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    My other civilian sim is Aerowinx PSX, the 747-400 flight simulator.

    There have long been bridges between PSX and both MSFS / P3d and X-Plane ( example using X-Plane 11 ). These allow for users with multiple displays and PCs, or even with a single PC and display, to run PSX and use the other sim platform to render the World, feeding it with positional data, and using a Boeing 747 cockpit / external 3d model from the "visualization sim"...

    I wonder if this would be possible using AEFS2 ?

    .) Could it be done using a single display, by assigning half of the screen to run AEFS2 in windowed mode ? Or would we have to use a separate display for AEFS2 ?

    .) Is AEFS2 ready to have it's positional variables injected / written by another application, on the same PC or through a network ?

    Using AEFS2 for display would be great, given it's smoothness and graphical quality.

    It's mostly yaw-induced roll, in the Q-400, if one does not correct the sideslip... and very far from what we had in XP when Austin decided to finally introduce torque effects along XP9... ( well, I had thought they were already modelled by that time, just as the propwsh effects he's now fine tuning for 11.10... it is certainly not as bad as the torque bug in XP... ).

    It looks plausible to me the way it is, and AEFS2 can be fine tuned regarding the propwash effects, even on the fuselage, so, I believe we can end up we very satisfactory models...

    This is actually very well modeled IMO.

    All "torque" effects - engine/prop torque, p-factor ( not so important in the Q-400, unless at a high AoA (+ or -), or in sideslips ) and spiraling slipstream effects are all responsible for this "turning tendendencies".

    The real Q-400 requires rudder trim to be set before takeoff, and during every high power / high AoA or power reduction ( for descent ).

    It Works very plausibly in AEFS2.

    Another good effect is asymmetric thrust, which we can model in the Q-400 by assigning diferente keys / axis to the two "condition levers" and then using it to kill one of the engines and fight the resulting asymmetric thrust, even if the prop is auto-feather.

    All aircraft are very sensible to wind on ground, reminding me a lot of X-Plane...

    The Extra 300 even slides sideways if you align it with the rw centreline using rudder. Looking from an outside view you'll be able o see it sliding sideways.

    Tested with some other aircraft, and while they are very sensible even at a quarterly 5 to 6 knot wind, they didn't slide sideways... Probably a "bug" in the Extra contacts model ?

    bbrz, and others who may qualify :)

    I have a question for you :)

    I am a glider pilot, for decades... Some of my fellow glider pilots are actually Airbus captains, and in 1980 got their glider licenses with me...

    I keep asking them about the feel of some simulations and add-ons, and have had myself the chance for 2 Full Flightsim sessions, one of them lasting more than 1 hr! at Air Portugal training Centre.

    I have used pretty much every flight simulator you can name ( pc-based ) and airbus add-ons, but none ever gave me the feel of true inertia that the real Airbuses ( A320 since that's the one simulated in the Thales and the Sutherland full LevelD flightsims I tried ) and flying in the jumpseats of various A319 / 20 /21s provided me with... well, none gave me a closer to reality sensation as the IPACS A320 provides.

    Since I believe you have hands-on real life experience on the type, I would really like to get your feedback here.

    Rotation.....that's a difficult part IRL because since the last few years loadsheet/trim errors are happening much more often.

    This means that you can't simply pull back on the sidestick with the same force all the time.

    Sometimes you are making a very small input and the nose immediately starts rising (and you have to immediately push the stick forward again to stop the rotation) and on the other hand you are sometimes pulling the stick back almost all the way to get the rotation just barely started.

    Precious info bbrz


    all I can say going through this thread is that I just want the Future of AEFS2 goes Bright !

    Jan's and Ray's contributions remind me so much of their enthusiasm with MS FLIGHT ... It was contagious, and Jan did some really nice work for the user community back then.

    And, let's not forget that we have among us a real driver ( bbrz ) whose contributions are Precious!

