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    Happy and Healthy 2017 for you to Antoine!

    I don't have the DR-400 installed, but I used it in AEFS1 and noticed very few prop effects on yaw. I remember how much the ball must be kicked in the real thing, on glider tug operations, at full power climbs.... just like in the Socata Rallye... and found this very tame in AEFS... How does it feel in AEFS2 ?


    right now I am re-installing AEFS2 in a PC with a very fast internet access, and am willing to transfer the install to my home desktop.

    I would like to use the above suggested process, but, was it confirmed that it works that way ?

    Thank you

    Thanks, I was afraid I was going to be assimilated at any moment! :D

    Hiflyer, great shots!

    You almost tempted me to re-install AEFS2... :) but I think I will wait for the Q-400, maybe the first helicopter and some news on the weather modelling side, like rain / snow, an more cloud types...

    Just out of curiosity there's a screenshot of the new F-15 flying at FL900... and the author asking if that's supposed to be possible IRL...

    Well, here's the answer:

    "Between Jan. 16 and Feb. 1, 1975, the Streak Eagle broke eight time-to-climb world records. It reached an altitude of 98,425 feet just 3 minutes, 27.8 seconds from brake release at takeoff and coasted to nearly 103,000 feet before descending."

    It would be great if other developers decided to follow the example of ORBX.

    PMDG has World coverage, which is one of their basic requirements, A2A would have a superb flight dynamics engine to build on, Active Sky the chance to add great and detailed weather to the scene, ....

    I mean on what Orbx John Venema refers to as "Project A" in here?…rbx-roadmap/#entry3527374

    "Top Secret Projects
    Now to the juicy stuff! Next year we have a number of top-secret projects being started. All of these are big budget, big investment, risky, adventurous and a little bit scary for us. I know I am going to sound deliberately vague, but understand we are investing deep into six figures for these initiatives so it's important to keep things within the company for now. Don't worry, I think you know how much we as a team love showing you new stuff, so things will be revealed soon enough.
    Project A - Massive. A huge investment in new tech, new tools, new apps and new staff. It will surprise many of you, and delight you all. It will focus on both Europe and North America. It will perform like nothing you have experience in your simming life. It will support VR. It will be a VFR flyer's wet dream.*It will be sold on OrbxDirect. Oh, and it will be 64-bit."

    I'm with you regarding the enthusiasm and true hope that AFS2 can become something really worth the use.

    Presently it is not even installed on my rig - too big an install, too few features to keep it as my only sim right now, but I see the potential, I like the flight dynamics, above all, I want to see if my initial expectations are founded...

    Regarding opening scenery development to the user community, IPACS once wrote that it would be very complex since the tools they use and the process and data required are difficult to make widely available.

    Meanwhile, opening the aircraft configuration files reveals nice details, sometimes reminding me of the approach once followed by Flight Unlimited, but also shows lot's of room for improvement in various areas.

    Let's see how it goes, let's wait for the upcoming aircraft, including Q-400, and maybe the first helicopter :)

    Since I do not have AEFS2 installed I only get the chance to know about updates through posts, mostly by HiFlyer at AVSIM.

    It would be great to have a sticky thread here at the forum just for Ipacs to announce each new update and it's contents :)

    I am holding on the release where we finally get fuel consumption, full engine management, additional weather effects... Can be more than a year away, I guess, and meanwhile, 100GB is just too much to fill my 250 SDD, so, knowing about any news is always great :)

    Of course some of the already announced upcoming aircraft can make me buy a bigger disk :)

    Because it can be didactic.

    I use(d) ELITE IFR for my training and in that simulator, with spartan visuals, damage from stress is still displayed in the form of a popup message / alert window stating such things as flaps having been deployed at too high an IAS ( above Vfe ), or gear, or g-stress...

    This is important because we can use the simulator and "feel" restricted to operations within limits, while in MS FLIGHT, and now in AEFS2 too, you can do things that a real counterpart of one of the aircraft could never be subject to without damage.

    It also affects the flight dynamics modeling and that is something I really don't like. Accelerated stalls aren't happening for instance when you dive well beyond VNE and then fully pull the stick and the aircraft recovers and continues it's flight peacefully....

    I was running some tests while playing with the C90 during taxi, and found that, apparently ( but I can be wrong! ) beta range is indeed modeled in the sim?

    Can anyone confirm it ?

    Well, at least, with my throttles "bellow" idle and above "reverse", I did get what I believe to be a rather plausible modeling of beta range ...

    Hehe Hiflyer,

    don't know but my younger daughter ( a psychologist ), told me the other day people who drink espresso without sugar are more prone to have mental problems :)

    Maybe this damage thing could be given to her to examine more in detail :)

    Not really a big deal for me not having damage modelled at least as in AEFS1, but if possible in the future I would like it too :)

    It's been a long time since I last had Aerofly FS1 installed, so I don't really recall if this was modelled, but I guess it was...

    In AEFS2 the resistance of all aircraft to stress when operating way above their limits is infinite. It reminds me of MS FLIGHT.

    I can take the F4-U, for instance, to 25000 ft and from there dive at max speed and above and then fully pull on the stick to recover and gladly continue flying.

    I would like to see some damage due to stress implemented in the aircraft.

    VSync tried to syncronize the display rate of the game with that of your monitor ( usually 60 Hz vertical display refresh rate ).

    On some sims it works great, but in my rig the best is to disble it, and set FPS limit to 120. Unlimited cause the weird sound effect from the graphics board I mentioned in the OT.


    A simple "DELETE" over the button or axis does the job - so straightforward after all ...

    Just deleted the wrong assignments I had and all fine now...

    Just miss my prop and airbrake axis :(

    I could even delete that button 2 assignment that was fixed in the change view Category ...