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    There is a newer release of development MCX. The main thing for texture output is that the result must be a 24-bit BMP texture for the "diffuse" or main color textures. The bump map and specular can be

    Thanks for the step-by-step procedure, much appreciated. I'll see if it will help with my case. Anyway, it's still quite intricate, isn't it? I was in hope for something a little more handy, perhaps to contribute a section to the Aerofly Wiki to make it better known to the general public, but at present it seems too complicated yet.

    But I'll stay on the ball with this.

    Kind regards, Michael


    I tried it again, but didn't get the object to show up. Once it was a direct import and export as a scenery (no explicit call of the IPACS converter but from within ModelconverterX). Another experiment was by converting the textures (some are indeed not power of 2) using the materials converter.

    The result in both cases is nil, no object in the sim. I've zipped up the resulting files and the Modelconverter log file. Perhaps some kind soul with a bit of spare time can try the same example object


    If the object works for Arno, the issue is certainly on my end.

    I only postprocessed the provided untitled.tsc file by inserting the coordinates (11.5862954 50.8971190) twice. Maybe the tsc file nees more postprocessing?

    Thanks for any help and kind regards, Michael



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    how long lifes MS FSX or much more older Version...was that FS4 ?;)

    This FSX / FS 2004 / FS2009 life ended brain... never ever.

    My first Sim was FS4 around 1991. That was a catch for life. There are guys around starting much earlier.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks for helping. Rodeo already pointed me to the Materials Converter for converting. I converted all the textures (it shows quared sizes afterward, two textures were not squared initially) and saved them as .jpg. Next, I exported the scenery again. Copied the new .ttx files and the tmb files to Aerofly. Still only the two rings are rendered.

    Kind regards, Michael


    I called the file hkw_jena.tmc, it's attached. Yes, that line is included. I start conversion just by double-clicking it as it's linked to the converter.

    Kind regards, Michael



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    Hi Arno,

    we're making progress. Now the bad geometry is gone. However, when I export as an object, the Aerofly Contents Converter does complain about textures being not multiples of 2 now afterwards. I thought these shouldn't be a an obstacle with the Aerofly Contents Converter...? Log file from the Aerofly Contents Converter is attached.

    On the other hand, when I try to export as a scenery directly from ModelconverterX, it seems be able to work with the textures but has issues with not being able to write to the output path. I am offered to enter my mail into an error report, which I did, but upon sending the message I get an unhandled excpetion, thus the error message is attached as well.

    Otherwise export as a scenery including the textures seems to work, however, the "untitled.tsc" file does not contain the proper coordinates. Even after substituting it by a proper tsc file the object does not show up in the simulator, though.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards, Michael



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    Hi Michael,

    I just checked the model and here on my PC I don't get the same error. But I noticed that your TGI file contains comma's where I didn't expect them. That's due to the regional settings that are different in different countries. I have just pushed a new version of ModelConverterX that fixes this and makes sure the output always uses dots for decimal characters. I hope/think that will solve your error.

    If you grab the latest development release you'll have the fix. Looking forward to hear if it helped ;)

    Thanks Arno, not sure where the regional settings enter the game, but they obviously do. I'll get the latest build and test it and report, probably tomorrow.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hi Arno,

    to begin with, thank you for making your tool available for Aerofly which is a great support for a great simulator :)

    I'm a bloody noob when it comes to object design, but your tool looks so useful that I wanted to try it. I choose a (visually) relatively simple model from the Warehouse:


    I imported it into ModelConverterX providing me a .tgi file plus a number of textures under a subdirectory /untitled, all within a temp directory). The log is attached, it gives an "Error while loading modeldef.xml file" and some warnings about "The size of untitled\texture_0.jpg is not a power of 2" (I got these also with other models I tried). I tried converting the textures according to the manual but failed (supposedly just because of lack of knowledge of the very process.)

    I tried to go on anyway and started the Aerofly Content Converter using a .tmc and a .tsc and the textures all into the same directory (it's all in the attached zip file). It stalled with an "ERROR: (bad geometry 'part08')" though.