    Thank you guys! You're really - finally! - driving again my attention and will towards AEFS2, even if I am so disappointed with flight simulation other than Aerowinx PSX, DCS and IL2 Battle of... that it will take some time for me to decide to push AEFS2 again to my tiny SSD disk :)

    I know the latest progress is Great!, no doubt about it, and I also know ATC, and maybe even a rotary wing are coming next, but there are IMO some very basic features that I believe would be really important to be brought into the simulation:

    - being able to set fuel levels and distribution, and actually being able to make fuel management, and, of course, having the aircraft engines consuming it...

    - being able to at least set GW when selecting an aircraft and / or Pax + Cargo + Fuel loads...

    I believe the framework used for the modelling of aircraft in AEFS2 already allows for all of this, but just like custom instruments it has to be hardcoded, including calculations for the affected CoG as fuel gets consumed along the flight, but what I ask is, will such features make their way into AEFS2, or more probably be delayed until AEFS3 ?

    I gave a look at the ( tmd ) aircraft definition files for the presently included aircraft and found with help from the wiki how AEFS2 allows for fine-tuning of the propwash effects.

    At least I believe I understood that:

    - to each wing / stabilizer / elevator / rudder and even part of the ( up to 16 I believe ... ) fuselage components, the FDM engine applies the effects of propwash / spiraling slipstream.

    - the aircraft designer can edit the tmd files and set multipliers for these effects, by adjusting the magnitude of the propwash flow over a given surface and also the "torque" it induces.

    This sounds ok, but, does the core FDM automatically adapt this calculations to situations where we have one of the following, or a combination of:

    .) High AoA ;

    .) Sideslip ;

    .) Strong X-wind, and aircraft still in contact with the ground ( for instance during takeoff ), where the propwash flow will be deflected considerably into the downwind side of the aircraft, affecting differently the left / right wing surfaces and fuselage


    So, when we use these fine tuning parameters, can we assume that they're just there to fine tune the calculations that AEFS2 performs by default ? And, if that's the case, how does AEFS2 perform those calculations by default for each aircraft model ? Does it take into consideration, in any way, it's form / geometry ?

    And... would we have some sort of debugging output where some aerodynamics / weather variables could be displayed. Propwash speed for instance, ...


    thank you for your suggestion. Actually I played DCS for a long while ( started in 2005 I believe.. with it's predecessor and jcomm is also at the ED forums if you search.. ), more "seriously" with the release of the p51d in 2012. Latter I was also offered a license for IL.2 Battle of Stalingrad, and I ended up playing those two sims more thanany other civil simulators, not because I like Air Combat ( even less War ) but because I couldn't find the same quality of flight dynamics modeliing in the other flightsims...

    Eventually, through a scrutiny process, I ended up staying with IL2 Battle of Stalingrad / Moscow / Kuban, again not because of the purpose of the game, but rather because I still think it provides the best flight and overall physics modeling among all sims I have used for more than 25 yrs..., also with some help from my RL experience as a pilot for more than 36 yrs ...

    My biggest hope is that AEFS2 can drag me away from combat simming where I really do not at all "feel at home".

    To start with, it already provides what appears to be a sound and powerful approach to physics modeling of flight... The future updates and releases will certainly turn it progressively into an even better platform.

    I really don't guess how, but this is exactly, among others, one of the reasons I never felt particularly interested in VR...

    Add to it the "nausea" some users describe, and other problems, the expensivce investment in good hardware to run it, and it's all a no-go for me...

    Is it possible, and if it is, how ?, to make the PAPI lights less "fuzzy" than they look presently.

    From distance it's really impossible to glimpse if 2, or 3 in a row are of the same colour, since their glow is so intense.

    What they do ( IPACS ) can take time, but when done, is sound, well based, and rich of features and potential, even when adopting and tuning a forum software for their site!

    That's why my confidence in the future of AEFS2 is growing rapidly :)

    I was about to post asking if, by any chance, Ray was you :)

    Now I know he isn't!

    How's it going Ray ?

    Haven't seen you most around avsim lately ?...