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    I have tried to spin the C172 from "power on stall" but will not behave as in real live. But I don't think any sim out there will do it. Anyway, from all the sims I have tried, Aerofly is the best! As a matter of fact, in Aerofly 2, most aircrafts appears to do "ground effect" on landing. Maybe I am mistaken :) Happy flying.

    I love aerofly2. The best sim out there for my iPad Mini Retina.

    Love graphics, specially at night! It has the best panels.

    Would like to have in future updates:
    1. Sound of tires when landing
    2. Landing lights of aircraft on runway at night
    3. Would like more maps or regions (example: New York, Caribbean, Las Vegas)
    4. Hope to have more aircrafts (maybe a Pilatus, Cirrus SR22, helicopter)
    5. Would like to hear ATC
    6. When landing the A320, would like to hear altitude annunciator (500, 300, so on)

    Jan, thanks for the info. You are right about speed readings with changes in its angle of attack, but I thought that the sim would behave the same.

    Here's a screenshot comparing AeroflyFS with another sim for ipad with the same aircraft.

    I have tried a lot of sims and was searching for a good one until I found AeroflyFS for my ipad. I love it. Just wanted to congrat the developing team, also will post what I like and what I would like to see in future updates.

    My background: I have been using computer flight sims since 1995 (MSF 95, MFS 2K, Fly!, Fly!2k, X-plane, etc) I have always been searching for a very realistic sim. So basically I prefer panels over scenery. I am currently a Private Pilot student.

    What I like about Aerofly:
    1. I usually fly a Cessna 152 and few 172s. The sim is very close to the real thing. I like the panel and exterior images. What I noticed is that it stalls too early. I think that maybe at around 50 kts it starts to stall in the sim, in real live I have been at 35-40 kts without stalls.
    2. I love the scenes
    3. Runways in real life looks wider than in the sim in my opinion.

    What I would like to see in a future update:
    1. More countries
    2. ATC in the background
    3. More panel functions (GPS, radios)
    4. More aircrafts
    5. VOR/GPS maps for flight plans