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    The date is not featured. Were you planning to do bubble ***tant readings over the ocean at night? In AF 2 the plough and polaris looked about right in the night sky. This forum program still censors the (space added) s extant word.

    Thx Overloaded.

    All I want in a flightsim is to be able to fly on a given date and have proper sunrise sunset times and lighting according to the geographical coordinates and day of the year... I also fin it important to at least have proper Moon rendereing, with phase and set / rise times according to RW.

    For some reason the IFR tool I used for my training in the past - ELITE Flight Simulator - has that. Also MSFS has it since FSX ( maybe even fs9 I don't recall... ) and also Flight Gear.

    Is Aerofly ready for date/time-based position of Sun and Moon as well as daylight?

    Even if in the pre-release I can see in some videos the Moon, I wonder if that virtual Moon will be there in the skies according to the correct ephemeris, like in FSX and Flight Gear as well as ELITE Flight Simulator with Moon and Sun, based on geographical poisition and date ( YYYY-MM-HH:MM:SS ) ?

    I would rather prefer to have a date-based system, like in MSFS.

    YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS, preferably with according Moon phase and position.

    MSFS has it, MS FLIGHT had it, even ELITE professional simulator has it.

    In X-Plane it's as bugged as many other things regarding daylight, etc...

    Ok, thx for the answer.

    One more question, in multiprop aircraft like the P-38, the C90, the B58, can each engine and prop be operated separately ?

    I would like to know if Aerofly v2 PC is 64 bit.

    I would also like to ask for a screenshot of an approach to Lisbon Airport, runway 21 preferably.

    Thank you!