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    Thank you!, I played a bit with the values, It seems the CdFlap value is extraordinarily high, by default is set to 0,4 on the 172. The wiki recommends 0,06 for slotted flaps, such as the C172 (there seems to be some discussion on what kind of flaps does the Cessna have, however the manual refers it as "single-slot type wing flaps")

    Had a quick flight with 0,1 and the difference was substantial, the plane behaved much more realistically on approach, I'll play around with other values.

    Is there a reason to use such a large value?

    Table of flap coefficients

    Recommended values for the Aerofly are:

    Type of flapClFlapCdFlapCmFlap
    Plain flap2.10.0-0.2 … -0.5
    Split flap2.40.2-0.2 … -0.9
    Slotted flap2.70.06-0.2
    Fowler flap2.7 … 3.40.2-0.6 … -1.1

    I've always felt the original Aerofly 172 was somewhat lightweight. Recently, I started playing with the .tmd file, and was able to increase weight to the maximum (2550 lb), adding weight to fuselage and wings (106kg to fuselage and 32,5kg on each wing, representing a full load of 52gals). I'm very pleased, as it flies more similar to how I fly the real 172. However I still believe the Aerofly 172 has a much lower glide ratio compared to the real one, especially with full flaps (I'm comparing to a 172sp, not the old ones with 40° flaps). I would really like to find a way to change it, as it makes approaches, especially circuits, considerable less realistic (e.g. if you are too high on the glidepath, on Aerofly, you just add full flaps and you're all set, while the real one requires more discipline to manage energy), the same applies for flaring, the real one likes to float on the runway, while the Aerofly one drops like a brick. I fly Aerofly in VR always before flying in real life, and the difference in glide performance is very noticeable.

    Is there any parameter(s) to alter this behavior? Thank you!

    I've been using GeoConvert during the last weeks to inject elevation and image data of Chile in Aerofly. I love to fly on my home country, and I'm loving Aerofly more than ever.

    One problem I've noticed, however, is that I never get enough sunlight during the day, the sun is always hovering over the horizon at low angles (specially in Southern Chile), never reaching a high point in the sky, pretty similar to what we experience during winter. This has a noticeable impact in the amount of sunlight we get in the sim

    It seems Aerofly is configured for a perpetual summer in the northern hemisphere and consequently for a never ending winter down here. :huh:

    Would it be possible to add a date configuration option, so we can get some summer here in the south?. 8o

    ps. Attached a few images of Santiago and Villarica, one of the pictures depicts the maximum sun elevation angle (not really high)

    Yesterday I was practicing 180° power off landings on a C172sp. In my opinion the L/D ratio on the default C172 is way too low, it drops like a brick ;)

    I'll check your mod!

    Wow, really looking forward to fly the A320 with realistic sounds

    One thing I have always missed is the ground roll noise/vibrations, especially during takeoff/landing.