 ? Well, I'd say Yes, because I do feel the aircraft so far available in this pre-release respond to my control inputs in an even more natural way, from the Sopwith F.1 to the 744. I've been running my usual battery of tests with each of the prop aircraft, now changing to the airliners, and while the various prop effects are there, they are in a more plausible and realistic way than what I find in other civil flight simulators - their real world counterparts are designed to be easy to fly, and not present such vices as those we sometimes find in even the best payware models for the other platforms. When brought to "extreme" situations, like in free aerobatics, Aerofly FS 2 shows even better it's potential!

    Even if some basic stuff isn't yet modeled, like fuel consumption, the hooks are there in the data files for the aircraft, at least those we can open and explore using Notepad. It was with access to these sintax that one of the users has already made available a mod for the C172 allowing for starting and shutting down the engine, electrics, using the mixture, and I am sure many more features can easily be added, but the authors are willing to listen to their user community and making the platform grow according to as much dimensions as possible.

    ATC is already being considered, an important feature that doesn't have to be too complex for a start, but really makes a difference, and if well implemented can add to the already extraordinary feel of being there that the sim offers. Systems modeling like LNAV and VNAV ( a basic implementation to start with, I guess ) for the airliners and the Lear and C90, and many more details, as well as additional DLC aircraft and detailed scenery areas are things to expect in the future from IPACS.

    I decided to embrace this project, I'd say with almost the same will I embraced MS FLIGHT, and some years ago Flight Unlimited 3, and Fly. I would really like to see PMDG getting in, but not in the way things happened with their debut in the flight simulation market, leaving me an many other Fly users with 757, and many dreams of further airliners.... But A2A, FSLabs, Carenado, Flight1, Aerosoft, Just Flight ( they actually already cooperated with Aerofly fs 1 ) and others should really consider this alternative flight simulator.

    Another area where Aerofly has potential is Weather modeling. I like the way they model such basic things as wind variation and turbulence, making my landings sometimes interestingly challenging, and I also like the thermals model which even if basic, is more detailed than what we get with X-plane, and can really create opportunities to enjoy one of the two gliders already available for Aerofly FS 2.

    It could start with adding "simple" METAR fetch for whole World stations network, as it is presently done in other sims, and maybe even grow to something like "virtual glider" suggested at another thread!

    Let's hope for the Best for Aerofly, but, if possible, let's do a bit more than just hope...I did, and my small disk hearts :-), but I do not regret having done it, and am really enjoying doing everything from landings under windy and turbulent conditions, to aerobatics and soaring. The scenery is simply the Best for VFR I have used so far!

    Been playing around with some of the parameters in the aircraft files ( mostly .tmd ) and in particular changing the fuel loads and payload.

    It's very good to see the level of detail of this particular representation of each aircraft, with tanks properly positioned relative to the aircraft.

    But I wonder if the metric system only is being used ? Kg ? L ? what else ?


    Hi Jan, and thanks for your reply...

    I was more referring to the GA ( Baron 58, even the C90 ) than to the airliners where in case of the Airbus there isn't actually any feedback in terms of control deflection in the real aircraft.

    But on a Baron 58, if you apply aileron trim on ground you will not see the yoke deflect, or if you apply rudder trim you will not see the rudders move, but inflight, with your hands off or in stick free "mode", aileron trimming will actually result in your yoke deflecting CW or CCW, depending on which way you trimmed, because the trim tab will create, over the corresponding control surface, the required force...

    It's a detail, I know, and I also understand the implications in terms of total travel... - you certainly have a good point in your justification. It's actually the same why it also isn't modelled in either MSFS or X-plane, just to give two widely known examples of similar simulation platforms - and the main limitation lays on the hardware we use for our controllers...

    So, best leave it as it is now - probably the most satisfying solution after all Jan.

    While in some gliders I've flown the trim actually mechanically acts on the stick, through a spring, in most aircraft the trim controls, electrical or mechanical, act on trim tabs on the control surfaces.

    In a Baron 58, a C90, etc... on the ground, with no significant airflow the controls will not move ( the yoke and the rudder will stay put... )

    With dynamic pressure build up, the airflow over the control surfaces and their trim tabs will then force them up / down or left right depending on the control surface and trim input by the pilot, and then we can see the controls moving accordingly in the aircraft.

    Presently when we make aileron, elevator or rudder trim inputs in Aerofly FS 2 that have this trim options, we can see the controls moving even on ground, with the aircraft stopped.

    And while your at it, winch launching would be great as well!

    What would be brilliant is when you can direct the tug in the navigation tab to a point on the map at a certain altitude. So you can get a tug to a ridge which is at the right orientation for a certain wind direction.

    Yes! That would be even better!!!


    it took me a 2nd install to really give Aerofly FS 2 a fair try.

    I also bought the Swiss pack, and look forward for ** any / all ** DLC you're making available.

    Why ?

    Simple - it looks, and it feels just right to me in all aspects, gives me the kind of simulated flight experience I really like and IS probably the most promising platform for General Civil flight simulation available, all other being too old, too the same, or too undefined in terms of their upcoming futures...

    Amazing flight this morning on the ASG 29 !!!!

    In version 1 someone created a "mod" allowing for the DR400 to act as a glider tug.

    I know we do not yet have the R400 in AF2, but we could use the C172 instead. Any ideas how to get it working ?


    After installing Aerofly FS v2, again, I was trying to set my axis and buttons and ended up having to use the reset function because when a given controller button is assigned to one function, say "Flaps out", I can't erase it from there.

    I can try to use other buttons instead, but the first one will still be there as a 2nd option, even if conflicting with other functions that same button got defined for.

    How can I simply clear a button assignment from a given function ?


    P.S.: Ok, having found the online Manual, I believe I'll try the same DELETE keyboard key to delete a button assignment, and report back if it works...

    Or lack of...

    When in the C90, at a fixed throttle settings, we vary prop RPM, Fuel Flow varies accordingly - it shouldn't on a Pt-6 free-running turbine driven turboprop...

    This feature isn't correctly modelled either in FSX or X-Plane, just to make it clear that I am not comparing to those other flight simulators. I just wanted to see it modelled in Aerofly, since it is such a promising platform for the future.

    I tried cycling the prop lever in the C90, B58, Pitts and Extra, as well as in the P38, but noticed no apparent effects, in G, braking effect from full fine settings, whatsoever?

    Are this effects modelled at all ? Is it just because the included models are still WIP, but the hooks in the FDM are there ?

    From the few flights I performed with almost all aircraft models in Aerofly fs2, I couldn't notice the presence of any ground effect.

    This was particularly obvious in the C90, and also in the airliners. No effect at all, for instance in the form of reduction of descent rate as you get closer to ground / runway.

    Is the effect modelled ?

    Thx for your answers, and sorry for not having glimpsed that one about mixture in the D/L page...

    Apart from temp and pressure, moist is the other ( important ) factor in density... Moist air is less dense, temp and pressure being equal, and, it does play an important role irl...

    There's also geopotential height variation due to cold / hot air, for identical QNH....

    Very few flight simulators I have used model both, or even just one of these "weather features"...