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    My wish list is simple: Just the aircraft where the designers have the most fun to do it. So it will be finished and deployed with love and enthusiasm. Nothing worse than doing stuff you don`t like to do.

    I need training... But the twitch upload is working now. :)

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    Yes, this is what I have expected. (By the way, pylons are air race. We have box markers. ;-) )

    Of cause there are many workarounds.

    Is there any description about the time dependencies how you can implement it?

    I guess I will go for the simple way: Setting the wind direction because of the box direction.

    I know, this is kind of special. But since it is coming up with the new Aerobatic rules this year: The aerobatic box has some wind dependent components again. So I would like to show and hide some box markers dependent on the wind direction. Do I have any chance to do this?

    Very informative, thanks.

    Sorry, tried to upload two or three pics from my smartphone which doesn't work and I couldn't deleted the post.

    compared to the Aerosoft Sim Conferences we could see much more motion plattform and cockpits. What I was interested would have been a 360 degree 3 axis simulator plattform. Sadly there was none. I have seen videos of such simulators, well... maybe next time.

    Hm yes, a better mesh (without spikes and other anomalies) would be nice. Does anybody have a free source to build it for Europe? I will be interested.

    On the other side... beside of the Alpes and some other mountains Germany is quiet flat so I did not put too much thought into a new mesh.

    But this would be the first step.

    Second: Build the photo scenery:

    Use the tools:

    AFS2GridGenerator and worldgridcoords_v1.6.xlsm: Use this to get the size and location of the tiles correct.

    FSET - for downloading the textures

    aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert and GeoConvertHelper to convert the bitmaps to AF2 scenery

    sceneproc - To create cultivation from OSM-Sources

    For the boundaries: Use Level 9 from the xlsm to define the large areas. In FSET use Download Resoution 4 to download the tiles, compile Detail Level 9 and 11 with aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert/GeoConvertHelper

    For the cultivation: Use Level 10 from the xlsm to get the cultivation files (generated with sceneproc), find an airport in that area and connect it with the cultivation file. If no airport is in this area, I use a dummy airport. With this you have files with a size of 50 to 200 MBytes and an airport size of 50000 so AF2 does not have to load too much data.

    Then think of the area around the airport. I use the following:

    worldgridcoords_v1.6.xlsm -> 9 tiles around the airport with Level 12.

    This copied to FSET with a Download Resolution of 2 gives me a smooth transition to Level 9.

    Compile this with aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert/GeoConvertHelper with Detail Level 12.

    Now the close area: (Have in mind that in Europe we don't have such high resolution like the US so in America you could go up to 15...)

    worldgridcoords_v1.6.xlsm -> 9 tiles around the airport with Level 13. (You might extent this if you have big airports. Just take reference in FSET)

    This copied to FSET with a Download Resolution of 0 gives me a smooth transition to Level 12 and the best solution I can get in Europe.

    Compile this with aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert/GeoConvertHelper with Detail Level 13 and 14. (For 15 the sources are not good enough.)

    If you have this you can go into details in building your airport scenery.

    One remark to the cultivation files: If you use sceneproc you can exclude the airport region.

    I will not do this yet but I will write later a tool that will investigate the TSC File with the included objects and automatically remove buildings from the cultivation files. The advantage will be: I have buildings from the start and can make excludes automatically everytime, I add objects to the airport.

    Well... you don't have to do it this way. This is just my approach. :saint:

    I know I can show a slider to replay a flight in Aerofly FS 2. This is fine but I like to save the data on disk for further analytics. (Or replay on a different day.)

    I have not seen a function to store the flight, so I think of two options:

    Using the broadcast option:

    - What fraquence can I archive here? Since I do aerobatics a snapshot every 0.25 seconds are the absolute minimum, 0.1 would be better.

    Using external_dll

    - I guess this would be the better Option. What is the frequence here?