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    Well done. And if a few fans can do a whole country in a couple of weeks, then I encourage the parent company to add one new US state (DLC) as a Christmas present. Montana maybe?

    Scotland landscape looks great the way it is. The clubfoot are the airports. We can live with the FSCloudports, but they are not acceptable for a commercial product, neither from IPACS nor from ORBX. From what I recall, this was also one of the hurdles (or maybe even THE hurdle) why ORBX stopped development of TE GB for AeroflyFS2. They can build upon base airports in Prepar3d and XP which are not "great" either but sufficient as a base. Modelling a complete set of GB airports would have been far above their resources.

    Realistically, we wan't see a countable number of detailed aiports in GB from the community. The best we can hope for would be an extended FSCloudport version with more options like taxiways, parallel runways, and more. A big stumbling block are certainly the limited (and mostly even misused) airport buildings. We need true terminals, jetways, and all that, and as far as I understand it's IPACS' responsibility to provide those assets. Or, could some talented guys add these to our building library for use in FSCloudport themselves?

    Kind regards, Michael

    The Reverb is sometimes available for 500 € from HP, it's still listed at that price at a bargain site, but if you click it's up to 600 € again. The 500 € are marked as from 2 hrs ago.

    This seems to have happened a few tiems already, according to a price development chart. I never managed to get into that short window - if it actually existed.

    Kind regards, Michael

    One possible resource for AI traffic might be Just Flight again. They ported their Traffic Global from Prepar3d to X-Plane already. Given they are not stubborn towards AeroflyFS2 and they have all the assets like plane models available, they might be the closest ones to offer a living AI.

    On second thought... given there are only few airports available in default AeroflyFS2 where are those AI planes going to take off from or land to...?

    Kind regards, Michael

    You guys are incredible. It seems to have a certain learning curve, even more as my ATC experience is limited, and I will need time to get accustomed to it, but I will try for sure and stay connected. On the other hand, this seems to add so much more "to do and observe" while flying!

    I understand the RC manual will be of help. I am glad the author provides a "Get Started" for the AFS2-specific aspects besides.

    Thanks a lot to Karl and Ray, Michael

    There was an answer by a Just Flight stuff member (Derek): "We have looked into it but the underlying architecture of AF2 doesn't lend itself to a straight conversion, I am afraid."

    So nothing in the works right now and it's certainly not a simple conversion. Anyway, I asked them to keep an eye upon it for the future.

    So let's enjoy what we have available from our own talented crew for now.:)

    Kind regards, Michael

    Just made a testflight after catching up with installation of the recent parts. Initially I wanted to take off from Glasgow which I found (and saw on the maps later) isn't covered yet. Instead I made a short hop from Perth to Dundee and the landscape looks very nice indeed. Even more considering original imagery was poor again.

    Thanks, Michael, very well done!

    Wonder if Just Flight would be able to port their new Scotland photoscenery for FSX/P3D to AFS2? After all, they just released their fourth aircraft (much to my surprise. Honestly admit I didn't see that one coming!)

    Just Flight has a full GB FSX/P3D photoscenery in four parts available now. Unfortunately, I doubt they will port it to AeroflyFS2, one issue (like for ORBX) might be the missing native airports. Anyway, I asked at the Just Flight forum and will report the outcome, should there be any.

    Best regards, Michael (II)

    Thanks for the feedback, the Fulcrum reads more attractive to me than the Honeycomb, though still no talk of force feedback...



    Agreed. I was kindly given a possibility to take the yoke/stick in a real GA plane twice (a C172RG and a Robin DR400). The most important difference I felt were the forces acting back from the control surfaces upon the controls. While I can leave the yoke unattended for a while (after good trimming) in any sim, this would have been impossible in the real planes - and this was in good weather.

    I would pay up to 500 € for a consumer FF yoke, but present prices for FF (Brunner) yokes are prohibitive.

    Kind regards, Michael