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    Out of the box, without any change.... nothing happens....

    Should I change someting in the example.tsc ?

    For example this line : <relativePathPrefix>"..\..\..\..\objects\"</relativePathPrefix>


    I'm running all the the unzipped folder, with "map.osm" ( = my file.osm")

    Ok. So what must I have to edit in the example.tsc. to be able to make ski lifts autogen? I really don’t get it, sorry. Could you share here the correct txt necessary in the example.tsc ? And the name must be example.tsc ?

    Thank you for your help

    thank you lenidcamper .... I'm still unable to configure correctly osm2afsobjects configuration file to be able from map.osm to have a result....

    Of course, it is much more complex for my poor knowledge than just running Pylongen.exe....

    I juste copy/paste lines concerning skilifts from example.xml to the .config file, but it is unclear for me if it is correct...

    If someone can send me the right .config just to be able to render skilifts, I'll be more than happy.

    Thank you in advance, Regards

    wow ! Let me know if you progress ! Ski lift and cable ways (I never could have dreamed about lower and upper stations ) would be awesome !


    Great tool ! I just finished to cultivate all the pylons in Switzerland DLC : in valleys and mountains, these add a lot of immersion during flights, and some airports - like Reichenbach for example - are really more challenging with pylons just on final approach (like in reality).

    Of course It would be great if it would possible to cultivate cableways and skilifts pylons too, there are litteraly thousands in Switzerland, and it enhances greatly moutain landscapes !

    Keep on the good job ! Greetings

    Welcome !

    And I can recommend to you to have a look on IPACS add-on DLC sceneries: Switzerland, Florida, Colorado, and so on.... as well as those of ORBX...

    And then have a look and download free addons, especially "Culitvation" add-on (it is like "autogen"), to enjoy 3D buildings and objects. You find mostly these here:

    All these payware and freeware add-on bring a lot to the Aerofly Fs2 experience !

    Greetings and enjoy !

    Sailplane towing, with wilga or even DR400 (very popular for such activity in Europe), would be absolutely great.

    We can dream, if in a far away future, multiplayer would be implemented in Afs2. And of course, someone can pilot the towing plane....

    We can dream, even of some kind of simple AI (like simple silly towing function like in Xplane now... at least, we could simulate a basic towing action...

    Or I remember of an Aerosoft add-on for fsx, with some kind of winch towing system with their Discus add-on....which was not so bad snd could be perhaps implemented in Afs2

    And of course I remember about the (was it a discus ? Probably) other sailplane we had in Aerofly fs 1, which was a very nice modeled sailplane, with retractable little engine, able to take off, then soar....

    I still think that Aerofly fs2 could be a fantastic sailplane simulator, once thermal and ridge lift are a little bit optimised.... but of course I know and understand, it is not a priority for the majority.

    Anyway, I’m sure some other collegues here like us would welcome in a far far future, such an add-on.

    Happy weekend

    thank you, I cannot wait.

    It is really a pity, because at the moment, few Xref library fits to Switzerland- building style.... way too much US style... And all these typical swiss shelters, wood hangars, chalets.... were carefully designed by IPACS and are already in this "hidden" CH library.

    Thanks to the IPACS team to consider this demand.

    Happy weekend !

    For sure drhotwing1 (IPACS) :)

    But would it be possible to access to the CH Xref Objects library ? I already asked I know... But it would be so easy to add in right places more the ex swiss army little grass covered shelters (U43) among the CH alpine old military airports..... For example, in AFS2 Zweisimmen. there are none, in reality there are 4 ), exactly the same as in Alpnach... The same apply to Munster (none), St Stefan (none), Reichenbach(none), Ambri (none).... There are virtualy always the same standards little grass covered shelters, already coded without access for us in CH Xref library. I could easily finish the job among all the places as freeware add-on (shoud I precise that I know all theses places, living in the swiss alps). Simply to implement with .tsc these objects would greatly enhance all these alpine airports, with your own IPACS quality objects ;)

    Thanks, best regards

    Hi lenidcamper : thank you very much : your Pylon system looks great !

    In the future, it will be perhaps necessary to optimize the Pylon models, to avoid CPU or GPU saturation.... With thousand of pylon in a wide zone, I experienced some visual artifacts or bugs in the sky (reminds me sinister RAM usage problem of fsx years ago...). But I'm sure the models can be optimized.

    Anyway thank you very much to offer us this tool !

    Regards from Switzerland

    lenidcamper thank you for your work, for our community.

    For sure, and by far, AFS2 is the best flight simulator. But we need talented gents like you - and of course others - to enhance in the future our global immersive experiences. And Power lines are part of them. Would be so glad that in a near future, a quality scenery like Switzerland DLC can be enhanced by such remarkable obstacles, at least main power lines. Thank you very much formyour work: with people like you, as well as other AFS2 pionners in planes design, sceneries development and utilities creation, for sure, the flight simulation’s future looks bright :thumbup: