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    Jarrad Marshall - this says it all. Perfect fit into what we already have.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Now that AeroflyFS2 is out of Early Access, I think it should at least fully support basic hardware, e.g. those made by Saitek and CH Products. Support for Saitek Flight Instruments has been requested several times, but is still lacking. Given I have a Saitek-based hardware panel (connected to a networked machine for the other simulators) I always think twice should I reconnect the hardware HUBs to the main machine and still not be able to use my 9 FIPs to any advance in AeroflyFS2.

    Now, to not only sound negative, here are a number of potentials ways I see to get FIPs support:

    (i) IPACS can support them natively from within AeroflyFS2, as they did for the controls - obviously.

    (ii) IPACS could outsource the task to someone being able to do it.

    (iii) IPACS could provide a plugin to convert variables to the Logitech (FSX or XP) drivers.

    (iv) IPACS could contact Logitech and ask them for driver support. Given Logitech provides drivers for the FSX/ESP-based simulators as well as X-Plane, why shouldn't they do for AeroflyFS2?

    (v) As already mentioned in other threads, SPAD.neXt would be a natural bed for AeroflyFS2 support, and provides a lot of more abilities for more advanced functions. Unfortunately, the author had health issues and only slowly returns to support while development is stalled yet. I doubt he will give AeroflyFS2 any priority in the foreseeable future.

    (vi) Denis Thomas developed an X-Plane driver and actually a complete application (…instrument-panel-support/) which now supports Prepar3d as well. You may contact him and ask him to include support for AeroflyFS2 as well.

    Thank you for considering

    and kind regards, Michael

    Thanks, got them. As I said, I've to wait for a time slot, however I am indeed tempted to complement with cultivation the (pancake-style) geoconvert scenery of my local region I already made.

    I know OSM data of Jena and surrounding are excellent (enough students and small enterprises around), however, outside that area quality may fall. At least that's what I observed from W2XP. The advantage of doing the process yourself is you can repeat it with new OSM data, it you think it's worth.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hi Rodeo, after a walk through your video (really well-done!), I tend to agree. If it's only those steps, it's really not difficult. Certainly not aimed to the beginner, but I might be tempted to try it should I find a time slot.

    Kind regards, Michael

    What it needs now is some sort of comprehensive tutorial,

    so a 3-year-old can start something.

    I had a look, but definitely lack the time (and patience) to go through the present manual. In the present form it is for hardcore developers only - which is a big jump into the future already despite.

    However, I am sure, a lot of "ordinary" folks would jump train If the process could be simplified to the level of use of Geoconvert Helper.

    Kind regards, Michael


    priorities may certainly differ, but there are a few functions I would consider mandatory before going out of Early Access. I agree to Ed's note above, Cold and Dark starts (in the core sim, not using the C172 plugin) are one of them. Moreover, while I don't believe the Saitek FIPs to come alive during the rest of my life in AeroflyFS2, at least the Saitek Panels are a basic must have, IMHO. At present (C172):

    - The Radio Panel does work.

    - The Multi panel works halfway: Flaps lever works, Pitch wheel doesn't, AP does work as such, but the display remains dark, whyever.

    - The Switch Panel does plainly NOTHING for me, no Master, no Magnetos, just nothing.

    All Panels can be configured in the Settings screen, so it's just the plane functionality being missing.

    I should mention all panels work fully (using SPAD.neXt and networked) in the others Sims I use (P3D4, FSW, and XP11).

    I should also add on this opccasion, all Saitek controls (Cessna Yoke, Pedals, TrimWheel, TPM) work really fine.

    Kind regards, Michael

    At first, my congratulations.

    I am very glad about this move. It's my hope that addon developers besides ORBX will wake up and start providing quality 3rd party payware contents now. As far as I see, the SDK and tools for doing so are available, the core engine should be sufficiently stable and the simulator itself sure has that certain something making ít different from competition.

    Kind regards, Michael


    thanks for the kind words. While I started simming in 1991 (FS4), I am not sure I would call myself "experienced". Anyway, I bought AeroflyFS2 on day one (after being a user of FS1 already) . What bothers me most is the USB reconnecting hassle of all my hardware when switching between Prepar3d4 and AeroflyFS2, otherwise I would certainly launch it more often.

    And thanks for your (and others') numerous contributions.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks Ray, that's very kind. I read the short manual and I can (and will) do it for a couple of airports around my home base myself. My point was it's quite tedious and not accessible to the less technically oriented guys at all to populate larger areas.

    Thanks once more and kind regards, Michael

    I think it would be important to have an automated (i.e. database driven) tool for adding at least runways to those regions like Origon not covered by the default scenery. I created a certain region out of Germay using Geoconvert but was completely lost in search for a single airport to start from.

    I know there is a description to add runways manually somewhere around, and maybe I'll try that at least for my home base, but this is not a way to populate more extended regions.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I am a SPAD.neXt beta tester (and writer of the Getting Started guide) and have been asking from time to time already. Unfortunately with no success so far. This would certainly be the best solution given we could reuse all the gauges we bought and having a unified tool for all sims.

    But yea, the more people ask now and then the better. I am not sure, though, if the ball is in his or in IPACS's court who have to support the project as well, though

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks, would be great if IPACS and FSWidegets could team up to get that planning thing going.

    For the others Sims I use FS-FlightConnect which includes an excellent Moving Map and Planner and much more (Real Weather, Approach Training etc.) - but doesn't work with AeroflyFS2 so far. For now I am content with GmapHD given I fly VFR most of the time anyway, but yours is certainly an interesting approach.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I bought GMapHD for Windows yesterday, installed it on a networked laptop and it works pretty well. Sure a 100% improvement over the default MovingMap sitting in the corner of the main screen.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hi Jan, the magnetos do work in the settings screen, i.e. when I turn the knob on the Saitek Switch Panel the corresponding buttons on the AeroflyFS2 settings screen (off, start etc. from head) are lit. However, the knob in the virtual cockpit does not turn and there is no action (or I am doing something wrong.)

    Ray, I know that review. I have a similar setup like the one by Volair based on a X-TOP panel:…p-pro-flight-planel-black

    Kind regards, Michael

    While I see your point, I don't expect this to be realized by the core team til, say, the end of this year. Keep in mind they are more than 100 % occupied with finalizing the user contents tools like Geoconvert and Cultivation til then. While these are major endeavours, they only serve a limited number of users, namy those being able and willing to use them given Geoconvert created contents cannot be redistribited.

    The rest - which is the majority, if you ask me - is just looking upon the UI and asking why elementary functions like basic hardware support are not working properly and when they will be added or fixed.

    This would indeed be a perfect project to outsource, e.g. in the form of an AFUIPC, as you write. However, in view of the limited user base of AeroflyFS2 this seems to be neither attractive to, say Logitech, not SPAD.neXt (which btw. already has or will have GoFlight support soon), as Ray writes, nor anyone else.

    Kind regards, Michael