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    Finally have time to learn more about the copilot (and sometimes I just like to ride along and see how it's supposed to be done). While most of the icons on the lower right are self-evident, is there anyplace that simply states what each icon does? Also, generally speaking, what are some of the limitations?

    As examples of my lack of experience,

    • with the 172 on final, speed was 60kts for a long time, no flaps, and the angle of attack was really nose high. Still landed well, but took forever!
    • LJ45 took off at an incredibly high VS (6000+). Normal?
    • Then the 737 also had a high takeoff VS (max possible!), which of course resulted in an airspeed of about 160kts until it had "see-sawed" it self to altitude.
    • if I do a flight with the copilot, finish, then change planes, are all the new plane's flight characteristics going to change too? Can't tell if there are residual characteristics from the previous plane.
    • How can I set the altitude, VS, airspeeds for the copilot to fly in a flight plan?

    I've tried to piece together how to use the copilot, but there's about 50% of it I can't figure out (which, at 71, I guess may be normal.)

    Thanks for any help 8)

    I think I'll do my familiarization and training at the wide open Edwards AFB (Can't hurt anyone there:whistling:). Once I think I can fly, there are a lot hangars and buildings there that can be practiced on. After that I will be going to Grand Canyon, Sedona, Moab, Monument Valley, and other scenic areas. When out and about, I'll keep my altitude at whatever looks good. Haven't bought any areas yet. But could get excited about buying some now. Especially looking forward to the growing PNW area mentioned by Jetjockey10. That's the only place I flew in FSX.

    And that, Jan, is why I came to FS2 after many years of ATP, MSFS, and light the fire and enjoy putzing around on a whim (Hey, I wonder what's behind that ridge over there?). So looking forward to exploring the nooks and crannies of the great looking scenery with the R22! Add some more VFR-helpful nav maps, and I'm even happier ('cause I'm not getting lost as much!) 8)

    I go for #3.

    I like the lighting contrasts...the stark shadow line on the 172, the earthy color of the livery and the somewhat muted background. Kind of draws me to the aircraft like a good picture frame should. BZ to all three though! I will be submitting, or trying to get good enough to submit : ) when the R-22 comes out and I can place myself anywhere I want.

    Thx. I have heard of these two most often it seems.

    If my PC can run FS2 great now, will it be able to handle a VR system as well? IOW, does the VR demand more from the system?

    I may soon be able to go VR, but being retired, the $$ will determine what I can do. So, as someone who only knows how to spell "VR" (but has seen from others what can be done), what might be the most affordable, yet satisfactory way to start off with a VR setup?? Thanks in advance.

    Would like to know if there are any FS2 tutorials for the Airbus, 737, or Q400.

    Been a (casual) GA simmer for many, many years, and think FS2 is finally the best way to get a taste of the commercial side without having to know all the equipment, systems, sub-systems, procedures, well, you get the idea.

    Thing is, I'd like to know how to set up a flight plan (not that hard in FS2), then fly it (according to FS2 aircraft features). Things like setting up for takeoff, using reasonable speeds, altitudes, figuring TOD, aligning with glideslope, etc. I learn best by watching someone do it.

    Anyone aware of tutorials or well laid out flights that I could use?

    Better yet, if someone could DO something like that, I bet there are a lot of casual simmers, especially us GA types, who would benefit from it.

    Thanks for any info on this!


    Working with FSWidget folks and no joy yet. I may have gotten carried away when I was in FS2>Misc> tab. I set the IP and the Port to the same as I did in the FSWidgets>Prefs tab. They recommended resetting the FS2 IP and Port numbers back. Trouble is I remember the port number (49002) but not the IP number it originally was. How can I recover that number?

    Actually, I checked with FSWidgets and they said that Apple doesn’t allow demo’s so I need to download to my Win10 and try it there. Thanks for the response.

    Interested in getting the iGMapHD to use on my new iPad. Went to the downloads page of the FSWidgets site and couldn't locate a "test" download for the iPad. Any suggestions?