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    Is it possible to access the existing paints and reverse engineer them? Or do we have to wait till a template comes out. The extra after all doesn't have much in the way of Panal details etc.

    Hey Guys,

    Is it possible to re-paint the Extra 300 currently? I haven't seen any repaints of it so I was wondering if there is a paint kit available for it yet? I don't have any of the SDK but I'm getting bored of the same two extra schemes so I was going to dip in and have a go at a repaint. lol


    Hi Delfin,

    No Idea why you have all these problems with your sim but I suggest you verify the integrity of your local files using steam.

    Open steam.

    Find FS2 in the game list, Right click and go all the way to the bottom and click "properties"

    This will open a new window with various tabs at the top, go to the 3rd tab along named "local files"

    You should have 5 buttons vertically, the 4th button down is "Verify Integrity of Game Files" Click this.

    It will now go through and double check you have all the files you are meant to have. This will take some time (probs about an hour) but you should get a message at the end saying "All Files Successfully Validated" or telling you how many files and what files were re-downloaded and replaced.

    Hope this helps.

    Honestly it sounds like your hard drive might be doing strange things. When did you last defragment the drive and do a drive health check?


    Gert, see what i mean?

    happily it's the usual 3 of them.

    What's your problem?

    I don't care how you want to fly your sim, but when the OP asks about VR and then you answer and provide incorrect information you cannot be surprised when somebody with several hundred VR sim hours over the last few years steps up and corrects you.

    To call me (us) kids is insulting when you know nothing about me, my flight experience both virtual and in real aircraft and how much time and money I have spent building sim cockpits both personally and professionally over the years.

    May I suggest you try out a quality VR flight sim setup before proclaiming to be the expert on weather VR is useful for complex flight sims or not. And certainly before passing on your lack of knowledge to other people.


    If you've never played a non-combat flight sim multiplayer than you are really missing out... As they say, everything is more fun with friends! :D


    Any flight hardware in the real world can not be seen.

    This is incorrect. The Oculus Rift has a reasonable sized gap around your nose which you can easily see though. I can type on the keyboard, read notes from my kneepad and find buttons on my joystick should I misplace them through this gap. I fly complex aircraft in FS-X (PMDG NGX, 777 & 747) in VR on VATSIM and use a notepad to note down freqs and clearances just as I did before in 2D. I also interact with the cockpit buttons entirely with the mouse in VR and it feels extremely natural. I drag charts and web windows around in the virtual space thanks to FlyinsideFSX. You are not completely sealed off from the outside world, unless you have a preposterously large nose.

    Aerofly FS2s implimentation of VR is VERY nice. The high framerate making it easy to get smooth play and the cockpits being nice to interact with the mouse.

    Regarding immersion, nothing compares to VR. Thats all that can be said.

    You could also try deleting Steam Vr and then run Aerofly and see if the Oculus VR option appears. After that you can reinstall steam VR.

    I believe this worked for me once, though I don't know why. I think it had to do with Steam room scale settings conflicting with something.

    I believe OP does have the Oculus VR option in steam.

    He's talking about not having a Virtual Reality option in the settings menu inside the sim.

    Hmmm.. most weird.

    By Oculus Rift I presume you mean the CV1? not the DK2 Dev Kit?

    Does the Oculus work correctly in Oculus Home and have you done the full Oculus home setup and installed any Oculus driver updates required?

    Have you restarted the system since installing the Oculus (always a good idea tbh)

    What are your system specs, specifically GFX card and driver version.


    Hey Guys,

    Just got home after a while away and spent last night updating FS2 and downloading the Utah DLC.

    Fired it up and thought... "oooh, I'm so going for a flight at Monument Valley Airport" I load in and the airport is surrounded by massive treees that are almost overhanging the runway.. Pretty sure thats not right lol

    I'll get a screenshot soon.

    I7 4790K


    No need to bother integrating an inbuild voice communication system : Teamspeak is external and works superb, with many advantages over some other communication channels like Skype. For better communication quality and more realism TS also allows to assign a PTT key : think, press, talk, release...

    In a first phase it could work parallel without any link to Aerofly FS.
    In a later, more advanced phase the only needed link between AFS 2 and TS would be a plugin to switch TS channel according to the COM frequency you set in your aircraft.
    SIMCOM does it very nicely for FSX/P3D.


    Yep this is by far the best way to do it... No need to re-invent the wheel.