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    I heard Saitek yoke work as well. this communication software is written from what I understand by the Infinite Flight team for hardware to work with their mobile simulator. My hope is that Aerofly could develop something similar so we could use our hardware in Aerofly mobile even on the ipad/iphone

    there is no computer running Aerofly, its the mobile version I am talking about. with your competitors mobile ios flightsim I can take an old computer and hook up my usb hardware to it. Then given that my ipad and the computer are connected to the same network I can enjoy the hardware on the ipad. they are talking to each other with a small software installed on the computer, very easy and takes the mobile sim to a new level.

    wish Aerofly had this possibility

    Any plans to implement support for basic hardware through network via a computer. I know a mobile flightsim competitor of yours that have this feature in their product and I even managed to use the Honeycomb Alpha on the ipad, not bad! :) Unfortunately their graphics is not even close to that of Aeroflyfs

    It seems a bit odd to me that on the features main page here on the official site they advertise the Saitek multi, switch and radio panels as compatible with AF2 even with pitures of the devices and everything yet it obviously is not fully compatible from the forum posts I have read here and elsewhere.


    And in addition the possibility to save a flight to be able to pick up at the very same location another time but with the same cockpit instrument/fuel state, only weather and time of day having changed just like in real life :) Not so pleased having to choose a new game scenario and location every time. One piece of the pussle at least for me to make Aerofly it less arcade game and more simulator.


    Simple question, are Saitek FIP gauges supported in Aerofly FS2 like the rest if the Saitek gear? And if not, will they be? I have six of them and would love if they could be used.


    Apparently clouds is the main problem here. Without any I get totally stutter free scenery environment. With even a few tiny clouds in the sky the situation change drasically to the worse, is there a way to reduce resolution on the clouds perhaps? Or do the clouds need better optimization perhaps. Funny this is that this is never a problem for me in FSX or P3D with even a broken or overcast sky coverage. What is it with your clouds? :)


    I just purchased Aerofly FS 2 after following the development for some time. I have been using MSFS for + 15 years and I figure it is time for something new and by the looks of Aerofly FS 2 it really is getting there fast! Big congratulations to the developers for this.

    Anyway, on to my question. I have a 3440*1440 monitor and an alienware x51 computer with a moderate nvidia graphics card. Its not the latest and greatest system (2 years) but it can run MSFS smooth even with very high settings. The computer also has a HD graphics "junk" card. I have several SAITEK panels connected as well as saitek yoke, rudder pedals (and 6 FIP gauges although not compatible yet) My problem is that Aerofly FS 2 stutters rather bad, freezes for halv a second quite often. I have tried various graphics settings, limiting the framerate etc but the stutter remains. Could the monitor be the main problem here, although in MSFS it does not really influence performance that much.


    This might not be the correct thread but is it possible to completely remove the map display in the c172. I like to rely on traditional navigation equipment NAV, ADF and such. If not, at least could you make it a real GPS unit. Now it is just some sort of map. Does not belong in a C172.


    A few suggestions from someone who see great potential in AeroflyFS 2 having used MSFS since 1994.

    - Compatible with all Saitek hardware gear: Yoke, Rudder pedals, Radio Panel, Switch panel, Multi panel, FIP panels and trim. As your Cessna is getting more advanced I hope in the future I can control it using Saitek solely (In MSFS I already do with 6 FIP:s and all other gear)

    - The possiblity to save a flight and continue where you left off; location, state of the aircraft with the engine cold and dark (or however you left it).

    - Real world weather

    And finally like everyone else asks for, a working ATC and AI traffic system.


    I really like the sound of IPACS reply above, especially the bit about ATC. This single feature is the main reason I have not invested in Aerofly FS2 yet. Also the lack of proper "dynamic" oceans (not just a static photoscenery of water) is a bit of a dissapointment but I am sure this will be a success in the end, just not there yet.

    I am perfectly fine with AeroflyFS only covering the southwest USA. If nothing else an ATC system might be a bit easier to implement for a smaller area. I remember Flight Unlimited 3 so many years ago, the ATC was so far ahead of its time.