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    Hi Delfin.

    The stick I suggested has rudder on the throttle quadrent which is in your left hand. Maybe better for you?

    Yes I have FS1 and FS2 and the extra and Pitts fly the same in both sims. Your issue is entirely based around the auto rudder. Why don't you try assigning the rudder to the twist control on your current joystick just to test it out? See if the aircraft rolls correctly.


    Also we have solved it.

    All you need to do is this:

    Open your main.mcf file using wordpad or notepad++ (after backing up the original)

    This file is found in C:\Users\YourNameHere\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\main.mcf, go down to line 27 where is says "controls_use_rudder_assist" and change it to "false".


    and then save the file.

    Then Open AFFS2 and see if it still happens.


    Can you buy a joystick with rudder support? If you buy a joystick with rudder than it is no longer a problem, also it makes flying much easier :)

    I would recommend the Thrustmaster HOTAS X, its pretty inexpensive but quite a good joystick for fun flying :)

    I don't know how expensive that is in your country but its much better than flying without rudder. What joystick do you have now?


    Great ideas but let's not run before we can walk... Or indeed fly together lol. I'd like to just get some basic multiplayer functionality in first before thinking about things like that. Love to have them in the future. But for now just be able to fly together is number one.

    I don't know if you guys remember me back in The Aerofly FS1 forum. I was constantly harping on about how VR support was needed and as I predicted AFFS2 became an amazing VR platform. I believe I'm also right about multiplayer. It's critical for AFFS2s growth as a platform and an online flying community needs to be fostered from the beginning.

    I think it's a question of priorities and of course who has the loudest voice. I think it's safe to say that in the current flight simulation community the "I need more buttons to press!" guys are definitely the loudest and most likely to start trashing the metaphorical room if not placated. :D

    I'm one of those people too! I have all the PMDG products for FS-X... I Love all of the study level modules for DCS... but I don't see AFFS2 as that type of sim (yet) and I think a simple multiplayer setup would attract a good chunk of people wanting to play around with friends in what is currently a pretty easy to get into sim. AFFS2 has a long way to go before it will attract a hardcore FS-Xer away from their PMDG NGX (I should know - I am one.) but if we think of AFFS2 in its current guise as an ideal gateway sim then a simple multiplayer ability is a must. Some of the most fun I've had in sims is shooting circuits in a Cessna with some friends or taking the same friends on a cross country VFR trip to a tiny strip somewhere and seeing who can land in the shortest distance. Its these kinds of experiences which AFFS2 is perfect for. Need i mention gliding as well! Gliding with friends in AFFS2 would be so much fun!

    Hey All..

    I see a lot of people requesting features for Aerofly and while they are all extremely valid it does surprise me that there aren't more people asking for some kind of basic multiplayer support. Aerofly is currently such a nice VFR sim for shooting circuits or flying aerobatics or doing VFR cross country flights that I think some simple multiplayer support could really help boost the numbers of people flying. I have a lot of friends who would love to join a game with me and just spend a few hours shooting circuits or flying in formation, especially in VR. Grab a teamspeak channel.. Somebody sits on the ground and pretends to be the tower.. Its just like back in the days of FS-98! :D

    Honestly I'm getting a little bored of flying around this beautiful world all by myself. A large part of the fun of flying for me is interacting with the tower or other aircraft, and currently everything just feels a bit lifeless and dead. But if you throw a few friends in there, things suddenly get a lot more interesting!

    I'm not looking for anything complex, just like you have with the Aerofly RC Sims.. Host gets to chose cloud, time of day and wind etc.

    Not to mention I'd love to fly with you guys as well!

    Anyway, Thoughts?


    I hate to disagree with Jan but my experience with pretty much all gaming applications is that once you get beyond 4 cores its much better to have more CPU clock speed than it is to have extra cores. I have a 7700K at 4.7Ghz (QuadCore) and it completely destroys my workstation machine which has the same graphics card but a lower Ghz CPU but with more cores.

    If you spend the same amount of money you can either have more cores or more clock speed.. I'd always go for clock speed tbh.

    For a nice VR experience I'd definitely recommend going down the nvidia route.

    Just my 2 cents.

    CavendishD - So if the positional tracking was fixed (with this…news-54920.html ) and the software was upgraded to use true 4K (I reckon hardware can handle it), do you think the 60hz would become a minor issue or still a big distraction?

    Double res on the instruments is very appealing to me.

    Personally I find 60hz very distracting in VR. Its kind of like one of those things where if you don't know what you're missing then its difficult to say how much it will bother you. I've had every iteration of the Oculus headsets (DK1,DK2 and CV1) and I remember noticing the jump from 60hz (DK1) to 75hz (DK2) being quite a big difference in how comfortable the experience is and how convincing for the brain it is that its "reality". The jump from the 75hz of the DK to the 90hz of the CV1 is also a jump although maybe not quite as big.

    Personally I'm just going to wait for the CV2 and Vive 2 and see what kind of things they offer.

