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    I think how to approach the Aerofly FS about flight simulation is perfectly match for todays consoles like PS4 and xbox One. Lot of people fall in love with high fidelity flight model + fantastic graphics + steep learning curve.
    Is there any chance to come out Aerofly FS2 for consoles?
    PS VR + Aerofly FS would be a killer combo. :cool:

    It is simply amazing! Just few more steps and will be better than the desktop version.;)
    If the IAPCS make a tablet control version for the desktop Aerofly FS variant, it will be killer combo!
    I'm confused about the app name. It is the Aerofly FS 2 just lost the FS postfix?
    And Need some bug fixing (iPad 4 with newest iOS), sometime the cockpit turn into black (my workaround: jump in different aircraft and jump back)

    I deleted the app and gamecenter data. Then reinstall it, but nothing change.
    When i reached any archivements, it will repeat all of them as i described before.
    This gamecenter integration, maybe not the easiest part of the iOS programming.;)

    I downloaded the new version, but the problem is not changed. Maybe I'm in late, but i try to describe the situation: when i start the app, the gamecenter welcome banner is coming. I Press the start button and fly...everythings fine. If i step back the menu structure, the archivements tsunami is coming immediately.
    Best regards and happy xmas! :)

    Far the best flight simulator on mobile devices!
    If IPACS implement a more complex wind simulation (something like the desktop version), i'll be very happy with it.
    ...and please, make a special clickable cockpit extension (on iPad) for the desktop version!