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    I recall IPACS once stated they would try to correct the GeoConvert closing issues when calling it from AeroScenery? So perhaps they did with the latest version and there is no longer a need for GeoConvert Wrapper? Just an idea... who knows?

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thank you both guys, I didn't follow those developments and would like to learn more about them. One difficulty I see with the pointctrl concept is how do you map the physical buttons to the ones dispayed in the virtual VR cockpit, i.e., typicall they are situated in different places. But maybe it's in the manual which you can download.

    If one of those concepts really works I might jump train.

    Kind regardrs, Michael

    Hi Michael, i have a simpit too, with a little training i am able to find the knobs blind, i ordered the poinctrl who is awesome and a must have for vr, when it arrives i will make little review. The simguys fromdcs love it.

    I can find some controls (flaps, gear...) blindly as well but sometimes I've to search around a bit and I don't find it really fun and prefer pressing buttons in the Virtual Cockpit using the mouse.

    Can you give me a reference/link to that "poinctrl". I never heard about that.

    To add to my impression above: Screendor is (nearly) completely gone in the Reverb. That's the things you don't notice because they are just absent. Only exception is large bright areas like extended clouds where you can detect some rest of very fine screendor, but you must closely focus onto it. No screendor at all visible over the cockpit or landscape.

    Kind regards Michael

    I made the maiden flight with the Reverb today, coming from an Acer AH101. Both are WMR, thus the transition was completely smooth (albeit I agree, WMR as such being clumsy).

    I really like the higher resolution. Notably, I can discern things like Papis and runways from a greater distance than previously. Despite, while all gauges, GPS etc. are are perfectly readable now, clarity of the scenery at a distance still isn't comparable to my 3440x1440 screen...

    I was happy to not observe any performance degradation with my EVGA 1080Ti (which I was afraid of), neither under AeroflyFS2 nor Prepar3d4 (with the latter showing the same stutters/dropouts under difficult situations as before). I read some people felt kind of a tunnel seeing effect because of reduced sharpness at the borders, which I didn't experience, even though I kept an eye on it.

    I also like the integrated headphones. The controllers work as such, but I didn't test them much as I don't use them usually anyway.

    The only thing I dislike is cable management. The Reverb comes with a thick and pretty non-elastic double cable which is much more annoying than the previous Acer cable. I am still experimenting how to handle this one.

    Overall, I expect to stay with the Reverb for some time. The next step for me might be some solution where I can combine the headset with viewing/manipulating my hardware knobs and buttons.

    Kind regards, Michael

    So much to discover. While I only found time for a few glances by now, I definitely reserved flying time over the UK with the new Reverb which Santa will present me over the holidays.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Let me joint to the Christmas wishes. Michael has made an outstanding contribution to the world of AeroflyFS2 indeed. But a big thank you also goes to the other contributors like "FSCP" Spit40, TomSimMuc, Apfelflieger, Schnuffelduffel, flightxtreme, Lucky, Gasy24, Hartman etc. etc. Your work is well acknowledged.

    Take a break over the holidays and enjoy life with your beloved ones, as I will do.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    From my list:

    Locate the line "<[string8][extra_user_folder][]>" and specify where you want your scenery like "<[string8][extra_user_folder][H:/ipacs]>". Double the file structure from C:/Users/[your profile]Documents/Aerofly FS 2/scenery/... under H:/ipacs/scenery/...

    Kind regards, Michael

    As far as I understand it still looks into the "canonical" folders, as this user-defined place is an EXTRA folder. I have some addons (mainly commercial) under /documents, some others (also mainly commercial including ORBX) in the Steam tree and all the rest I downloaded or made myself in yet another drive which I declared in main.mcf.

    Kind reagrds, Michael

    First question I would pose is where did you install user cultivation? One of the canonical places (ie.e on C: under /documents) or in the Steam-tree or did you (like me) make use of a separate place? In this case you have to define that place in the main.mcf file (for detail see at the bottom of my freeware list).

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hold off a few weeks guys. When the B777 comes out they'll release a fix to allow airport objects to be done in a TOC file and then I'll change the output generation, otherwise feel free to bundle and upload to with a credit please.

    wow - missed the news. Its released ! I'd better work on FSCP now

    Batch download would be a GREAT feature. I got bloody fingers while downloading FSCP UK Airports, and not even all of them. Thanks for working on this.:)

    And Michael (I), your work is really acknowledged even though I am always a couple of parts behind with installation and testing those days.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    You may want to have a look onto my

    AeroflyFS2 freeware list

    This also includes short installation instructions at the end. While I would usually follow the accompanying readmes and/or instructions on the download page, these may serve as a more general guideline, notably, if there is nothing else provided.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Michael and Michael,

    Maybe someone like Thomas and crew will adopt London Town as another Paris City type update. Wouldn't that be grand?

    This would certainly be a winner - but I foresee quite an amount of work. Paris is indeed great and fun to fly, and doesn't need to balk at commercial products for other sims.

    Kind regards, Michael (II)

    Big thanks from me and no doubt all the UK flyers :thumbup::thumbup:


    Not only the UK flyers:)

    Now you're approaching London. I am really looking forward to this, as ORBX produced a couple of performance desasters in Prepar3d. On the other hand ... how will you accommodate the numerous famous POIs? Hopefully scenproc will not substitute the London eye by a prismatic skyscraper?

    Kind regards, Michael

    When I set up the freeware scenery list I thought about adding a payware scenery list, too. After gathering potential entries I found it doesnt make sense as it's too short (see Hartman's reply) and there are virtually no new entries to be expected anymore.

    I would gladly add one should this change drastically.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Without wanting to hijack this thread, I would like to recall the Logitech/Saitek Flight Instrument Panels…ent-panel.html#945-000027

    belonging to the same product family as the Backlit Instrument Panel. I own a panel equippend with 9 of these devices which I can use in any simulator (FSX, P3D, XP), except AeroflyFS2. Support for these devices has been requested several times over the years since the early days of AeroflyFS2. Honestly, I have given up all hope, but would take the opportunily to remind this request is still open.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Thanks Phil, much acknowledged, one more positive report for the Reverb in Flightsim. I already settled for one for Christmas.

    In my present headset, I prefer to resign from my glasses. I am long-sighted, and not too much, and I can't actually tell the difference with and without the glasses (while I need them on the PC or for reading from paper).

    Kind regards, Michael