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    Otherwise, I would also like from IPACS to be able to implement a flat ground in a simple way and to define an absolute and not only relative mesh for airport-creation. Working a lot on mountain-sceneries it also would be great if a "level to ground"-correction works for cultivation-objects.




    just for your information:

    I use AC3D, because IPACS added an aerofly export program to it.

    We can define an absolute mesh instead of a relative mesh for the airport. I had to do this at the Grand Coulee Dam.

    The method to level the airport area was to switch off the autoheight in the TSC and set the related object to a fixed height.

    This gives us a nearly flat airport with a newly formed steep slope behind the hangars.

    You'll find the description and data in the WaN: Grand Coulee Dam

    +1! Completely agree with you, Antoine.

    Thanks guys for this great joint effort for the Aerofly FS2 community.

    Congratulations Tom,

    you've been the first to find one of our easter eggs, the inside walls of this building.

    In fact there are some more eggs out there, we'll see what is next.

    Tuesday July 16th, UTC 13h 32m, we have a GO for launch ... and we have LIFTOFF!!!

    The community-created APOLLO-50 Add-on is now available for download at….php?entry/498-apollo-50/

    "To celebrate man’s first steps on the moon 50 years ago, we created the APOLLO-50 Add-on for the FS2 community. This add-on is centered around the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, where all the Apollo missions were launched, and covers roughly 1000 sq. miles (2400 sq. km).

    In addition to the 9 airports and numerous points-of-interest, this add-on includes an "Apollo-11 Mission Guide" that outlines key mission events you can explore within this add-on scenery. For the best viewing experience, adjust your FS2 TIME to match the Apollo-11 launch time of UTC 13h 32m (9:32am Florida time).

    "Ray" said on launch day (50 years ago), the message to the team was a simple one ...

    "One last check, take a deep breath, say a little prayer, press the button, stand back and watch the action"

    We hope you enjoy the APOLLO-50 Add-on!

    the APOLLO-50 Add-on Crew,

    TomSimMuc, Rodeo, ZoSoChile, Spit40, kenventions, ussiowa, ryansumei, and Jetjockey10

    One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind


    the user's documents location will be the best place.

    It doesn't matter whether this folder is at C: or any other drive. Windows allows to change the drive for this folder.

    And as Etien stated, this is the appropriate subfolder:

    ....\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\AddOns\scenery

    Hi Lucky1960 ,

    this is my suggestion:

    1. Find out the coverage of LOWI scenery files.

    Download this tool by Vogel69,…/127-afs2-grid-generator/

    Start it and select the Folder Grid function. Select the OrbX LOWI scenery folder.

    It creates a grid which can be displayed in Google Earth.

    2. Convert your full aeroscenery area and now delete all the files which are already present in the LOWI scenery.

    In fact, you could even skip step1 and just use the directory content of LOWI for comparison with your content.

    But Vogel's tool gives you a nice graphic impression of the coverage instead of just file names.

    There can be a conflict where OrbX uses mask files, but the majority of scenery files should work.