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    I actually saw this when I first tried the R22 in easy mode (re: left pedal pressed). I assumed it was part of the help mode, to stop the helicopter spinning to the right... And it's true than in easy mode rudder is not very effective when turning left.

    Personally I'd suggest turning "pro" mode on. Everything works as expected and it will be far more rewarding in the long run. Give it a try! :)

    If you have the Oculus Touch controllers try this setup: Use your rudder pedals for rudder, Touch tontrollers for virtual cyclic and collective Forget using your joystick, specially the cyclic.

    I tried this with some success on fixed winged aircraft, but the lack of return force on the stick makes it sometimes tricky. But with the R22 it really shines. The virtual cyclic gives you a much bigger movement range and ultimately a much finer control. And being a helicopter you don't miss the return-to-centre force.

    Really enjoying this! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Look what I've found. Aerotowing to thermals in Aerofly 5.7 (The RC sim from IPACS).

    The rope physics look great. If only we could have the same code...

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    Exactly my thoughts! Happy to see Condor 2 finally out, don't get me wrong, but the landscapes and lighting are really dated.

    The first thing I thought is this is a brilliant opportunity for Aerofly.

    I would love to see winch launches coming back, but I have to agree about the thermals. Top priority if you want to win some gliding hearts.

    Nice tests!
    As for me, I haven't found any thermals stronger than 3 m/s. And they do die on you pretty quickly!

    I only have limited experience flying real gliders in the UK (21 flights so far, and I haven't soloed) but you would expect stronger thermals in Califorina, right?

    Shame. I also hope they do it eventually.

    As much as I love Condor Soaring, once you see Aerofly's landscapes it's hard to go back... With such a good engine it'd be a crying shame if the focus was purely on airliners.

    Another nice touch would be to make the mccready vario fully functional. Being able to set climb, and switch between mc and vario. Just saying :)

    On the wind setting there is a slider that goes from "calm" to "strong", but it doesn't say what's the actual speed in knots.
    I'd like to enter an actual speed to practice old school flight planning with with wind correction.

    Is it possible? Thanks!

    Thanks for the quick reply!!

    Restarting the ipad did the tick! Thanks for the suggestion :)

    I was already closing the apps on the background as you suggested but it wasn't enough. They clearly leave stuff behind, even after closing the down, but after the restart everything works. I can start a flight in Zurich without problems. Awesome stuff!

    Thanks a lot! Truly amazing stuff :)

    Amazing update! Can't wait to try out all the new planes properly.

    Just on thing: on my iPad Mini I'm getting crashes to the desktop when I get close to Zurich or if I try to take off from it. Happens 100% of the time. Even with all other apps closed. Looks like it's running out of memory...

    Worth mentioning on the App Store before you get too many negative reviews.

    Awesome work anyway!