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    Hmm, me and Jetjockey10 cannot observe such glider behaviour. Could sb else confirm?

    Regarding 2) it was fixed

    Yes, I still have the same problem... wings instantly are broken.... I already informed you about this prob..


    hahaha ! Living near Bex, I appreciate your fantasy about this new airport hahaha.

    There is in fact (and we see it) a real Bex little grass airfield (unfortunatelly at this time, fscouldport doesn't allow to create grass rwy).


    It is offensive (to me, anyway) because you are saying 'I know your wife is ill, but why haven't you finished the freeware I am waiting for?'

    To me not : our friend informed us here, in the forum,since 2 weeks that his wife had a ski accident in holiday. He published to all this sad information. I think rather polite and kind to ask him how she is doing. I already had some contacts and PM wih the designer, and quite in a friendly manner.

    Where did you see I was complaining about "freeware I am waiting for"???? I was just gently asking INFOS about his upcoming projects. Like the designer, I'm a husband, a father, and know that real life is of course the total priority !

    I NEVER wrote violent, impolite or hard words that you attribute to me. Perhaps it is your interpretation. But you should avoid to write allegations, or invent words that a forum's colleague never wrote. Have a good day, I think the subject is closed, let's come back to Aerofly FS2.

    grass rwy AND - if possible - invisible runway, with no minimum runway lengh (so we could "flatten" 200 meters for example in backcountry or glacier.

    Hi Rich and welcome !

    First question about the Duchess : do you plan to release the Duchess with all the liveries lime in P3d ? That would be great, because as a former owner of the aerofly fs1 just flight Duchess, I remember there was only the red/white livery.

    It is great that Just Flight is going to join Aerofly Fs2, the most advanced simulator now ! For me, I would be so glad if you release The Just Flight Piper Warrior\ Archer/ arrow series... I own the 3 in Xplane and would be ready to buy in Aerofly Ga fleet !

    For the beta testing, I’ll send you a mail.

    Greetings from Switzerland ! Herve

    Great Idea ! Probably it would be easier for people with basic knowledge like me, with some kind of « preset » scenarios and preset « acceptable « objects. For exemple, aerial ways (gondola, chair_lift, cable_car etc...) with typical pylons (taller for chair and cabins and car than platter or tbar), with basic upper station, would be great. I think it could be the case for windmill, and other repetitive architectural objects, with 2 or three « basic « xml objects...

    Thank you very much

    I know it has been "in work" as an Aerosoft project for several years now and was announced more than a year ago that it would be an Aerofly FS2 addon. As soon as we started asking questions about it, they locked the thread and has been "quiet" about it ever since.



    ...once again...LM Prepar..d Men In Black in their vintage cadillac, for sure 8)8)8) :D:D:D:D

    kai503  Jetjockey10 ... cannot eat, drink a beer, or sleep anymore....obessed like a fool by the little absolute dream bird for backcountry flying... dreaming every night to see this little jewel suddenly appear in AF2 fleet :P.... Please please please... tundra version, amphibian version and retractable ski/wheels version ( I would like in real life land with the HB-YOU (see the pic ) on Switzerland Glaciers :love::love:). The CC will be the holy grail for me 8o:D. Keep rocking the good job !

    Thank you so much !!!

    You need to sign up to github. Then click on the planés name then appears subfolders and at the right a green button, where you can choose « download », then download the plane, unzip it and remove « master » in the name, once downloaded