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    I would really appreciate the ability to customize or completely remove on screen icons. Moving the rudder control back to the right would also be very much appreciated. I actually would be willing to pay extra to have the same features as V 1.0.7. Is there any way older versions can be provided as a download from the Aerofly website? Of course not everyone will be pleased with everything, but I would assume most users preferred the interface in 1.0.7 based on other comments I have read.

    Thanks for listening!

    If there is any way possible, I would LOVE to revert to ipad version 1.0.7. I preferred rudder on right, controls that can be hidden permanently, and autopilot functionality without the huge and annoying info bar. Before I could fly a glider and realistically pan to take in uninterrupted scenic views; now when I try look around large icons pop up all over thr screen, spoiling the effect of realism.

    For future updates, I would like 1) instant replay 2) glider launch / tow as well.

    Please let me know if there is any possibility to downgrade.


    I already sent a message directly through the support system, but wanted to repost here to see if other users are experiencing the same issues I am. Maybe some of it is user error?

    1) Controls are sometimes reversed when using accelerometer controls depending on screen orientation during calibration
    2) Glider winch launches do not seem to be possible unless I am missing something. When selecting a runway, I find myself already in the air, about 1000 ft AGL
    3) The Swift climbs very slowly using ridge lift versus the Discus. I did not notice such a performance difference in the desktop version, and I enjoy soaring with both models.

    I agree with the suggestions by Hoinz. One other suggestion - I really like the smooth zoom feature. It might be neat to make the camera panning feature smooth as well inside the 3d cockpit view, if this is an easy thing to do.

    Overall, a great start and the best flying experience I have had on the ipad!