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    Update on my problem:

    Things I tried:

    - re installing Steam, no luck.

    - Re installing Aerofly FS4 on the C drive instead of a SSD drive I usually use for games, no luck.

    - Installing Aerofly FS 4 with steam on another laptop and copy the Aerofly FS4 folder inside the documents folder of this other laptop into my laptop. It reads the main.mcf file but it does not write to it so it doesnt work either. So It does not save any new settings, locations, plane selection etc...every time I close aerofly

    I am running out ideas now on what to try. Please Jet-Pack (IPACS) admin I need your help or I will have to ask for a refund

    So the main issue here is that Aerofly FS4 cannot modify the contents of the main.mcf file. It can read it because it picks up the settings saved in the other laptop (where the folder ´\documents\Aerofly FS 4´was copied from), but it cannot modify it once Aerofly is closed

    Thanks for the quick response admin .

    I dont use any special characters on the username. Not really sure what have I done wrong, just the standard steam installation procedure and I dont use Onedrive, I do have google drive as a folder, but dont see anything installed there either, so I dont think that is the issue.

    Ok, I tried running as administrator and it doesn´t make any difference. It defaults as if it was first time installation every time I run AF 4.

    I checked in my C:/user/documents folder and there is no Aerofly FS 4 folder there, so I assume steam didnt create one and AF4 doesnt see it.

    How can I make steam generate this folder in the c:/user/documents drive?

    hey IPACS Support

    For some reason all the settings I setup for controls are lost when I close and open the game again. Apologies if this has already been flagged.

    It seems the config file is missing or not accessed properly?

    I decided to buy this game mainly to support the devs so that they keep developing what in my opinion is the best VR flight sim to date. I also love the mobile version which is also the best out of all of the available ones. But please please, dont ignore the requests for real time weather and some sort of ATC that works with AI traffic. These two requests are needed to make this sim outpace the other sims on the market. The hardest developing part is already done and it is just outstanding, these new features should be easy to code compared to what you have achieved so far.

    Great fix to the rotating clouds bug in VR, and super fast response from the devs!

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    Just found this video in youtube where this user has a mod for the android version with hi resolution photo scenery in Spain and...New Zealand???

    Dont know how he did it but looks really beautiful!

    I guess it shows that global is possible in the android version!

    Hey Aerofly community!

    I have seen a few videos in youtube about plane spotting in many airports in Aerofly 2022 (android). Could somebody explain how do you get a Tower camera follow AI aircraft landing or departing an airport?

    Help with this very much appreciated

    Hi admin,

    Thank you very much for all the information provided above. Converting all the pngs on the 16-geoconvert-raw folder to bmps prior to run them through the content converter tool did the trick.

    I am facing a new problem now when I am trying to place an airport from FSCloudPort into the android version. The runway does not want to align properly with the scenery(please look at image attached).

    After some research i found out that for some reason the android version is ignoring the "orientation" command on the TSC file, so basically it reads it as orientation 0.

    Strangely enough it works fine on the PC version but not on the android version. Any ideas why? Or a workaround for it?

    Thank you!

    TSC lines of code:


    <[tmsimulator_scenery_object][element][0] //Runway #1 crosses runway #n/a ***Retained***


    <[string8][geometry][rap1833m47m_rwy]> //2.923 degrees

    <[tmvector3d][position][174.80691548 -41.32678606 0]>



    <[tmsimulator_scenery_object][element][1] //Runway #1 crosses runway #n/a ***Retained***



    <[tmvector3d][position][174.80691548 -41.32678606 0]>



    <[tmsimulator_scenery_object][element][2] //Runway #1 crosses runway #n/a ***Retained***



    <[tmvector3d][position][174.80640442 -41.33430263 0]>



    <[tmsimulator_scenery_object][element][3] //Runway #1 crosses runway #n/a ***Retained***



    <[tmvector3d][position][174.80742653 -41.31926948 0]>




    Hi admin

    I have also tried using the Content Convert tool to generate etc2 ttc file for a PNG aerial image (tile generated by Aeroscenery) as suggested, without much success after much trying.

    I have used the command mentioned on the config.tmc of the Content Convert Tool for a previously generated PNG image from Aeroscenery:


    And I got as far as getting something in the Android Fs sim that looks like an etc2 compressed image but with a very strange red grid pattern (see image attached).

    I think there must be a command that can be inserted in the .tmc code of the GeoConvert tool that would execute the etc2 compression within the geoconvert process, and not having to use the Content Convert tool, which my guess is that it is not intended for orthoimages but for textures for 3d buildings, etc...

    When I try the above command in the .tmc file for the geoconvert tool I get this error in the log:

    WARNING: property 'texture_base_type' is not a member of type 'tm_region'

    and it doesn`t compress the image

    Any help with this will be very appreciated. Thanks!