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    "Mühlbauer" ;) MT-Propeller. Coming from Straubing in Germany. If you need more Information I can ask.

    For the display of an Yak 55... It is like a tractor in the air. It looks like the plane is moving at the same speed forwards, upwards and downwards. Sounds crazy, but it looks a bit like.


    to do a flight or fun manoeuvre in VR and then simply replay it in 2D. Ideally in a virtual cinema so you can keep the headset on.

    Looking for this for a long time. ^^ Replaying stuff in 2d from different viewpoints or cameras.

    Another improvement that Krzysztof will have to add, is to correct the rudder, since on takeoff, it is almost impossible to control the tail skate.

    Well... for the start: Just move the throttle fast, not quick or too slow, to full throttle. This should do the trick. Landing... that's a different story.

    Also I think you can lock the skate in the real plane (if I remember correctly). This is not implemented.

    The Standard LX is much more balanced and starting would include to give much slower power.

    "Martins Upitis write: The BGE Air Race project is dead, but from the positive side I have some nice stuff to share with you. So I give you this nice low-poly aerobatics aircraft to play with. The model is based on Extra 300L and I used Zivko Edge 540 cockpit as the reference for the interior."

    "Flight dynamic model based on default Aerofly FS 330LX"

    Well, this is what my eye see. Not an EA330SC but an EA300L or LP with single canopy, fuel entry to much aft. The fuselage of the EA330SC is looking a tiny bit different. :) Never the less, nice to have it in the hangar.

    (Rollrate could be higher for an EA 330 SC… .TSB files from the default 330LX are working well)

    on the oculus panel in VR Mode you have on the right side a clickspot for this. I am in a train now, cannot give you the exact procedure. :) Possibly you also need to activate something in a preferences menu once, but i am not quiet sure.

    I can also display AF2 in the window. XD

    you can display any desktop application in VR if you have an oculus rift. You get a screen you can resize and position free in your sim, so it should be possible to display any digital charts.

    Well, I can try. (As soon as I am back home.)

    But what I don't understand: There should be "Leki" only once on the tent and no wooden part. The wood is for the tables. In MCX you can see the name three times on the tent. Just logically flipping the dds would not do the trick, I am guessing. It looks like he is doing also something with the sizing?

    The source bitmap contains of three areas: One for the tent, just one time the word LEKI. One part for the wooden table surface and one green part for the legs.

    As soon as it display correctly in MCX it should be ok for all of the three sims.

    Ok, it is again a situation to quote a famous German footballer Loddar Matthäus:

    "Again what learned." (He tried to say: Again, something learned)

    I do not need to count on logic here I guess. The flipping of the dds file in deed, do the trick. What I don't understand: IF I would really liked to have the flipped textures displayed on the objects, How could I do it without getting strange results. Well... at least I would have expected a little different outcome if the flipping would be intentional.

    However: It is working (in all three Sims) and a big thank you to the community. :)

    Ah! It IS logical. It is because of the roof! The same parts getting textured with the LEKI because they are behind each other. :D :D :D

    Now I can see, that the dds was displaying correctly but the wrong direction.

    My world is back in shape. :)

    Hi together,

    I have a little Problem with the texturing. I know, gmax is very old and working not very good in the win10 environment. But I am used to it and AC3D is a bit limited in functionality. I used the UVW Mapping for putting the right part of the bitmap onto the different parts. After exporting the mdl I import it into ModelConverterX and have wrong texture placement. Of cause, after creating the scenery it looks like MCX in AFFS2.

    I guess, I need to use a different style to texture the tent.