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    Jürgen N.
    You have 2 PCs. OK. Do you have 2 licenses?

    Why 2 licenses required on a system that requires a hardware key in the USB cable to work? I've had all versions starting with and updated to 5 and then 7, but never heard this before. Is this a recent change?

    I haven't used RC7 for about 18 months, but today I get Error Code 60224 - This product key has already been registered. Please contact IKAARUS ( for Suppoort.

    The product key has been on my computer since before the start of Windows 10, almost 4 years ago, and it was working when I last used RC7. Anyone know why? Would be easier to find something if there was a forum search like RC Groups, so I'll try searching there for an Aerofly thread.

    OK, so it says to attach tm.log, but error message is "the file extension is invalid".

    Won't help with this issue but here's the other "requested info":

    Windows 10

    Intel i5-2400, 3.10 GHz

    Nvidia GeForce GTX550Ti

    No sound card


    Version 7.4.11

    Spektrum DX8