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    Another thing: Why have not you put the link at the end of your post in which you advertise and put that Cessna at our disposal? That's what the creator of the Marchetti S-211 did in his day, so it's much easier.

    Regards: Delfin

    As far as I can see this is exactly what he did! The link is at the end of his first post...


    for me the long needle (feet in hundreds) hides behind the background between 400-800ft (on any thousands). It makes no difference if i am on Open GL or on Vulcan. It looks like the background mesh of the altimeter-gauge is not plain flat or if the needle swings behind the background.

    Can anyone confirm this (just want to now if this is only on my machine...)?

    Best regards and THANK YOU FOR THIS VERY GREAT BIRD! :thumbup:


    I think it is (theoretically) possible to fly faster than your Wikipedia numbers. But if your plane would be braking because of the forces, the manufacturing will set the never exceed speed accordingly and Wikipedia will write down this as the maximum possible speed.

    In AF2 there is no never exceed limit simulated, so you can fly at any speeds your engines will let you... In reality you would end up without wings or other serve damage...

    I'll try to fix that first thing on Monday

    Thanks for your great work!

    BTW i love the new Vulcan implementation. I did never had any fps issues (running on a 1080 and a i7-6700k with 32GB Ram) and was always monitor limited (60 Hz) but i did have some stutter when displaying clouds and turning view. These stutters where only noticeable with V-Sync enabled. Without V-Sync the sim was always smooth as hell but with frames between 130-300 fps my GPU was producing some noice (german: "spulenfiepen" i don't know how to say in English). But with the new Vulcan it runs without any stutter great at 60 fps!

    That's because it seems vsync doesn't work with Vulkan: I also get tearing with Vulkan and fps stays high (above 60). What is your fps with Vulkan? If it is above 60 then vsync isn't working on your computer also. Hence the tearing. With OpenGL vsync works fine.


    Just gave it another try: no vsync with Vulkan so I am back to OpenGL: the tearing is too terrible with TrackIR. Pity, because I really like the new AA! Hopefully IPACS will be able to enable vsync for Vulkan soon.

    Did you try to leave the V-Sync to off inside the Aerofly FS2 setup but to enable it globaly in your GPU settings? This works great for me....



    I think I found a little sound bug in the C172, but first I have to say how great it is to open the doors and windows and to hear the sound changes when the outside sound comes in...

    I think the bug is related to the doors and windows:

    If you are inside the Cessna and go to full throttle the outside sound will come to the inside as if the windows/doors are open. If you are at full throttle the sound does not change anymore if you open or close the windows. You will always hear the outside sound.

    If you are with less power all is working as expected: The plane sounds different from the outside than from the inside and if you open the windows/doors you are able to hear some outside sound while being inside of the plane.

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