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    Just tried Aerofly FS 2 in VR on the Rift. One word: amazing!

    From the moment I was in the cockpit (C172) it felt great. The scale is exactly right and gives you the same feeling of a compact cockpit like when you get inside a real (sports) aircraft. The eye for detail really pays off in VR. The instruments and controls look so realistic. I especially appreciated the 'layers', e.g. in the heading indicator: the rotating part, heading bug, indications and reflection on the glass. The Aerofly cockpits work great in VR because they are correctly scaled and detailed. They are quite readable as well.

    Then, the view outside. Both on the ground and off the ground, it looked amazing. Looking forward to visiting all the available airports. They look super in VR. The view on the scenery looks very realistic and although the ground textures are often 'flat', it is greatly obscured by the 3D objects of buildings and trees. Looks beautiful!

    Flying in VR is as good as always in Aerofly. No, it is better even. The ability to look around naturally is great and it gives you better awareness of where you are. Also the corrects scale and wide FOV makes flying easier, more natural and more fun. My first landing is VR was fine, no need to 'get used to it' or anything (granted I used Aerofly already a lot). One remark: could the lens flare in VR be disabled by default, because it does look ridiculous. Overall, this is really as close as it gets to simulating real flight on the PC (and it surpasses FSX in combination with FlyInside I think).

    So, it is of course just a beta, and there is definitely lag when looking around (GTX670, medium settings) and using the menu. I guess the program uses SteamVR rather than the native Oculus implementation? The lag didn't make me nauseous though, so that's positive.

    In sum, the VR implementation in Aerofly FS 2 is a great start. Performance needs to improve, but I can already see that this is the way people would want to do flight sims in the future ;) So promising and already so good. I'm impressed!

    Some impressive-looking scenes and airplanes. The cities look really nice, also at night. From close up some scenery still looks a bit blurry, but I'm sure the developers will find a nice balance.

    I'm hearing ATC. Is that a hint or am I overinterpreting this message :p