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    I completely agree.
    The reason why I got the iPad version rather than the desktop one is that I can't afford anymore to dwell in the beauty of a desktop simulator in which spend time perfecting the settings and the techniques. On the other hand, I'd love some casual fooling around... Exactly what the iPad is for...
    Personally I think a simulator should be a simulator. You can still appeal the 90% of people that doesn't know how flight works by dampening the difficulties. But please, leave us the choice for a -ahem- real flight experience.
    I vote for a 3 button settings (like the wind options) to choose between various degrees of realism.

    Well, in the previous version was not possible (the best you could get was a spiral, and even stalling wasn't a real stall)... I wonder whether they have fixed the control of the deflection in the new version...

    You are absolutely right.
    Since it is rather difficult to infer the AOA, I looked at the reaction of the ailerons while decreasing the speed, few moments before the onset of a condition with less than 1g (of course this is possible only on some of the aircrafts). In short: as I wrote above, the only one with what I considered a proper response was the F18 (of course I'm not sure whether what I see is aileron control or some strange interplay between the ailerons and the elevons). All other planes just kept full control of the roll.


    Actually, I'm not sure whether it si just a problem of elevator deflection: I found that in very specific conditions (above 50k) it is possible to put the F18 in an inverted flat spin, and that at that height the ailerons at low speed (<70knots) are not effective. Below that height, the ailerons maintain control even at 20knots (couldn't get slower), which is quite strange. I tested all the other aircrafts at 33k, and it seems that,no matter how slow you fly, the ailerons retain control. This suggests that the wings are still flying: even if the elevator can't deflect enough, most aircrafts shouldn't be able to maintain control at that speed.


    Well, the usual way: cut the power, slow down, pull up and full rudder (sometimes I add aileron in the opposite direction). It seems that at best I get into a spiral. It seems as if the airplane is still able to fly even after being stalled (the ailerons seems to keep control way beyond the stall). It's the same if I try with other planes as well.
    Actually, now that I think about, also the stall is a bit weird: the nose does not drop the way it does in real life. It is more of a buffeting than a nose-dive.



    Just a quick question. I'm trying to pu the extra in a spin, but it seems that, apart from dropping a wing, it is impossible.

    Any advice?