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    I would hope the external SSD would be much faster than an internal HDD. Isn't that what SSD's are all about, SPEED? What have I missed? My wife has bought me a SSD drive for Christmas and I was going to install only Aerofly FS4 and X-Plane 12 on it. If I'm not going to get any speed gain I may as well return it unopened.

    It appears you have an outdated computer or perhaps a low end video card. I run Aerofly in maximum resolution with no worries at all. I also run X-Plane 11, an entirely different flight simulator to Aerofly. Having a full dashboard with operating gauges etc. takes care of some memory, plus there's the actual sim itself. Any low end machine is likely to have a problem running a program with so much going on.

    I purchased a new computer and decent graphics card specifically to run X-Plane 11 and then there was the extra bonus of being able to max out Aerofly. I enjoy flying both sims, plus every other decent Flight Sim available. Perhaps you should update your system, or better still write to X-Plane's forum and make your complaint, because it's wasted here. Oh yes, I'd recommend you be fully awake when you do.

    Support won't answer and now it looks like the forum won't either. But a quick update in case any Aussies see this later. I just ran the Ultimate upgrade applet and it was logging onto what I assume were Ultimate files. I sat here for 3 hours downloading them and then installed and I've got 7 pro again. I think perhaps someone's made a stuff up in the file names or something like it. I'm not impressed, that's 3 times I've downloaded the complete set, around 10 hours I've been messing around with it. Ten hours I could have been flying. I honestly thought I'd have an answer from someone. Oh well it looks like $70.00 down the drain. Something my wife won't like, that's for sure. Bed with no supper for me :)

    Thanks ?? Stu

    That's the one thing I miss, being able to install new aircraft and sites to my sim. I'd love to see an installer written for RC7 Ultimate. I know there are already 200 planes, but it would be nice to be able to add some warbirds and others similar to my RC planes.

    I used to be able to follow complicated instructions but now I'm 65 and can't seem to handle them now. An auto installer similar to the one written for FSX would be a Godsend. Until it's possible to add to my Hanger I'll just fly the heck out of what I already have. As soon as I get Ultimate upgrade sorted out I'll be giving on-line a try out. A shame there's no combat facilities though, I guess we can't have it all, :)

    Happy flying all, Stu

    I had RC& Pro installed on my Computer and then purchased RC7 Ultimate yesterday evening. After the lengthy download I tried to find out if I should uninstall the Pro version first or simply install over it.

    I couldn't find any install info anywhere so went ahead and installed it over the top of Pro. I figured that if it didn't work I only had to remove the lot and start again rather than having to install pro from scratch.

    After I installed Ultimate I went to run it, but all I had was FS 7 Pro. The install did nothing at all. The new aircraft were still telling me to upgrade.

    So now I've removed everything, the only other IPAC install is FS and I doubt it's causing any problems. I then tried to install Ultimate from scratch and it asked me to insert a CD. Obvious problems. I checked the folder with the new downloads and noticed Bin 1a was missing, how on earth did a file simply vanish overnight? Maybe this win 8 was the problem :)

    So now I'm re-downloading the Files for Ultimate and hope I don't have to install it over Pro. Has anyone else experienced this problem of absolutely NO info on the install routine. I looked everywhere, but zero turned up. Also can anyone say for certain if it can be installed on it's own or does it definitely need Pro installed first.

    One final question, are there any user's planes I can download to add to Ultimate or is it closed to any extras?. Thanks guys, happy flying. ... Stu