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    I hope I am putting this post in the appropriate place... if not please forgive me and point me in the right direction.

    I have posted on these forums a couple of times before but only having to do with AFS2 for Windows. I do also have AFS1 & AFS2 IOS version on my iPad Air2 although I rarely use them. AFS2 on my PC (which I'm using now) is one of my 2 favorite sims along with XP11.

    I tried to buy AFS2 2019 for my iPad Air2 but the app store says my machine is not good enough for it.

    Well this is going to sound crazy but I am considering buying a new tablet to be able to run this sim. Yeah I know... buying a machine costing hundreds of dollars to run a six or seven $ sim is just plain dimwitted. But then I once bought a $1,200 fence to contain a $20 dog so I am kind of nuts. I do have some other uses in mind too for a new machine which is why I'm leaning toward Android type products.

    Could somebody please give me a list of machines (both Apple and Android) that can run the 2019 product? Perhaps a better approach would be to list the minimum specs to be able to run it in each machine type. Please?

    Also as a avid AFS2 user on the PC can anyone tell me when we are going to see some more content in that arena? Pretty please?

    I'll appreciate any & all help,

    Thank you,

    Tom Wunder :)

    I have been awaiting the release of TE GB for XP11... I figured it would come at a later time for AFS2... I'm happy to learn I may be wrong on that assumption. I guess I'll have to look into buying it for both sims. If it is as good as TE Neitherlands for AFS2 is it will be worth the price of entry.

    Thanks to John Venema for the hint! :)

    Hey 5280 Raptor... good on you. :)

    I am not a native of Colorado but I have lived here for 33 years as of about a month from now and 33 years in this house as of early next April.

    I will be very happy to get this Colorado scenery. Of course I'd also be pleased to get my native Washington State when or if it comes.

    Be well.

    Outstanding addition! The scenery we currently have is great but I have lived here in Colorado for about 32 1/2 years so I am looking forward to this.

    Of course I have also previously lived in Washington, Idaho, Yokosuka (Japan), Seoul (Korea), London (UK), Virginia, Florida, and a few others. I hope we have it all before all is said & done but Colorado is a good start. Hopefully we will have Rocky Mountain (aka JEFFCO), Grand Junction, Colorado Springs (also AF Academy) along with the obvious KDEN.

    Great stuff!!! :)

    Please explain further: do they stay out and don't retract? Assign a button for retraction

    Do you have an analog axis as input for speedbrakes?

    I just checked the A320: speedbrake worked fine there.

    I've just rechecked most of the aircraft... well... the ones with air brakes anyway. The Q400 comes up with the air brakes extended. They do seem to go down when in flight although I'm not quite sure if you could get into the air with them extended in real life? All others I can't extend them at all. I saw the post by the guy who says it works when assigned to a slider... I might give that a try once the update is cleaned up a bit. The number of other problems reported seems to be growing so I expect we will be seeing a updated update before long. (At least I hope so.)

    Last night the added C172 with the shut down capability and opening doors & windows was all weird and unusable but the Robin worked fine. Today both are dimmed in the aircraft selection screen and they have a message across them something to the effect of "Incomplete Aircraft". Sure I know... they be free add ons and not worthy of immediate repair. But they represent what is and/or will be possible as AFS2 matures so hopefully they will eventually get some attention.

    Please understand I am not freaking out or even angry... just concerned about the continued growth of this simulator. I have been flying home computer sims since 1980 and at this point I've quit using FSX and P3D and I'm putting all my hopes into AFS2 and FSW... and to a lesser extent XP11. I intend to use all 3 into the future.

    I'm happy that you guys are continuing to develop and improve this sim but in my opinion this update needs some updating. ;)

    Any way I'll quit bugging you and stand by for some fixes.

    Thanks for listening to me and all the others who are having problems.

    Best regards,

    Tom Wunder

    I hate to complain but since the new update the air brakes do not seem to be working on any aircraft. Or am I doing something wrong?

    I do realize that new updates sometimes take a bit of sorting out.


    Tom Wunder

    I love the Q400... especially the Alaska livery... but... the flag on the right side is backwards. Really. Flags on aircraft go "to the mast" always. The "field of blue" goes toward to front of the plane.

    I know... you give us a beautiful new aircraft and all I can think to do is complain. Yep... I'm like that.

    Thanks for the ship... gonna take me a while to learn to fly it properly but that is the fun kind of work that we get into this hobby for in the first place.

    Thanks guys,

    Tom Wunder


    I used to do some repaints back in the FU3 days but even then I wasn't very good. I had a friend who would go behind me and clean up some of my errors. But I don't even have a proper paint program these days and I still lack the skill. So if it is alright I'll make a couple of requests. If it isn't then I promise not to be upset if this thread gets removed from this forum.

    1. A good US livery for the Extra... something with plenty of red, white, & blue and some stars would be great. Failing that I'd be thrilled just to have one in any color with a US "N" type tail number.

    2. Could we please have the Frecce Tricolori paint for the MB-339? I imagine there are probably licensing issues but could somebody please slip us one "unofficially" in the repaint portion of these forums? I loved it in aFS1 on the PC and I still have it in both aFS1 & aFS2 on my iPad.

    Those 2 are the ones I am most anxious to get. And I figure the request is pretty reasonable. In a less reasonable request I'd love to have circa 2004 United Airlines liveries for the 747-400 & A320. What I'm talking about is the same United livery as seen on the 737-500. AVSIM held it's annual conference in 2004 across the street from the United Airlines Training Center here in Denver. Along with a lot of other people I was able to book time in the huge full motion simulators with real United instructor pilots. I'd love to have the 747 & A320 in that livery to match the 1:200 models I bought from United back in '04 and still have displayed on the top shelf of this computer desk. If it would help I can supply pictures of those models. BUT: I do realize that I may well be the only one that would care about those particular repaints and my request is not particularly reasonable. But I suspect my first 2 requests would please a great many people.

    Thank you,

    Tom Wunder