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    How can we get these new sounds ? In the meantime I’ve been posting videos on Facebook regarding a utility called sound plant 45 that allows any sound to be played with keyboard assignments really helping out the experience

    It’s like that but since I’m a real pilot and deal with FAA level D simulator often I find AF2 fantastic and smooth with details at airports ... I love this difference from FSX etc where I’d avoid detailed airports for frame rate reasons ... get the USA hi res free scenery... no autogen but looks great

    Oh I set a key activated by joystick button to play a steady wind rush wav file ... every press makes the sound louder as you accelerate and another key ( shift something) lowers the volume ... so I am manually controlling it but who cares fir now it’s aloowing me to enjoy the sim until the sounds are rebuilt ....

    Nice to see other jet pilots messing round here . Currently my job is to fly my super rich boss around in his new Challenger 300. This gives me ample sim time in my hotel in real trips. Can’t get enough of AF2 now especially with Sound plant 45 utility ( google it ) for add on sound effects galore as well as JOYTOKEY utility ( google it too ) for attaching sounds to any button!!! Brings in the immersion we were missing by poor overall sounds in this sim.

    Now I have X-plane and FSX on hold as I love the feeling and vis aspects of this sim!


    Yes great program ! Can’t believe the sim community hasn’t discovered this tool ( sound plant ) before ! I have sounds now for gear extensions/ retractions , flaps, wind , fans, speedbrake rumble, high rpm fan, runway noise and much more ( wish we could get a real gpws callout )

    Get JOYTOKEY utility also ! It will allow sounds to be connected to the joystick or yoke buttons now as well .... so now real trim sounds and more play the natural way !

    Great way to supplement sound in any sim ( I’ve got new sounds for my trainsim too haha )

    wow this is the story I just posted the other day..... after 30 years of simming (I can't believe it at all as I feel like I am only 30 years old) ... the last week I rediscovered AF2 and was shocked! Now I haven't messed with X-plane 11 or FSX SE since. With the addition of a utility called Soundplant I have enhanced sounds while flying AF2 (the biggest downfall is a weak sound engine).... I am sure the future will fix this natively. I check daily for news... what a beautiful sim, exciting. So far I've taken real time flights out west and soon want to try the 744 to Europe.

    good to meet everyone here... Peter

    I've been using the X-Box 360 Windows controller (around $30 at Best Buy or online) as my number two unit on sims for years... in FSX and here in AF2 it's my autopilot unit with buttons easily performing master on / off, HDG lock, HDG knobs, ALT, SPD, exterior lights, reverser axis, etc... It's great.... just a recommendation.... I fly with a normal Logitech joystick as all this tucks away great in my suitcase while flying for a living....


    Need a new or improved sound engine ... but for now go get soundplant utility ( for added sounds! It's a great uility usefull for trainsims and flightsims.

    Alaska or PNW, KJAC etc... would be fantastic or New England regions

    great comments and thanks..... when flightsims are good enough for a real pilot who is filling his original dreams of flying jets.. .and then when I get to the hotel room the first thing I want to do after a day at FL450, is to FLIGHTSIM!!! haha, my wife and my flying partner in the jet think I am a nutcase. Oh well, more for me then... their loss!

    I just want to connect with others. I am a real world Challenger 300 PIC, and have been flightsimming since 1979. I was design leader on Looking Glasses' FU3 back in 2000. Since then I have been flying corporate jets etc... and use FSX SE and X-Plane almost daily. But suddenly I have rediscovered the beauty of AF2. Despite me griping about the lack of sound effects and vibrations, I have fallen in love with the sim. The smoothess, visuals, Frame Rates naturally, Flight modeling, view from cockpit and interface! I recently discovered a great utility called where you can assign unlimited .wav files to any key board key! I am surprised this has not been discovered by flight simmers world wide. Now, the sounds I have imported will play upon any key press! Gear sounds, spoilers, wind, ground roll, cabin announcements, autopilot disconnect etc etc.

    Happy flying and hope to be here a lot!


    This is stunning add on for ANY sim but brings life to my AF2 !! Spoiler, autopilot disconnect, ground roll, wind, pax brief, clicks, ATC chatter, anything and everything you just drag and drop any wav files into a keyboard map and pow! Works in background and turns AF2 audio world into the quality we have been used to in FSX or X-Plane.... until the designers here redo the audio engine ! I’ve posted videos of this in action on Facebook/ peter