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    Hey, used to be a fairly active member on this forum back in 2014 or something when the original Aerofly was quite new. Stopped playing a while back but I’m getting interested again and wondering which of the new versions to get.

    What I want to do -

    Gliding in the Swiss alps, that’s all I did on the old version. I want clouds, and at least as good textures as the original Aerofly.

    Device -

    iPad Pro 4.

    Are the textures in 2022 for the Swiss alps as good as they were in Aerofly 1? Only worried they might have compressed it to account for the larger map.

    Is there any point in me getting 2022 over 2021? I know you can add extra regions to 2021, Switzerland being one of those, but are they free to download?

    Cheers for any help.

    Thanks for the heads up about being able to update if I have iOS 9! I'll consider upgrading now. I'm still using v2.2.1 (2015/08/31) which will run on my mini 1 as long as nothing else is running and I have restarted it recently. I don't know wether I'd be able to use the new version.
    I doubt there's very many people still trying to use aerofly on mini 1 and iPhone 4s - it was pretty much unplayable on the 4s, the screen is too small for it and it murdered the battery.

    I darent go to iOS 9 in case it kills my iPad! And it will only let me update aerofly if I'm on 9. I've got a good PC though now so I'll be getting aerofly 2 for that when it comes out.
    Do you think if I deleted aerofly and reinstalled it I would get the latest version? In fact it would probably just not let me download it.

    Yes it is very good! But if all you really want it for is aerofly you're overspecing. As overloaded says, why get a laptop when you have a tablet? You can get a PC roundabout that spec for £400-500 depending on where you look and a decent monitor (full HD 16:9 res) off eBay for as little as £20. I just saw a high spec brand new PC on eBay for £300 that's around the spec of that laptop - you will need a monitor and all the other bits and bobs and an operating system for it. You can get windows 7 for £15 and it's supposed to be the best OS for gaming? If you want I'll give you the link for that PC. There's also another PC I can give you the link to that comes with windows 10 and the same spec for £370. Remember that on eBay you are protected by PayPal and eBay money back guarantee so little can go wrong. Personally I'd feel more comfortable buying off eBay than off some cheap Chinese website.

    I've seen a few posts here that seem to be saying that you get better performance if you have more free storage space on your device. Is this true? Does the iPad use available storage as VRAM or do somehibg like that? I have barely any space on my iPad, definetly not 4gb ;)

    I take it my iPad mini 1 is now officially too old for aerofly :(. The App Store doesn't even give me the option to update to the new version anymore. Sad times. I haven't even tried upgrading to iOS 9 on it yet in case it kills it! Maybe at some point I'll get a new iPad but I'm not looking for one any time soon. Although I have got a PC now and I'm soon to get aerofly on that :)

    My friend has aerofly on his air 2 and when I tried it out, it didn't feel too different from my mini (besides decent graphics and not crashing every 5 minutes) as far as screen size goes. However it definitely was better so if you can, get a bigger screen.
    Does anyone have the new apple tv? I wonder if mirroring aerofly onto the tv is less laggy and pixelated than on the original apple tv?

    Check your bank account statement, it should show up there if the payment went through. Apple also send you an email when you make purchases I think, so check that.
    Whatever has happened, it won't be IPACS' fault, it will be the app store's.

    The roll tendency is intended. Both propellers spin in the same orientation. As they shovel through the air they produce a little bit of drag which is felt as a torque around the motor shaft. Due to Newtons actio = reactio theorem one can explain that the motor has to compensate that torque and therefor also rotates the airframe. Its the same principle that requires helicopters to have a tail rotor. On airplanes the tail rotor force is accomplished by introducing a slight aileron and/or rudder deflection.

    Would it not work if they just had each prop rotating a different direction?

    Another bug: Aerofly crashes so much it is almost unusable. (iPad mini1). Crashing seems to happen either when I press the location button, or select a location, then press start. I have restarted my iPad and have no apps running in the background.

    I like the new layout for changing view, but I think it could do with buttons to change as well.
    I think buttons for changing flaps would be also be good; this new system is okay, but a bit fiddly. On planes that have lots of flap settings, the list can be almost as long as the screen, maybe it would be better to have a second row so all the settings are easy to get to.
    Do people with real flying experience think that the new stalling is realistic? My only experience is with RC models, and stalling them is more dramatic and harder to recover from than on aerofly.

    I think Donka's idea of having a thread dedicated to bugs in each update is a good one, so I have started this thread for version 2.1.35

    Here are the bugs I have found so far:
    - if you look at the windscreen of a plane on an external view, you can see right through the plane. This seems to be the case on every plane, but correct me if I'm wrong.
    - The Baron 58 seems to have a tendency to roll to the right even if the joystick is at neutral. This isn't a problem with my iPad's accelerometer or how I have calibrated it, it still happens using the on screen joystick.
    - you can also see through the roof of the baron in internal view.
    - same as above with the Cessna in rear internal view.
    - On passenger view in the Learjet, you can see through the headrest and in cockpit view, you can see through the ceiling.
    - One time when I was flying, (I think the 737) the 3d graphics around San Francisco failed to load until quite a while later.

    Please post any bugs you have found