    Any helping hand for a beginner would be great.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    I think you may be positively surprised, despite lacking important features indeed. In my mind, the visual quality is way above what FSX, Prepar3d, and X-Plane provide. Besides, running with continuous 120 fps without stutters contributes much to the immersion of being in a real plane.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Yet another scenery breakthrough found by user curiosity? Maybe someone will make the adjoining scenery for the immientl release of Aerosoft’s German scenery for AFS2. Maybe even add another airport or two. 🤪 🤔 🙂



    I thought this already, it would be quite a worthwile project. Actually, the Helgoland Scenery will have "some" mainland scenery already included, so we should know the borders before anyone is starting. But otherwise this would be great, yes.

    Would presuppose of course we could source orthophotos for making it redistributable first.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hi Uli,

    I didn't touch the original low resolution textures at all but didn't have your issues. When I fly within my scenery the original textures are completely hidden.

    Did you place your scenery under

    C:\Users\[your profile]\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\images ?

    Kind regards, Michael

    This will get me going for sure. I suppose 20 cm is more than we need (and at least my machine can process). I certainly wouldn't object if you can help. :). An example scenery for Jena (and the surrounding) enabled for redistribution - thats's the point! - might certainly give a nice boost for AeroflyFS2 given we have quite a number of German users.

    > The state Baden-Wuerttemberg does charge the local authorities for them.

    That's crazy, isn't it? I might make a search if there are more Landesvermessungsämter providing free data at a later point and tell the results later.

    Kind regards, Michael

    In search of free orthophotos for my AeroflyFs2 Jena mini scenery I looked up the "Landsvermessungsamt Thüringen" being the responsible state entity for such photos. Besides commercial offers, they seem to provide "OpenData" here


    (In German only, but you may get it.) After following the link and zooming in I choose the layer icon (lower right, DOP colored) and got a selection for download. The download offers a zip file containing three files

    .meta, .tfw, .tif (the actual image). I looked up the tif and (seen as a non-expert) it would provide a perfect ground layout for my purpose.

    Two questions for the experts:

    1. Where's the hook?

    2. Can this format be used for Geoconvert (supposedly not) or converted to something usable with Geoconvert?

    I don't think so much on my own scenery only but on a larger plot to get something usable for Germany in general (suppposing the other Landesvermessungsämter providing similar data).

    Kind regards, Michael

    Rodeo kindly helped me to integrate the JenTower into the scenery (which no one calls "JenTower" here, btw. ;)). I think I should share the result.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I was even more overwhelmed when I shifted to night

    [Blocked Image:]

    (look upon the full-res images!). Aside the fact it looks nice, even integrating POIs like this one from the Warehouse seems to be doable for an educated layman like me (say, after buying AC3D).

    I will make my way through the other points but perhaps start separate treads (or look if there are already such) as this one might get too fuzzy. My next tast will be ground images i.e. finding a source for freely usable (supposedly lower res) images which would enable to compose something for redistribution. Well possble I will fail, but I'll try.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I included 2 zips into my download zip, did you use the correct one for the places?

    checked, eddp_leipzig

    Did you unzip the file? Sometimes windows baffles us with these zips.


    Try it directly under \places.


    Does the airport eddp_leizpzig show up in your map?


    The Jentower is at it's real position, so you have to fly to Jena.


    Do you have another airport EDDP so aerofly mixes them up?

    all removed now

    Do you have another airport closer to Jena? Please move this directory outside the aerofly folders, just for testing purposes.

    I had EDBJ, removed now

    Still no visible, now I'm at my wit's end I even removed the photo scenery...

    I can offer you to do a teamviewer session today from now on until about 16 o'clock.

    If you really will take your time that would be very kind. I'll send you a PM for contact.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I tried the JenTower (on top of the other Geoconvert/Cultivation scenery I made), but it does not show up. I placed the files of "" (like my other airports which work) under

    C:\Users\[profile]\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\DE\eddp_leipzig

    Coordinates seem to be okay, anything else required?

    Kind regards, Michael