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    Hi guys,

    Joachim knows exactly what I'm referring too.
    The behavior of the quads like the DJI phantom in normal mode is not completely the same but it's coming close.
    The mechanical flybar also partially counters the inputs you are making.

    Any plans from IPACS to add the Blade 200SRX helicopter with SAFE technology when it's released next month?


    Hello Jan,

    A 45 degree flybar helicopter will be self-stabilizing. If you let go the controls it will automatically return to a hover (giving it enough time and space) without pilot input. This stability off course severely restricts the max roll and pitch angle. It also excludes any aerobatic capability but makes it a good initial and docile trainer...
    Do you think this can be simulated by modifying the tmd file?



    Is it possible to simulate the self-levelling effect of a 45degrees flybar like found on many fixed pitch RC helicopters by editing specific parameters in the 'edit aircraft' menu?

    I'd like to try to simulate the behaviour of my Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228 in aerofly RC.
    Thanks for any pointers or tips!


    Hello guys,

    I recently bought a flybarred fixed pitch RC heli and to further improve my skills before stepping up to a collective pitch model I decided I had to buy a new RC sim. Being already an aerofly FS customer my choice was quickly made and I bought ... aerofly RC 7 and the Easy Commander USB! :D Great combo IMO!

    I notice I have a lot more difficulty to control a smaller heli like the Blade 300x or Blade 450 (extremely twitchy) compared to a bigger ones like the MD500 or the Airwolf for example.

    Looking at some of the settings I'm wondering if the parameters defined for the Blade heli's are realistic.
    Take a look at the servos:
    Servo speed is 150 by default. That seems way too quick to me!
    The servos used in those heli's are these ones:…b-micro-servo-EFLRDS76#t1

    Shouldn't the correct servo speed rather be 11?

    I would also like to know what parameter in aerofly RC defines the max servo travel (should be 60° in this case)?


    Hi Suraki! You are not alone.

    iPad Air running iOS 7.
    All the achievements banners appear in app every time again.
    In game center I receive points for my achievements but I don't receive any achievement badge...


    Congratulations IPACS!

    I don't have your iOS app because I still own an antique iPad 1 but the screenshots above speak for themselves!
    Can't wait to see what you will bring us for the desktop version... :)

    Small detail: I would suggest to have the 3D switches in the virtual cockpit setup to match the actual state of the aircraft.
    Meaning for the A320:
    - EFIS control panel map switches in ARC
    - EFIS BRT buttons turned up
    - Engine master switches in ON & the switch between them in NORM
    - Put two pilots in the A320 flightdeck