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    AddAttributeIfInside|FTYPE="POINT" And landuse="forest"|FROMFILE="ExcludeAll.kml"|String;skip|yes








    CreateAF2Plant|landuse="forest" And FRAND >= 0.5|8;25|broadleaf

    CreateAF2Plant|landuse="forest" And FRAND < 0.5|10;20|conifer





    CreateAF2Building|building="*" And FAREARAT>0.7 And FLENGTH < 14|1|gable|residential

    CreateAF2Building|building="*" And FAREARAT>0.7 And FLENGTH >= 14 And FLENGTH < 28|2|gable|residential

    CreateAF2Building|building="*" And FAREARAT>0.7 And FLENGTH >= 28|3|flat|industrial


    This is a kind of working script. You need to modify the red parts.

    Just even I tried to do the same for EDMS. But I don´t know how to produce, export the TOC in scenproc. My last line always shows me a mistake.
    ExportTOC ......... I don´t know how it have to look like the whole list. Can´t run scenproc!

    It is hard to guess if you don't give any details.

    Hi together, let me blog here a bit about my tryouts for Aerofly FS 2.

    First of all I just tried to put my aerobatic box into the sim, thinking this would be all I need. Then I come across all the possibilities AF2 offers. Hm...

    Where should the box be? Straubing... it's nearby and I have contact to Christoph Rieger, scenery designer from the good old FS9/FSX time to get my hands on objects to convert.

    But... Straubing would be in the pixel nirvana. So.... I need a local photo scenery. I done this bevor in other sims as well. Well... but... just a small airfield... and a lot of nothing around.

    Let's do Niederbayern.

    Already on a usable state: Photo scenery in detail level 11, small areas around the 14 airfields in detail level 15. Also the cultivation of the whole area is done. Already 4.5 GB productive data is on my hard drive.

    Next steps:

    - Fixing all the small errors on the photo scenery where I find clouds, smoke from power plants and planes painted on the ground at the airports.

    - Starting with the first airport Straubing (already two buildings and my aerobatic box in place.)

    Bad thing: It is already a great fun to discover the area: :evil:

    This is basically the area. (The boxes was to split the cultivation files. Don't give anything for it.)

    Congratulation, you discover the effect of the propeller. This is a turning gyro. Since even the two propellers of the King Air and the Baron turning in the same direction, they will force the plane to the left. Another effect ist the "prop wash". Depending on the speed the prop build up a spiral wind around the aircraft. This wind stream will meet one side of your rudder and push your plane as well to the side. No prop, no push, in jet aircrafts you will not push automatically to the side.

    Why is the Sopwith turning to the right? I am not quiet sure, but my tip is, that the prop is turning in the other direction than Lycomings, more like the Russian engines.

    Well... not really. He remove always zero Features with "UnloadFeature".

    Ok... I will do it differently, comparing the items in the final toc files. This is ok since I do one Airport after the other, can write a little script for myself.

    EDIT: Ah, found the error. I changed the exclude-file to the Grouped-Exclude kml. Just missed to correct the FROMFILE=... as well.

    I still have a display problems like the others. Everything works fine, if I include the cultivation files in Straubing. (size 200.000 meters, just to be sure.)

    If I start from a different airport I get no cultivation. The strange thing is: If I copy the cultivation from Straubing to a different Airport-TOC-File also nothing is displayed. I also don't want to have the files twice (or more time). (By the way, Straubing is the city where MT-Propeller build propellers for all kind of aircrafts.)

    I know there are two or three threads for this problem. I guess I find a solution for this.

    Ah no.... this was just a copy from the tryouts.;) Of cause i run it without #

    But even then he still remove every entry. I need to test small areas.

    And I guess I need to ask the lumberjacks to cut down some of the trees.... my area put 8,500,000 trees... =O=O

    I try but get to no results. All the time I try to include an exclude area all objects getting filtered. Can someone a look if I have a general mistake?





    AddAttributeIfInside|FTYPE="POINT" And landuse="forest"|FROMFILE="EDMS.kml"|String;skip|yes


    CreateAF2Plant|landuse="forest" And skip<>"yes" And FRAND >= 0.5|8;25|broadleaf

    CreateAF2Plant|landuse="forest" And skip<>"yes" And FRAND < 0.5|10;20|conifer



    And if this is working, can I take a kml which contains multiple exclude areas?

    Thanks in advanced.

    How to create tsc-airport definition files from FSX/P3D BGL Files.

    (You need to have .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed.)

    1. Use Bgl2Xml from scruffyduckscenery. Select in the GUI the ap...bgl files from the FSX/P3D installation folder.

    2. Write the decompiled Xml File somewhere suitable, for example: D:\AeroflySDK\BGL2XML\XML. There should be files like APX00210.bgl.xml

    3. start the program xml2Aerofly.exe.

    4. Write the D:\AeroflySDK\BGL2XML\XML into the first box.

    5. Create a destination folder somewhere suitable.

    6. Write the path (for example: D:\AeroflySDK\BGL2XML\TSC\) into the second box.

    7. Don't forget the final '\', the program will throw an error, if not.

    8. Click on Start Convert and see the converted airports in the GUI.

    9. look into the destination folder to find the tsc files. There will be sub folders with the country and inside a subfolder with the first two letter of the ICAO code of the airports. This will create the program.

    10. Copy this files into your Aerofly FS2 Addon folder: C:\Users\(Your login name)\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places
    Next time you start Aerofly FS2 you see the airports in the airport selection menu. Of cause, you will have no objects inside the sim, you cannot see any runway or buildings nor textures. This is only for a starting point create your own scenery.
    This Program ist provided without any warranties.

    (c)2018 flightXtreme

    Well. you want to search for Bgl2Xml from scruffyduckscenery. This is to convert APX....bgl to xml Files. (Can be FS9, FSX or P3D.)

    For the convert from xml to tsc I wrote my own program. Paths are hardcoded so I don't want to publish it yet. If you ask me kindly... ;-)

    what have I done: I decompile all the ap*.bgl files from P3D to Xml. There is a decompiler somewhere at fsdeveloper. Then I wrote a converter to build all the airport configuration files for af2. There is no converting of frequencies since I don't know how how, yet.

    there are drawbacks: The placing is not really correct, because the source is not always good. But at least it looks nice in the airport selection menu.

    I mean... it looks good...

    But it looks better if you make your own scenery:

    (Straubing, the temporary Tower was build from me somewhat over 10 years ago for FS9.)

    Well, for the first shot to try what is possible, it is not bad, isn't it? ^^

    Thanks for the tutorials and YouTubes! The more HowTos there are, the more content will pop up.

    Nun, hier verfolgt AF2 ein anderes Konzept. Es baut von vorne herein auf Fototexturen auf. Stell dir vor, wieviel Speicherbedarf es haben würde, wenn man sich nicht auf einzelne Gebiete konzentrieren würde. Es wird in Zukunft sicher mehr Gebiete und damit auch mehr Plätze geben, insbesondere, wo es inzwischen Addons von Thirdparties gibt. Die ganze Welt, so wie in anderen Sims, sehe ich hier nicht.

    Zum Spaß habe ich mal über 20.000 Plätze aus einem anderen Sim nur vom Flugplatzlayout ohne Grafik portiert. Prinzipiell geht es, dauert beim Laden nur erheblich länger. Man kann dann von überall starten. Ob man dann gerne in einem unkenntlichen Pixelmatsch fliegen will, steht auf einem anderen Blatt.