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    Great responses so far! Thanks. Most systems aren't available to buy just now, so I have time to finish my new pc build, tweak it, then see if I can persuade Mrs. Santa for something like the Rift S, or whatever is coming out around Black Friday with similar capabilities and reasonable price point.

    This makes me sad to read that a 68 year old man says he might be too old to try something new. I hope your buttkicker wakes you up. I am 63 btw.

    With you. I'm going on 72 and just investigating VR, and I've been dawdling with flight sims since 1984 and the old ATP sim. Looking for better ways of seeing what I've missed, then catching up!

    I find myself having to build a new PC and am planning on components that should be good for games coming down the road (but affordable for an old retiree). I really like FS2, especially for the low, slow VFR experience. So this morning I get this wild thought: Would it be possible to go VR now? Can it be affordable (as in "selling it to wife.") Is it worth it? What brands seem to be well thought of? A lot of VR commenters here seem to really like it, while others seem to have tech issues.

    I’d appreciate any VR recommendations/lesson learned/etc. you experienced VR folks would like to pass along. Especially like to know approx cost range to get a VR set up that works well enough.

    If it helps, my new system specs include: MSI B450 mobo, AMD RYZEN 5 3600 CPU (3.6 to 4.2 GHz), Radeon RX-580 GPU (8gb VRAM), 16gb G.Skill DDR4 3200, 512gb SSD.

    Thanks for any thoughts!

    I was moving files a while back trying to add some scenery and screwed my file structures up. My Location screen was totally black! Got some help from this forum to try to fix my issues. I thought I had finally gotten everything where it belonged because my Location screen was normal (finally!). Then I loaded a plane on a runway, and saw that I had a double elevation of the runways and the whole airport and my aircraft was in mid air! Not just that airport, but every other one as well! Elevations and buildings immediately around the airports also seemed off, while the regular, distant landscape scenery/elevations appeared ok. It's hard to explain so I have attached some shots. So much for feeling smug about getting better at this. I welcome any thoughts, ideas, explanations, jokes, whatever... I just want to get back to normal! Thanks!

    The plane is sitting on solid ground and could takeoff.

    Not an approach shot...0 airspeed. Also, San Diego is looking pretty rough.

    Nice hover. Nice crater too. sigh....

    OK. I hear you. I feel like I just moved a few files to the wrong place, so now I just want to move them back so I can use the sim. Can anyone take a shot of the file structure as it originally is? I haven't really modded it that much and I know what I added last that screwed its up. Just need to undo the damage. Thanks.

    As a relative newbie, I've been trying to install some airports and area cultivation files, but seem to be doing more damage than help. I've done scenery adding with FSX and didn't have to many issues, but the file structure seemed more predictable (to me). So I tried putting the nice Atlanta cultivation in along with KATL from fscloudport. At first I got the airport but not the area. Then I was able to get them both showing by moving the files per the instructions. But then when I go to "Locations", it's black. I seem to have had some files structure screwups...not surprising. What should the file structure be for scenery? Thanks!

    Looks great! Thanks. I am finding the starting video a little hard to follow. Is there anything in writing that could provide the same starting sequences? Is "cold and dark" the only option to your 212? Thank you again. Looking forward to flying (once I get it started) :)

    Finally have time to learn more about the copilot (and sometimes I just like to ride along and see how it's supposed to be done). While most of the icons on the lower right are self-evident, is there anyplace that simply states what each icon does? Also, generally speaking, what are some of the limitations?

    As examples of my lack of experience,

    • with the 172 on final, speed was 60kts for a long time, no flaps, and the angle of attack was really nose high. Still landed well, but took forever!
    • LJ45 took off at an incredibly high VS (6000+). Normal?
    • Then the 737 also had a high takeoff VS (max possible!), which of course resulted in an airspeed of about 160kts until it had "see-sawed" it self to altitude.
    • if I do a flight with the copilot, finish, then change planes, are all the new plane's flight characteristics going to change too? Can't tell if there are residual characteristics from the previous plane.
    • How can I set the altitude, VS, airspeeds for the copilot to fly in a flight plan?

    I've tried to piece together how to use the copilot, but there's about 50% of it I can't figure out (which, at 71, I guess may be normal.)

    Thanks for any help 8)

    I think I'll do my familiarization and training at the wide open Edwards AFB (Can't hurt anyone there:whistling:). Once I think I can fly, there are a lot hangars and buildings there that can be practiced on. After that I will be going to Grand Canyon, Sedona, Moab, Monument Valley, and other scenic areas. When out and about, I'll keep my altitude at whatever looks good. Haven't bought any areas yet. But could get excited about buying some now. Especially looking forward to the growing PNW area mentioned by Jetjockey10. That's the only place I flew in FSX.

    And that, Jan, is why I came to FS2 after many years of ATP, MSFS, and light the fire and enjoy putzing around on a whim (Hey, I wonder what's behind that ridge over there?). So looking forward to exploring the nooks and crannies of the great looking scenery with the R22! Add some more VFR-helpful nav maps, and I'm even happier ('cause I'm not getting lost as much!) 8)