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    The most important thing to me is to please please please include a setting to allow the end user the option of disabling the in game achievements and at the very least being able to turn down or off the high volume fanfare sound!
    This sound at the extreme volume it comes over at - would almost cause hearing damage when one has headphones on and volume up to enjoy the realism of the sims sound files whilst enjoying a flight!
    With every flight being interrupted by multiple unwanted high volume achievement sounds telling me that I have taken off or have achieved a certain speed or an inside loop or blinking whatever really spoils all the realism of the flight - is it a sim or an arcade game???
    C'mon guys!

    Couldn't agree more - some players might not mind it but I find it a little distracting and departs from the enjoyment of the sim.
    One time I was just trying to do a hop and had about 4 of these high volume "achievement fanfare" sounds in a row.
    They occur every take off, landing, certain speed etc etc.
    The sim would be much better if this achievement system was optional and or at least a mute for the "achievement fanfare" was available
    in options somewhere - on by default yes but please allow the option for those who would enjoy the sim better without these interuptions.


    What a fantastic app for Ipad, simply the best mobile flight sim I've seen yet!

    Just to throw in a thought for an improvement how about a heli model or two?

    Flying around that scenery in a capable heli would be huge!

    If the IPACS team could make this happen what heli models would you like to see?

    Best Regards