    While the 4K sounds amazing I have used this headset and I was not very impressed (as an Oculus and Vive owner)

    The screen is only 60hz so head movement feels noticeably less fluid then even my DK2 oculus and cannot be compared to the CV1.

    The deal breaker for me though is that the PiMax headset doesn't support positional tracking, it only supports rotational tracking, which is basically similar as the original oculus DK1 devkit. This means you cannot lean forward to get closer to the gauges or lean left or right to look out the side of the aircraft as you naturally would, your head is stuck in a fixed position and can simply rotate in that position. I know from my experience with the DK1 that the lack of positional tracking is a huge problem and if you try and lean or move and the picture inside the headset doesn't it can quickly lead to motion sickness etc.

    Honestly save your money and get an Oculus. It works brilliantly well with AFFS2 and lots of other flight sims, racing sims and even full room experiances.


    Ok Jan, but if so, it is clear that the rudder was disconnected from the ailerons (and not as it is now). As it is now, it is absolutely impossible to execute that perfect maneuver. That is what I affirm in my publication

    Delfin the rudder is only connected to the aileron if you don't have rudder pedals. IF I assign my rudder pedals to the rudder axis this interconnect goes away. I have no problems flying perfect rolls in the extra. The rudder ONLY moves when i move my rudder pedals.

    A quick way for you to solve this problem is open your main.mcf file using wordpad or notepad++ (after backing up the original) found in C:\Users\YourNameHere\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\main.mcf, go down to line 27 where is says "controls_use_rudder_assist" and check that it is set to "false".


    and then save the file.

    Then Open AFFS2 and see if it still happens.

    I repeat this again that for the rest of us who have a control axis assigned to rudder this isn't happening.

    Either your main.mcf file is still old and has that setting enabled (PLEASE CHECK THAT!! I'm asking that for the third time now) or we still have a bug in the code.


    Jan, I have recently re-installed AFFS2 after an upgrade to Win10 and I can confirm that the aileron/rudder interconnect happens to me when I unplug my rudder pedals. I am not running beta releases. If this helps.


    Hi Jan,
    yes, I became confused by that as well and took a different path altogether. Oh well.

    Yeah I figured that he was talking about how the nose 'wobbled' around while he was trying to roll.. Also watching Delfins two videos I found it odd how the rudder moved exactly in sync with the ailerons. Hence my conclusion. I also regularly work with people who try and articulate technical things in a language which isn't there native tongue so maybe some of my spidey senses at work there too ;).

    Jetpack - Has this been added to the bug-list and is there any config file that we can edit to disable the auto rudder currently before its fixed?

    Delfin - Maybe you should think about getting a joystick with rudder to avoid this problem all together. I have the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X for use with simple games like Elite Dangerous and if I don't want to setup my HOTAS Warthog. Considering the price the T-Flight Hotas X is a great little stick and throttle combo and it has both twist grip and rudder rocker on the back of the throttle, depending on what is your preference. Also its really not a lot of money for what you get.…-PS3/B001CXYMFS


    Are you physically seeing this happen (example; when you move the ailerons you see the rudder moving)? I've been following this thread and i'm a bit confused here. I have noticed that some adjustments need to be made to the rudder control but all in all it's not too bad. Let's say, in the Cessna for example; when you apply rudder to "step on the bubble" and achieve full balance the wing shouldn't dip like it does currently. The rudder should apply yaw (which turns the nose on horizon), not aileron (which dips a wing). You can test this by flying in a strong cross-wind while lining up with the runway, you apply rudder to point the nose into the wind and equal opposite aileron to crab into the wind. Crabbing into the wind turns the nose into the wind while flying level. Currently it dips the wing which it shouldn't. Is this what you mean?

    No this isn't what he means... the rudder moves exactly in a 1/1 ratio with aileron. So at maximum aileron deflection you also have maximum rudder deflection in the same direction. This is in NO WAY a correct behaviour for an auto-rudder system and makes it practically impossible to fly correctly.

    NOTE: THIS ONLY HAPPENS IF YOU HAVE NOTHING ASSIGNED TO RUDDER IN THE OPTIONS. If you have anything like a pair of rudder pedals or a twist grip axis on a joystick assigned then this rudder movement disappears. Please try it for yourself, delete the axis assignment for the rudder and then try moving the aileron once you're back in the sim.. The two should be linked.


    Are you sure? Sure that your rudder does not move simultaneously with the ailerons?

    I did a general reset, left unassigned the rudder, and continues moving simultaneously with the ailerons.

    Ok Delfin I just tried this, I unassigned my rudder pedals from the rudder and left it blank and sure enough as we see in your video the rudder moves with the ailerons. I was wrong, apologies.

    Devs we need some way of turning this auto rudder off please. Its ridiculous to get full rudder when applying full aileron!

    Delfin just so you know, if you assign an axis to the rudder (such as rudder pedals or twist grip rudder on joystick) then this effect does not happen and you can control the aircraft normally, this ONLY happens when the rudder is not assigned to an axis. What joystick do you have? maybe a stick with twist control would be better? Or if you have a good stick maybe get some rudder pedals. They make a surprising difference to how much fun it is to fly.