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    With my T16000, instead of the brokem X52 Pro, I now have just one slider axis for throttle, and a total 12 buttons in the joystick base plus the joysitck ones..

    I am trying to do my best to assign buttons to the more important functions, but even the Flaps Retract / Deploy is becoming a nightmare, with multiple functions being assigned to other functions.

    So, I just wanted to delete a given button assignment, but - how do I do it ?

    For functions that can be controlled by Axis, joystick buttons and keyboard presses, it is really difficult to find out how to only delete the button or keyboard assignments ?

    Any help really appreciated...

    when using AEFS2 with unrestricted FPS.

    If I set FPS limit to VSync ( I don't use this one because it causes lot's of stuttering ), 120 or 240, everything is fine, but if I set the FPS to no limit, my PC starts making a strange high pitch noise, as if it was music, changing when I change views or menus... It is really weird, and apparently goes OFF when I START the flight ( or the sound of the aircraft overrides it ? ) ...

    It's not the graphics board fans.

    Makes sense. The real thing is FBW and auto-trim.

    The power and configuration changes in any aircraft not having a stability augmentation system ( SAS ) asks for trimming - that's as real as t gets :)

    I believe the A320 should also require less trimming than most other aircraft models. I don't recall right now if the one in AEFS2 shows that characteristic too.

    Just so additional info...

    One of the ELITE Flight Simulation team members is interested in looking into AEFS2's SDK, after he installed the game and really appreciated it's performance and graphics.

    AFAIK and since he is always rather busy with is support work, he will probably try to use the SDK to create some compatibility plugin.

    For me it would be great to use at least the twin power quadrant, while AEFS2 doesn't get it's own GNS 430 or 530 :)

    I'm a long time ELITE Flight Simulator ( Home version - since v7, now on v8.6 ) and owner of their GNS 530 and one of the throttle quadrant hardware modules.

    These units are meant to be used with the ELITE software, but drivers for MSFS and X-Plane are available, for free in the case of MSFS and P3D, payed in the case of X-Plane because they were developed out of ELITE.

    It would be wonderful to be able to use ELITE hardware also with AEFS2. I believe they can be contacted for that matter ( ) but I can initiate the contact myself if the AEFS2 team considers this for future updates :)

    An even better scenario would be to make available AEFS2 visuals ( out of windshield ) just as ELITE allows for both ESP and now P3D.

    It did happen to me too when I had both installed. Now I don't...

    Never found the culprit ...

    I've heard at least of an helicopter and the DR-400.

    Also additional features for airliners, and fine tuning of the presently modelled systems.

    I hope for some nice way to properly set the exact date and time and get the exact Sun and Moon, including phase. This is present in FSX and correctly modelled for ages, with correct daylight / twilight calculations, and also in my good old IFR training tool ELITE IFR. Both these sims will put the exact lighting ( depending on weather factors too ) at a given place an date on Earth, including the Moon position and phase!

    I've tested it in AEFS2 and it appears to me it was done only through a 1 month cycle for a given month of the year ( probably July ? ) , and at the end of each cycle there's a sudden jump of both Moon and Sun positions, as if a rewind to the starting date happens...

    Other civil sims do it miserably, X-Plane included ( a total mess in this regard ) and even Aerowinx PSX where daylight calculations are wrong specially for dusk twilights, and the Moon / Moonlight aren't even modelled ... The only other sim that does it correctly is a combat flight simulator - IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad - which includes a great flight dynamics model ( and overall physics, by far the best among all flight simulators I have ever used, with AEFS2 getting an ex.aequo chance... ) and models these features perfectly, including the proper Moon ephemeris and phase!

    I believe he meant to say something in the line of what I once said too...

    Well, I am probably a lot more known for being picky in my flight simulator choices than any other thing. I've used many flight sims, I believe all civil sims that were ever produced, some of which never really even left Alfa stage.

    My simulator for airliners and particularly the Boeing 747-400 has been Aerowinx, since version 1, now on version X. For IFR I always used ELITE flight simulator, and am actually a beta tester for their line of products.

    Of course I have used MSFS in all of it's incarnations and X-plane.

    Aerofly FS1 was somehow a disapointment, not because of the flight dynamics, my very first item when evaluating a flight simulator, but rather becuse of the lack of further development. I eventually uninstalled it for good from my sim rig.

    Aerofly FS2 is something I really believe IS different. I'm not comparing it to any other sim, but rather enjoying what it offers starting with the very good flight dynamics, the great graphics, the overall feel of being there.

    When I read about the innacuracies of the aircraft models, namely the Airbus, I don't really get any sort of frustration, because in the first place I know from what I glimpsed already into the aircraft configuration files that it's going to be really fine-tunable provided good input data is available. It's not because the flight dynamics are lousy, but rather because there are still parameters that need to get their values adapted to better reflect the characteristics of the real aircraft.

    Developing a complex Airbus or Boeing is something I am really not expecting from the Dev Team, but rather would like to see, with time, being dealt with by 3pds. I guess some are already looking at this platform, and among the Aerowinx PSX user community there have already been suggestions for building a visuals bridge for AEFS2 just like those available for FSX, P3D and X-plane, allowing to use the sim as an external visuals generator for PSX, which has limited outside views of the World.

    All of this, and many more will be possible with a well designed SDK. The small team behind this project already made one available for those willing to explore it's possibilities, and contrarily to what happened with AEFS1 the pace at which AEFS2 is being supported is really promissing, at least for me.

    Of course they have to bring users to the cause, and these days, while my preferred instrument panels are still my good old ELITE 2d panels if practising IFR is what I am up to, users want those fancy VR headsets they invested in to work with the games they are willing to try. Others, certainly a lot less, want the exact FMGS details to be programmed, or this or that flight characteristics to be exactly reproduced by the FD engine.

    We can't have it all at the same time, so, what I think is, and Bear in Mind this is STILL OPEN ALFA!, let's calmly wait and see what the future brings, profiting from what is already possible.

    Posts suggesting that the product is not up to the expectations on this or that aspects will, IMO, only help giving those in the fence good reasons not to support the cause of AEFS2, which is unfair!

    Let's have patience - something guys addicted to games and computers really find difficult to do... (and of course, me included :) )