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    Thx. I have heard of these two most often it seems.

    If my PC can run FS2 great now, will it be able to handle a VR system as well? IOW, does the VR demand more from the system?

    I may soon be able to go VR, but being retired, the $$ will determine what I can do. So, as someone who only knows how to spell "VR" (but has seen from others what can be done), what might be the most affordable, yet satisfactory way to start off with a VR setup?? Thanks in advance.

    Would like to know if there are any FS2 tutorials for the Airbus, 737, or Q400.

    Been a (casual) GA simmer for many, many years, and think FS2 is finally the best way to get a taste of the commercial side without having to know all the equipment, systems, sub-systems, procedures, well, you get the idea.

    Thing is, I'd like to know how to set up a flight plan (not that hard in FS2), then fly it (according to FS2 aircraft features). Things like setting up for takeoff, using reasonable speeds, altitudes, figuring TOD, aligning with glideslope, etc. I learn best by watching someone do it.

    Anyone aware of tutorials or well laid out flights that I could use?

    Better yet, if someone could DO something like that, I bet there are a lot of casual simmers, especially us GA types, who would benefit from it.

    Thanks for any info on this!


    Working with FSWidget folks and no joy yet. I may have gotten carried away when I was in FS2>Misc> tab. I set the IP and the Port to the same as I did in the FSWidgets>Prefs tab. They recommended resetting the FS2 IP and Port numbers back. Trouble is I remember the port number (49002) but not the IP number it originally was. How can I recover that number?

    Actually, I checked with FSWidgets and they said that Apple doesn’t allow demo’s so I need to download to my Win10 and try it there. Thanks for the response.

    Interested in getting the iGMapHD to use on my new iPad. Went to the downloads page of the FSWidgets site and couldn't locate a "test" download for the iPad. Any suggestions?

    Spit40, awesome job with the sounds! Was noticing that the Baron sounds weren't as "throaty" as I recall from FSX days. But then again I don't recall things very well from yesterday. Anyway, did you use your FSX sounds as a basis for this FS2 package? Thanks again!

    I've been trying some VOR to VOR flight plans with the Baron. Sort of successful. I get to my destination. Would be nice if I could have the radial courses first, but then who wants it easy? I'm having fun!

    My Saitek Throttles, Yoke, Pedals, trim wheel, and AV8R joystick all work well enough. My problem is the Klutz that has to work them!! Having fun learning it though!

    While we're looking at that area, what does the "M.O. #" mean below the speed column on the Info Display? Thanks.

    Jeff, thanks. Found the documents file. It is in my C: drive, while I'm using a separate drive for FS2. Do I have to load all scenery, aircraft, etc. in my C: drive from here on? I'd rather put the big files on my FS2 drive instead of filling up my C: drive.

    New to FS2 as a DVD user. I know that Steam folks have access to most all the DLCs, and iPACs is working hard getting things out to DVD folks as they can. My question is what category does user developed DLCs fall into? For example, can a user developed airport be used by DVDers now, or do we have to wait for those too? Thanks for helping to clear some of the fog in my mind.

    Totally agree!

    As a newbie to FS2, but not to the flight sim world, FS2 is exactly what I have been wanting! I've been waiting for a sim I can enjoy on my terms since 1984.

    I can be patient now. Thanks!