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    It has nothing to do with my monitor; I said the FPS is locked to 60 not hz.. I can run 5.7 on the exact same setup and get over 100 FPS but on RC7 the performance is not great because its locked to 60FPS and it drops lower on other scenes.. RC7 obviously has poor performance issues as 5.7 works fine. Please resolve this as i have payed money for this and I'm not happy with the product.

    Hi Guys,

    I recently upgraded from aerofly 5.7 (DVD) mac to RC7 (AppStore), in 5.7 i was able to get about 120FPS with high graphics settings, now with RC7 it sits between 20-60FPS and is noticeably slower.. I have an macbook pro retina i7 with Geforce GT 650M 1G graphics card. Has anyone else experienced with or have any suggestions on why the FPS is capped at 60 and why the performance is so much worse?